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15 Acts of Kindness for October

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October 15, 2019

Any month is a great idea to practice random acts of kindness. This month consider doing some of the following. You’ll help others and feel better about yourself in the process.

  • Do you have an elderly neighbor? Consider raking and tidying up their yard as the leaves finally fall from the trees.
  • Know a single mom who may be struggling to pay bills? Leave a basket for the children on the porch with coloring books and small pumpkins for each child.
  • Donate your old but wearable coats and boots now, before it gets too cold.
  • Write to your children’s’ school teachers and ask if they need tissues and hand sanitizer for the classroom, just in time for cold and flu season.
  • Have your children write Thanksgiving cards and make small care packages to mail to members of the military. You can find more details on amillionthanks.org, anysoldier.com, and operation gratitude.
  • Organize a family beach clean up. Pack gloves, garbage bags ,and long sticks to pick up trash and clean up a local beach (or park).
  • Grab one of the subscription cards that fall out of magazines and send one in (and pay) for a friend’s subscription.
  • Speaking of magazines, gather all the old ones and books you never read. Take a drive to a local nursing home and donate them. Also, call a children’s hospital or a local school and see if they would like the children’s books.
  • Make pumpkin bread and double the recipe. Give a loaf or two to someone who might need the pick me up of a thoughtful snack when they don’t have time to prepare it themselves.
  • Each time you grocery shop this month, buy one extra canned or boxed food and put it in a box. When local churches and schools have canned food drives, you already have them at the ready.
  • Have a small treat to hand to your mail person “just because”. You don’t have to only give a gift on a holiday.
  • Make it a point to support local small businesses that you may normally drive right past. Your business means a lot to them.
  • Bake a casserole that can be frozen for an elderly neighbor. Place it in small individual meal size containers so they can take one out at a time.
  • Offer old Halloween costumes online for free on Facebook groups or your own page. They are not cheap and many parents will surely appreciate a free costume!
  • Stop by your local fire station with a tray of cookies or muffins for the firefighters. Be sure to check if they are doing fire safety events too! These often take place in October. They’re free, kids love them, and they will learn important safety rules.

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