5 Facebook Pages a Mom Can “Like”

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January 26, 2015

By now most people in the country log onto Facebook at least once a day. For a long time, I just used the website to share pictures and keep in touch  with old friends. Recently, though, I realized that as a busy mom, there are days when Facebook is my only touch with the world outside of my little life bubble. I noticed that my friends “liked” things I found very interesting and decided to hop on the page train. Whether you are on once an hour, once a day, or once a week, here are a few pages that can liven up a busy mom’s feed and keep you in touch with what’s going on in the world.

Humans of New York

This photographer does an amazing job capturing the human spirit and experience, both the joy and the difficulties, in his photos of people from different cities. A few months ago he took a tour to many other countries and posted such profound snippets that these people far away suddenly felt like your neighbors. Most recently, he interviewed a young boy who raised his principal in a struggling school. This led to a partnership that raised an amazing amount of money for those kids to take an important trip.

A Mighty Girl

If you have girls, this site is a must see but any woman will find it inspiring. They post stories of amazing women from all subject areas and times. You can see Rafea Um Gomar the first female solar engineer in Jordan, Maria Tallchief the first Native American prima ballerina, and all sorts of young inventors that aren’t even out of high school! In between these profiles, you can see book and movie recommendations, fabulous quotes, and article links. Every Halloween they run a Mighty Girl costume parade of sorts featuring non-traditional “girl” costumes. I always feel proud when this page posts a topic that I’ve also covered like Sarah Josepha Hale or the research of Carol Dweck.

I F***ing Love Science

Don’t let the more forceful name put you off, this page offers a massive amount of information from the world of science past and present. My favorite part of this page is the weekly round-up of “This Week in Science,” so that I don’t feel like I’ve missed something important. It also helps me keep my kids informed, especially when there’s something cool that I can show them in the real world like a meteor shower or eclipse.

Jon Scieszka

If you have a favorite author, you should definitely follow them as a fun way to hear what they have to say. Jon Scieszka is a children’s author but, as a former Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, he has taken on a much boarder role in the young reader community. His page offers book suggestions as well as research articles dealing with the importance of reading. His most recent efforts have been to establish GUYS READ, a series of books with short thematic stories geared toward middle school boys. This project is based on research that shows boys interest in books tends to taper off around that age. As a bonus, Scieszka and his cohorts are hysterical.

Social Moms

Of course, I can leave out the fabulous mom’s resource Social Moms that offers a little bit of everything, from parenting advice to fashion tips. As someone who will frequently forget to check a website, I love that it can come to me and pop up where I’m already looking. Whether you’re looking to inspire tonight’s dinner or check up on your entertainment gossip, it’ll be here.



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