Moms Share Info More Than You’d Think!

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May 22, 2013

Moms love to share information about their families – whether it’s chatting about their toddler’s first steps, asking opinions about a new learning program, or showing off photos of a recent recital. It’s no surprise that moms take to sharing this information online too, but it may be a surprise how much they do so.

In one of the largest studies of online activities of moms, ShareThis and Digitas released a report today that offers important insight into how moms engage online. The companies surveyed more than 200,000 moms between the ages of 25-54 and analyzed how they shared online content via 120 social channels over a one month period. Here’s what they discovered:

  • Moms Share 3 Times More Than Normal  
    30 percent of the moms in the study shared some type of content during the month, compared to a network sharing rate of 10 percent by average users.
  • Moms Have the Influence
    Moms generate 9.5 clicks per piece of shared content – compared to the population average of 8.75. This makes mom 8.22% more influential than the average user!
  • Moms Like to Chat Parenting & Entertainment
    The top three topics shared by moms were: parenting (18%), entertainment (15%) or technology (10%).
  • Moms Share in the Afternoon
    Moms are most likely to share content at 3pm – which falls in that lull between lunch and the kids getting home from school.
  • Moms like Pinterest
    While the average person shares on Facebook 56% of the time, moms are sharing most with a combination of Pinterest (29%) and Facebook (34%).

These statistics can be important to businesses, especially those that cater to a mom demographic. Megan Calhoun (our very own founder and CEO) contributed to the study. She says, “Everyday, we see more and more leading brands explore new ways to both identify and engage influential women online.  The strategy may be proven, but the key to success still revolves around authentic and engaging content that begs to be shared and earns its way into conversation.”

So what will you do with this information?  Why not share it!

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