Star Wars: 5 Videos that Find the Light Side of the Franchise

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December 22, 2015

This weekend brought the expected onslaught of Star Wars mania. In addition to the new lines of products with the characters slapped on them, we saw anticipation all over talk shows, news, and video sharing.

One of the most popular videos that has been passed around is this unique and fabulous a capella version of the movie’s music from Jimmy Fallon, his band The Roots, and featured Star Wars actors.

Honest Trailers broke with their M.O. and did an Honest Teaser that commented on all of the speculation and worry of fans as they waited. It speculates on whether or not Luke is MIA because he is bad, mocks the terrible graphics and characters of 1-3, and makes fun of the merchandising already happening.

SNL managed to recruit several “stars” for its hysterical Star Wars Auditions skit, a few even containing suggestions for improving the plot.

Another Jimmy got in on the action. Jimmy Kimmel took characters and situations from the first six movies and asked people on the street about them as real life, in Lie Witness News. People will say just about anything to sound intelligent. What are your thoughts on the cause of the Clone Wars? Or the intense weather on Hoth? Is Fox News too soft on Palpatine?

Finally, the popular Bad Lip Reading takes a stab at the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope, and gets the story a whole new twist. Apparently, Vader enjoys taking selfies.

Whether you’ve loved the franchise for years or are just joining now, you will enjoy the creativity and humor cropping up around this moment in cultural history!

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