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Social Networking for New Moms

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September 16, 2011

Gone are the days when new moms are left isolated and alone during their first few weeks or even months of their new baby’s life.  Today, there are limitless opportunities for social networking for new moms, allowing them to easily connect, build strong relationships, and gain the support of other moms.  Whether local or online, there are many social networks for new moms and the benefits are endless.

Benefits of Social Networks

For a new mom, the challenges of motherhood can be more than anticipated.  Changes in lifestyle, lack of sleep, endless arising questions, new uncertainties, and the deep need to feel connected all create within the new mom the desire to be supported, get advice, share experiences, and to hear and be heard.

Social networking opens avenues for new moms to ask questions, gain advice and support, voice concerns, express joys, and vent frustrations.  In addition, new moms can easily find and participate in playgroups, join in discussions around common interests, and build lasting relationships.

How to Find Local Social Networks

Social networking for new moms can occur locally or online.  Local networks offer the advantages of face to face meetings, playgroups, and even “Mom’s Night Out” events.  Local networks can be found both online and in your local community news resources.

A popular online site for finding local networking groups is Meetup.com.  Meetup is the largest network of local groups in the world and offers some 92,000 local groups around 90,000 topics.  Using their site, you can find or start a Meetup group around your interests.  Popular Meetup groups for moms include the MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club, Mocha Moms, and Mothers & More.

Another popular site for searching for groups online is BigTent.com.  This site offers not only listings of groups, but also provides tools to help groups connect.  Many local mom mailing lists are powered by Big Tent.

Local newspapers and parent magazines offer another avenue for locating social networks for moms.  By checking the community events section, you are sure to find listings of events, groups, and more for moms.  If you don’t find the group you’re looking for, consider gathering a few moms together and starting your own networking group.  You can use your local media outlets to advertise your group and gain additional members.

Connecting Online

Quite often, the constant demands of motherhood make it challenging to regularly attend scheduled events.  Online networking opens up new opportunities for moms to connect, find new friends or spend quality time with old friends.

According to a recent study conducted by BIGresearch, moms are more likely to connect via social media.  She-conomy sited the study noting that women with children at home are more likely to use Facebook (60.3%), MySpace (42.4%) and Twitter (16.5%) than average adults (50.2%, 34.4%, 15.0%, respectively).

So if you are a mom looking to connect with other moms, it looks like online social networking  might be something for you to consider.  Although this certainly is not a comprehensive list of available social networking sites for moms, here are a few more popular sites that connect moms around the world:

SocialMoms.com – At SocialMoms, you can connect with moms on a variety of topic areas and a range of expertise. A unique network of more than 30,000 influential and highly active moms, SocialMoms is dedicated to helping its members grow their personal brands through networking, media, and sponsorship opportunities. Hard-core social networking goes on at SocialMoms.net whereas SocialMoms.com is designed for a range of women to connect around a range of topics important to mothers and parents.

CafeMom.com – CafeMom offers moms Conversation, Advice, Friendship, and Entertainment (CAFE).  On this site, moms connect on shared interests, passions, challenges, and local geography and have created tens of thousands of groups on every topic. Some of the most popular groups include pregnancy, raising boys, recipe swaps, photo moms, marriage and relationships.

Twitter.com – Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about your areas of interest.  Twitter also allows you to contribute by sharing short bursts of information with your followers.  By using Twitter, you open up your network by connecting with people locally or across the globe.  It’s user-friendly and it’s easy to follow (and be followed by) many like-minded individuals.

Facebook.com – Facebook is another great place for social networking for new moms.  Through Facebook, moms can network by sharing information, photos, videos, and links while learning more about the people they befriend.

Blogging – Many new moms use blogging as a creative and artistic outlet to share the joys and frustrations of motherhood.  Blogging is also a great way to connect with other moms through mom blogging communities and networking events.  There are many great platforms to get started blogging, such as Blogger.com, WordPress.org, and Typepad.com, just to name a few.

For moms who wish to share their musings with the world, many will find voiceBoks.com, the Voice of Motherhood, a great traffic resource and community for mommy bloggers.  This community of moms is dedicated to helping its members connect and engage in activities that help drive traffic to their site(s), while demonstrating that they truly care about each other’s work and information.  Other great communities for mom bloggers include BloggyMoms.com and MomBloggersClub.com.

How to Form Lasting Friendships

While interacting with groups locally or online offers many benefits, the key to social networking for new moms is to connect with other moms and build lasting friendships.  By showing genuine interest in other moms, regularly communicating with them, and respecting others’ thoughts and opinions, you can build real-world friendships that last.

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