4 Ways To Make Vlogging A Breeze

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February 23, 2012

Blogging and social media has expanded further than anyone could have imagined. We all know the power of the written word, but it may be time to start thinking about the power of the spoken and visual word.

Many bloggers and social media enthusiasts have  started to transition to vlogging, or creating videos, that they highlight on their blogs. Gone are the days of hiding behind the comfort of the glowing computer screen – and fast arriving are bloggers who have now given us a better view into their opinions, homes, and daily life.

How To Start Creating Videos

There are plenty of topics that are perfect for vlogging and creating videos for your blog. If you are a mommy blogger try creating a video about your daily routine, confessions from the bathtub, showing off your new mantel piece, or creating a video series. For food bloggers, create a video highlighting your favorite recipe or being an undercover restaurant goer. Another great video idea is just starring yourself talking about your new blogging goals, the latest gossip, or sharing a fun story.

Using Visuals

Visuals are a great way to make a video more exciting and also get the attention off your webcam for a couple of minutes. Having a background is essential. A bathroom or your bedroom may be too intimate, but you can easily cover them by using a cork board pinned with your favorite clippings from a magazine that go along with your niche. You can also purchase an inexpensive whiteboard that you can draw on during your video, and use it to highlight certain topics you talk about. Using fun props like print outs or different objects are also a great way to make the video more interesting and add your personality as well.

Put Your Best Face Forward

I’m sure you are already exquisite, but looking your best is essential for vlogging. You want to keep it natural and not overdo it, but you have to remember that this video will be on the Internet forever. You want your beautiful face immortalized on the Internet looking your best. It may take you 5 minutes to an hour, but the pay off will be wotrh it.

Keep An Outline Handy

Unless you are completely confident in what you are going to be saying in your video, keep an outline to the side or on the screen while you tape yourself. This is a great way to stay on track, not lose your train of thought, and keep the video nicely organized and timely. Even if you are doing a spontaneous video, having the topic idea in front of you allows you to stay focused on that topic.

The first step into vlogging is getting over the fear of people actually “seeing” you. People in social media appreciate seeing the face behind the blog, and find it exciting to be able to see and hear them. You’ll soon find making and creating these videos is easy, pain free and fun. Try creating a vlog today and sharing your beautiful face with the blogsosphere.

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