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December 8, 2011

With the release of its Google+ a few months ago, Google created a new way for its customers to interact and network.  With that major enhancement under its belt, Google has now introduced a new look and feel across all of its products.  These tweaks will allow Google’s interfaces to be more consistent and streamlined, while providing greater ease of use.

So What’s Changing?

Gmail – The redesigned email is more clean and simple.  It automatically adapts to any size window or you can set your preferred view.  The Label and Chat areas are also adjustable to fit your needs.  The updated Conversations area has been redesigned for greater readability and to create the feel of a real conversation.  A new Search Box allows you to customize your search enabling you to find exactly what you’re searching for.  The new look rolls out beginning December 13, 2011, with the changes becoming permanent within a few weeks following.

Google Docs – This product received some cosmetic changes, such as changing text buttons to icons; different placements of advanced options, such as Sort and Actions; and the removal of unneeded buttons, such as the Save button (Google continuously saves your work) . While these changes are visible now to everyone, they don’t become permanent until Tuesday, December 13, 2011.

Google Sites – You may have already discovered that Google Sites have a new look and feel.  Though the changes are minor (i.e., rearrangement of icons and localizing Deleted Sites), they were made to provide a more consistent and simpler way to experience Google, and will enable you to be more productive.  These changes become permanent on December 13, 2011.

Google Calendar – The changes made to the calendar do not affect the way the calendar works, but are more cosmetic in nature, such as changing text links to icons and rearranging the placement of buttons.  Changes to Google Calendar will become permanent the beginning of January 2012.

With these changes, Google is truly bringing its users a new and improved experience.  For more detailed information on these enhancements, simply visit Google’s New Look site.

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