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Beyoncé Opens Up About Miscarriages, Blake Lively’s Wedding Pics Get Banned, Snooki vs The Queen—Who’s Retiring? And More!

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December 12, 2019

There are just a few weeks left in this year … Actually, thereare just a few weeks left in this decade! Unfortunately, a lot of the headlines right now are all about politics—and who really wants to think about that this time of year? The holidays are supposed to be about pulling together, not focusing on being torn apart!

Rather than looking around our workplaces or even our dinner tables and seeing how divided we’ve become, why not find some common ground? Take a breather from everything that’s happening in Washington and turn your attention to Hollywood. A little celebrity gossip might be just what everyone needs right now!

Beyoncé Opens Up About Miscarriages

She might be one of the most powerful mothers in the world, but underneath all the glitz and glamour, Beyoncé faces the same pains that impact the lives of her fellow women. The superstar is raising daughter, Blue Ivy, 7, and twins, Rumi and Sir, 2, with husband Jay-Z, but becoming a mom was not as simple as she might have imagined. 

The 38-year-old artist says that experiencing multiple miscarriages taught her to mother herself before she could mother someone else. After welcoming her first daughter, she said that her quest for her “purpose became so much deeper. Being ‘No. 1’ was no longer my priority.”

“My true win is creating art and a legacy that will live far beyond me. That’s fulfilling,” she continues. “Making sure I am present for my kids — dropping Blue off at school, taking Rumi and Sir to their activities, making time for date nights with my husband and being home in time to have dinner with my family — all while running a company can be challenging. Juggling all of those roles can be stressful, but I think that’s life for any working mom.” Yes!

One other thing “regular” moms might find relatable? Of her post-baby body, Beyoncé says, “If someone told me 15 years ago that my body would go through so many changes and fluctuations, and that I would feel more womanly and secure with my curves, I would not have believed them but children and maturity have taught me to value myself beyond my physical appearance and really understand that I am more than enough no matter what stage I’m at in life.” That’s right. They don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing!

Blake Lively’s Wedding Pics Get Banned

When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married at the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, they probably never imagined that their wedding pictures might get banned but that’s exactly what’s happened. Why? Because sites like The Knot and Pinterest no longer want to feature events that have taken place at plantations. 

In the south, plantations were used for slave labor, and while the landscape may be beautiful, they are reminders of how human rights were violated for years. As the civil rights group Color of Change explains, “The wedding industry routinely denies the violent conditions Black people faced under chattel slavery by promoting plantations as romantic places to marry.”

Hundreds of African Americans were enslaved at the Boone Hall Plantation where they were forced to harvest pecans and peaches as well as produce bricks. To address this, The Knot is now prohibiting “use language that glorifies, celebrates, or romanticizes Southern plantation history.” Meanwhile, Pinterest is actively removing photos of plantations and issuing warnings that content like such violates their brand policies. 

A Pinterest spokesperson stated, “Weddings should be a symbol of love and unity. Plantations represent none of those things. We are working to limit the distribution of this content and accounts across our platform, and continue to not accept advertisements for them.”

Snooki vs The Queen—Who’s Retiring?

There have been stories about both Snooki of Jersey Shore fame and Queen Elizabeth II retiring. One is a 32-year-old mother of three and the other is a 93-year-old empty nester (but can you really call Buckingham Palace an empty nest?). Which one of these ladies is calling it quits?

With so much controversy swirling around the royal family right now, some have speculated that The Queen would be stepping away from her duties, but they’d be wrong. In a rare move, an official spokesman issued the following statement: “There are no plans for any change in arrangements at the age of 95 — or any other age.”

Snooki, though, has announced that she won’t be returning to Jersey Shore. “The main reason is really … I just can’t do it anymore. Literally, leaving my kids to film it is really, really hard on me,” Polizzi explains. The reality star shares daughter, Giovanna Marie, 5, and sons, Lorenzo Dominic, 7 and Angelo James, 6 months, with husband Jionni LaValle.

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