Shut Up and Take My Money: 5 Heart-Wrenching Mom Commercials

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May 18, 2015

With last week being Mother’s Day, we’ve definitely seen our share of mom commercials. Personally, I got a little sick of being told I all I want is a car, a shopping spree, or a brown diamond. I would settle for a hug and a nap! But then I kept seeing this one commercial popping up on Facebook. It looked simple enough, just a sweet little thing. Kids finding their moms. But by the end, I was crying. Some commercials go beyond the sales pitch and straight to the gut. Here are a few of them:

This is the most recent Facebook viral commercial. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. Moms are unique and our kids know us.


While a peanut butter commercial wouldn’t be my first pick for heart wrenching, in this video a family works together to create a personalized book for their mom who had “forgotten just how important she is.”  Her face as she reads it is like a punch in the gut…in a good way. Although, I’m still not entirely sure what it has to do with peanut butter.


Similar to peanut butter, storage spaces don’t tap into my deepest emotions. But this company interviewed parents about the ten bits of advice they’d give to new parents. Ironically, one of them to ignore most tips! You’ll probably listen through most of them and nod or disagree, thinking that you’re an emotional rock. But just wait for that last one, just wait. But wait with tissues. My favorite part is the ending shot, a cute little boy, “Just relax. You’re gonna’ be great hopefully.”

I know you’ve seen these. Every Olympic season includes a few sentimental commercials. Maybe it was because my kids were finally at an age where they were taking off in their own unique ways or I was just feeling particularly mushy, but this last year’s Sochi commercial took hold. I dug it up from the archives to inspire you.

Now, this commercial isn’t even in English and I have no idea what the company does, but I feel like it teaches us a lesson and squeezes our hearts all at the same time.


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