When Mother’s Day Is Over: Guilty Pleasures For Mom

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May 9, 2016

Mothers aren’t known as the subset of people most likely to be spoiled, especially now that Mother’s Day has passed. Breakfast in bed and massages aren’t generally on the schedule. On the other hand, most of us, whether we admit it or not, have some way of injecting a bit of sanity into our lives. We call them guilty pleasures, but why we feel guilty, I don’t know.

I thought it would be fun to find out what other moms are doing to make life a bit sweeter. I found the answers hysterical, revealing, and perhaps a little too similar to my own! When asked, “What’s your Mom Guilty Pleasure?” here were some of the responses:

  • “I sneak dark chocolate by telling my kids it’s ‘mommy medicine.’”
  • “I hide upstairs with a book and pretend no one is home.”
  • “I tell my kids bedtime is at 7 and put them to bed early just to get some alone time.”
  • “I buy myself a pint of Chunky Monkey and don’t share.”
  • “Oh that’s easy, British sit-coms and wine.”
  • “I sit downstairs, pretend to fold laundry, and watch TV.”
  • “I count the minutes until the kids go to bed so I can eat the snacks that are supposed to be for their lunches while I watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  • “It sounds weird but building Legos. I didn’t realize it was a real adult thing until I did some research. Now I have my own sets!”
  • “I’ve totally drained the fruit snacks, only to hear, ‘Mom, why are all the fruit snacks gone?!!’”
  • “Whiskey, chocolate, and Netflix episodes of Royal Pains. Dumbest show, but I can’t help myself.”
  • “Probably wine.”
  • “I eat their fruit snacks and play video games when they are asleep. Sometimes at the same time.”
  • “Watching bad cop dramas on TV. Also drinking beer.”
  • “I go to the movies by myself. I don’t like to talk to or touch anyone. Or share popcorn.”
  • “On Tuesdays, a friend takes my son home for a while and then I pick him up after work. While they still play, my friend and I have a glass of wine and pretty much ignore the kids.”

It sounds like our dreams are wrapped up in junk food, TV shows, and alone time. I think it really comes down to the little things that are already there. Embrace it! We’ve got to let go of the guilt and hang on to the pleasure. It’s a whole year until the next potential breakfasts in bed for next Mother’s Day.

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