9 Double-Duty Money Savers for Busy Moms

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April 22, 2014

There are a host of apps and websites designed to help manage your hard-earned dollars and financial accounts. You can find online tools for banking, retirement planning, bill management, loyalty rewards, coupons, price comparison, sale alerts, rebates and much more. At first glance, this may seem very helpful; however, using too many of these tools at once may have the reverse effect and can make you feel extremely overwhelmed.

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, I put together a list of double-duty money savers that will keep your finances in check so you have less viral clutter to manage.

1. Manilla

In addition to putting all your financial accounts in one place, Manilla.com also sends you reminders about travel rewards and bill deadlines. You can manage bank and investment statements digitally to reduce clutter and have references at your fingertips. Plus, you can access your account from any device, making it even easier to keep track of your accounts.

2. Clutch App

Shopping apps are all the rage as consumers get savvier about finding the best deal. The Clutch app stores all your gift cards and loyalty cards so you don’t have to fumble through your purse or worry about forgetting them at home. It also serves as a barcode-scanning app to help you compare prices while in-store, and invaluable tool to help save you money!

3. Gift Card Granny

The popular online marketplace GiftCardGranny.com recently added a bonus feature to save users both time and cash. As you search for the best deal on a certain gift card, you can also find out what in-store and online coupons are available for that store by clicking the “Savvy Shopper” banner. This helps you stretch your savings even further!

4. Foursquare

The popular “check-in” app not only gives you instant access to reviews, it also offers freebies and coupons when and where you need them. This is especially helpful if you’re checking out a new restaurant or service provider for the first time.

5. Pinterest

We all know Pinterest is a great place to save DIY ideas on everything from home decor to holiday gifts, but did you know it also offers a money-saving feature? Whenever you pin a product from a retailer’s website, Pinterest will send you an email when the price of that item drops. Bonus!

6. Cozi

Keeping your family organized is a feat, which is why Cozi is such an awesome multi-tasker. In addition to a shared calendar that helps everyone know where to be when, it also offers shopping list and to-do list functions. These features are shared too, which comes in especially handy when you need to add something to your grocery list for a trip your husband is making later that day.

7. Yelp

When it comes to reviewing restaurants, Yelp is the go-to resource providing hundreds of reviews to eateries big and small. You can also read reviews on other businesses and service providers, but that’s not the bonus here: often times, up-and-coming restaurants will offer coupons on their Yelp page to encourage patronage.

8. Hukkster

Hukkster is a website and browser add-on designed to take the effort out of looking for the best deal. Simply install the “hukk it” button to your browser’s bookmark bar and click it whenever you find something you want. Hukkster will send you a notification the moment that item drops in price, whether from a coupon code or store-wide promotion. Additionally, you can organize your items into categories and share them with friends and family to serve as a wish list.

9. Inkjet Willy

There are some routine purchases that are just painful to buy, and ink cartridges are definitely one of them. In addition to being exorbitantly priced, it’s tough to know exactly what your printer needs and what brands of alternatives are available. Enter InkjetWilly.com, a comparative marketplace for printer ink that not only helps you find the best price for replacement ink, but also shows you which remanufactured and compatible cartridges will work for your printer.

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