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Mariah’s Magical Special, Nikki Bella Heads to Therapy, Melania Trump’s Final White House Christmas and More!

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December 2, 2020

It’s officially the holiday season! It’s hard to believe after this incredibly difficult year, but hopefully we can all find ways to get into the spirit, even if it looks a little different. In the meantime, here’s some of the latest news on our favorite celebrity moms!

Mariah’s Magical Special

Ready for a little holiday cheer after this tough year? You may want to tune into Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special. It looks like it’s going to be a star-studded event! Carey will be joining forces with Tiffany Haddish, Billy Eichner, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Misty Copeland, and Mykal-Michelle Harris. 

The holiday season is a time of togetherness, which is why Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, and their twins, Moroccan and Monroe will also make an appearance! In addition to new versions of songs like “Sleigh Ride,” the soundtrack will feature “Oh Santa!,” a song co-written by and featuring Carey performing with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. Watch the trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ project which launches globally on Friday, December 4. 

Nikki Bella Heads to Therapy

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev have been trying to juggle their professional lives while learning to be new parents to their first child, Matteo. Bella has continued filming her show, Total Bellas, with twin sister, Brie, while Artem just one the Mirrorball trophy on this season of Dancing with the Stars

Last month, on their Bellas Podcast, Nikki opened up to Brie about the “massive breakdown” she experienced seven weeks after her son was born. “I think Brie was the first person who’s asked me in weeks… she goes, ‘How are you doing?’…I broke down,” she said. “Because that was the first time someone asked me in a while how I was doing, and I wasn’t doing OK.” At the same time, Artem was on the other end of the spectrum.

“I was so supportive and pushed him out the door to go do Dancing [With the Stars] and then I realized once he left, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do? Like, I need him.’ And so it was really hard,” Bella shared during the Tamron Hall Show this week. “We’re going to start [therapy]… and it’s mainly just to be amazing parents and knowing how to balance parent life out and also our own relationship.” 

“I was thinking about where I was a year ago, exactly. Where I was not a part of last season, how I felt that [my] old dancing dreams were done and dusted, and that I was never going to be able to perform on that stage at all,” he reflected. “And then just standing with Kaitlyn in the final and being called as the champion of the season? I mean, it was such a surreal moment that I never thought it would be, in the reality of this world.”

“We hear a lot of stories of where there’s sacrifice in their own relationship because it’s about the kids,” Nikki explained. “Artem and I, from the beginning, want to know: How do we balance this for Matteo and for our relationship?” 

Now that the Dancing with the Stars season is over, the couple are set to move to Napa, California to focus on their family. 

Melania Trump’s Final White House Christmas

The final White House Christmas theme under President Trump has been unveiled. On Monday morning, Melania Trump thanked volunteers for helping her pull off the “America the Beautiful” motif, to bring “the spirit of peace and joy fill the historic rooms and halls of the People’s House.”

On Instagram, she shared a gallery of snapshots of herself inspecting and admiring the decorations and wrote: “During this special time of the year, I am delighted to share ‘America the Beautiful’ and pay tribute to the majesty of our great Nation. Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud to call home.”

As mentioned on, “The first lady has spoken dismissively in private about some of the rituals expected of her role — including overseeing Christmas decorations.” Those comments were secretly captured by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Mrs. Trump’s former friend and White House aide, who released the recordings in October.

“They say I’m complicit. I’m the same like him, I support him. I don’t say enough, I don’t do enough, where I am? I’m working my a– off on the Christmas stuff … who gives a f— about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

Hopefully, the First Lady was able to enjoy this final year of holiday celebrations at the White House. The theme is certainly lovely! 

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