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Need Last-Minute Shopping Ideas? Give the Gift of Entertainment!

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December 13, 2012

Finishing up the last of that holiday shopping can be really tough, especially when you’re out of ideas on what to buy.  In a pinch, there’s one thing that almost everyone wants – to be entertained!  Here are some great ideas that can be applied to almost any situation (you didn’t forget a gift for the Secret Santa thing at work again, did you?).

Movie Theater Gift Certificates – These are great because most people really enjoy going to the movies but many of us balk at the rising admission prices.  What’s even better is that many places offer flexible packages that can even include goodies from the concession stand.

Television Show and Movie Series Box Sets – Maybe you know someone who would love to relive the experience of watching all nine seasons of The X-Files if only they had access to every episode. Or perhaps a friend or family member is unfortunate enough to have half of the Harry Potter series on DVD and the other half on VHS. Now’s the time to give the gift of a collection

Holiday albums – Sure, it might be right at the very end of the season but a solid Christmas album can bring joy for years to come.  If you’re not sure which artists they would prefer, go with a collection of classic renditions from over the years.

Video Games – Gamers come in all shapes and sizes.  As a result, this is a very broad area but, with a little investigating, it could be a great option.  There are individual games, consoles and hand-held devices for just about any age with titles that range from crossword puzzles to first-person shooter.  Here’s a tip – if they enjoy playing online, you could give them gift cards to extend their subscriptions.

Books – Thomas Jefferson once said “I cannot live without books” and it’s fair to assume that there are still a large number of people in the world who feel similarly.  If you know of a certain title that someone’s been wanting, it’s easy enough to pick up a copy but if it’s less clear, gift cards are a good choice which can also work for those who have Kindles or Nooks.

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