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The Honest Truth of Parenting: 4 Moms Tell it Like it Is

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March 14, 2017

Being a mother can be very isolating. Whether you stay at home or work, are single or married, wealthy or struggling, it can feel like no one understands the chaos and energy drain that every day holds for you. That’s why I appreciate videos about other moms who get it. It’s even better when these moms can make you laugh, too.

1. I Mom So Hard

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of the ladies at I Mom So Hard. I appreciate their candor and sense of humor as they talk through the good, bad, and ugly of being a mother. This video will hit home for most of us, because the flu season was brutal this year. I Mom So Hard finds the smile in the sniffles and kleenix.

2. The Babysitter

Another new video that has me smiling is “The Babysitter,” a spoof of the popular TV show “The Bachelor.” You’l find all of the best clichés of reality TV paired with the pitfalls of trying to find a babysitter. Young applicants bring PB&J sandwiches with crusts, try to drive a minivan, and drink milk from champagne glasses. My favorite part is when the mom breaks down and declares through tears that she’s going to have to use…her in-laws!

3. I’m Not Your Friend, Kid! (Because, I Love You)

This lady drops some serious truth on raising kids. This is probably her most popular video, and one that encourages us not to try to be our kids’ best friends. It’s something we all know but when she says it, you feel empowered to do right by your kids. One of her lines has stuck with me for months: “Loving them means raising them into healthy, decent human beings who I would actually want to hang out with someday.” In addition, she eats ice cream from the carton with chocolate chips out of a bag–while sipping a glass of wine!

4. Mom Truths

These moms nail the truth about the way one’s expectations about motherhood tend to clash with the reality. Before you have a baby, you imagine caring for that baby—feeding, dressing, and generally assuring his or her health. What many moms-to-be don’t consider are all the other tasks that come with parenting. Before you know it, your beatific image of a new mother calmly cuddling her beautiful baby is replaced by a harried woman in her pj’s, surrounded by piles of laundry.

It can be lonely out there. I hope a glimpse at the lives of moms like you will provide some encouragement—with a laugh on the side!

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