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Presidential Candidate Overview: Barack Obama

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October 19, 2012

The Democratic presidential candidate and current President of the United States is Barack Obama. Many of you are probably already familiar with his stance on many of the issues, but may not know where he stands on some of the main platform issues.

So where does President Barack Obama stand?

The Economy and Taxes:

President Obama has a plan to bring jobs back to the U.S. by eliminating tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and creating incentives for businesses to bring jobs back to America. He also wants to raise the tax rate for individuals making over $1M and does not support tax breaks on capital gains or dividend payments. Supports the Buffet rule: millionaires should pay a minimum of 30% in taxes. His tax reform deals with higher taxing and less deductions for high earners – and more tax incentives for lower earners. He has said ultimately he wants no tax increase if earning under $250K, tax cuts if you earn under $75K, and then top earners over $250K would receive a tax increase.


Barack Obama is a strong supporter of Charter Schools and private funding of schools. However, he is opposed to the school voucher system. He wants states to have more control of the education system and does not want a top-down approach. He is also a strong supporter of keeping student loan interest rates down and manageable for students post-graduation. Stronger state control and relieving some of the No Child Left Behind obstacles is a key goal for Barack Obama and education.


The immigration stance is somewhat mixed for Barack Obama. He has tightened the borders with unmanned military drones and sent 1,200+ National Guard to the border for patrol. However, he is strongly for the Guest Worker program. This program would give illegal immigrants working in the United States a fast track to citizenship. He also supports Sanctuary Cities and Social Security for illegal immigrants.

Civil Liberties:

Here is where Obama stands on many civil liberty issues:

  • Women’s Rights – Pro Choice.  Supports a woman’s right to choose.  Wants to expand access to contraception and would require insurance pay for bill control but not employers.
  • Stem Cell Research – Supports stem cell research and Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
  • Marriage – Supports marriage equality for all couples including same-sex couples.
  • Patriot Act – Is opposed to the Patriot Act and abolishing certain aspects of the Act, but will not abolish it entirely.

This is just a brief overview of where President Barack Obama stands on some of the key issues. To learn more about where Barack Obama stands on the issues more in-depth here.

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