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8 Things you May Have Extra Time For Now

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June 12, 2020

Most of us are home more. Whether unemployed, working at home, or choosing to avoid going out as much, we’re in our houses more. That means a little more time for some things that may have been neglected in the last few years. While you may have spent the last month having Netflix marathons, you may also be wondering if you can spend the time more productively.

Have you considered any of these things?

Organize your important papers and documents. Over the years, we tend to throw them in a drawer or file. advises throwing out utility bills and paystubs (after taxes are complete) each year. They recommend throwing out items like real estate statements, credit card statements, and bank statements after 3 years. Be sure to destroy any personal information by shredding them. I toss mine in our fireplace as a fire starter!

Clean out closets. Especially if you have kids who outgrow clothes faster than weeds grow. Now’s the perfect time to organize, add shelves, empty overpacked drawers, and donate what you don’t need.

Start a vegetable garden (or plant them in pots). How often have you said, “If I only had the time, I would.” Well, now’s your chance. Won’t it be nice to reap the tasty perks of fresh vegetables and herbs all summer into fall?

Repaint. Whether it’s walls that need sprucing up or some old furniture sitting in the basement, repainting can brighten your home. And it can be fun to do too! Repaint a light night table in a dark blue, distress a beat-up coffee table, try a new color on some kitchen stools … the possibilities are endless when you have the time.

Do a social media clean up. Unfollow pages that no longer interest you. Find new ones that are interesting and pertinent to your lifestyle now. Leave groups that you don’t find appealing anymore. Support brands that are ethical and do the right thing by liking their pages. Support work at home friends and local small businesses by being on their pages too (and hopefully shopping).

Take an online course. There are literally thousands, ranging from free to paid, in every possible area you can think of. The Muse offers a list of sites you can find courses at. DailyOm offers low-cost inspiration and wellness courses. You could spend hours every day soaking up new knowledge. You may emerge from this stay-at-home time a broader person, with some serious self growth and newfound wisdom.

Write letters or send cards. I’m talking a good old fashioned note. Send them to friends, relatives or even a nursing home nearby addressed “dear friend.” Make it newsy about your life, or add some humor. Maybe a simple “thinking of you” card that could really make someone’s day! How many elderly people do you know who are home and would love to receive a thoughtful card in the mail? Bonus perk for them- send some pictures too! Doesn’t matter what it is. A beach picture you took, a flower in your yard, or the kids goofing while jumping on the trampoline. Be creative. It makes you feel as good as the recipient. Really.

Last, that thing you’ve always wanted to do? You should do it. Maybe it’s starting a podcast or writing a book. Maybe recording a song or applying for a patent on something you’ve created? Only you know what it is. Whatever fires you up, make the time to pursue it now!

What else do you plan to do with any extra time at home you have?

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