4 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales for Direct Sellers

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October 25, 2013

‘Tis the Season! With Black Friday a few short weeks away and women already starting their shopping lists, if you are in the direct sales business, the time to get your products out in front of people is now. Here are four ways to boost holiday sales and get new customers to sample your products.


We all have items in stock that are good products but might not fly off the shelves. Or you may have extra samples in stock. Try offering them as a free gift to customers who purchase a certain dollar amount of other products. People like value and offering a product worth $8, $12, $15, or a goody bag of samples adds value to them shopping with you over someone else. Giveaways work great on Facebook pages too.

Host a Cash & Carry Party

If you don’t participate in vendor events but still like the idea of selling cash and carry items off the table, try hosting an open house at your home, or a friend’s home. To entice people to attend, offer a free gift at the door, like a raffle for a full size product or a percentage off their purchase if they bring a friend (something like 25% off $50 or more). If your friend will host this for you, definitely give her a freebie before so she can show it off, wear it, or use it that night. Some direct sellers also do small events at their homes inviting in other non-competing direct sellers to offer a variety of items for holiday shopping. If you sell candles, invite a jewelry, handbag, and skin care vendor over. Your traffic will be larger when all four reps invite their friends and customers to shop.

Cyber Sales

After Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become a huge shopping event. Some people would rather not venture into the crowds and instead wait for online sales. So don’t let your site go under the radar. Start posting on Facebook early to engage your customers. If your direct sales company is not offering a special that Monday, offer your own. Advertise on social media and consider calling old customers or sending them postcard reminders. Some reps even offer hourly specials, such as 20% off if you shop 6-8 am. Or you could consider “happy hours” where if they shop within 1 or 2 hour time frame, they receive a free gift!

Get Festive & Fancy

There’s nothing quite like a visually stimulating and eye-pleasing display to draw someone over to a table at a Holiday Fair or event. Whether you are doing the events, creating gift baskets to be donated, or even carrying products with you, consider adding some color with inviting displays, bows and wrapping. Add festive flowers, reds and greens, tablecloths, big fancy bows and beautiful gift boxes to your table to attract customers. Speaking of fancy, offer free gift wrapping for local customers or even free delivery right to their homes or offices if they buy from your stock. This can be very appealing, especially to men looking for a gift for their spouses or girlfriends – or small business bosses who are looking for employee gifts.

What are your tips for boosting holiday sales?

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