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10 Best Way To Hide Wires Under Desk (2023 Updated)

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When looking for a way to hide wires under your desk, there are five key points to consider. First, you should assess the size and shape of your desk and the amount of space you have available to work with. Second, you should determine the best way to route the wires, so that they are out of sight and not cluttering up your workspace. Third, you should consider the type of material you’ll need to use to conceal the wires, such as cable raceways, cord covers, or other solutions. Fourth, you should invest in the right tools to help you install the wiring solution you’ve chosen. Finally, you should make sure that the device you are connecting to the wires is compatible with the wiring solution you’ve chosen.

Hiding wires under your desk is an important part of keeping your workspace tidy and organized. By taking the time to consider these five key points, you can find the best solution for your workspace and make sure that your wires are safely and securely concealed. Whether you’re running a single cable or multiple cables, there are a range of options available to you, from cable raceways to cord covers and more. With the right tools and materials, you can easily hide your wires and make sure that your workspace looks professional and organized.

10 Best Way To Hide Wires Under Desk

1. Desk Cable Organizer – Hide Power Strips, Wires, Power Supplies & Surge Protectors.

This Under Desk Cable Organizer Cord Cover is the perfect addition to any office or home. It provides a simple and effective way to keep power strips, surge protectors, cords and cables off the desk and out of sight. This set of two cable covers comes with all the hardware you need to mount it on the back of a desk or underneath. It includes two 16-inch raceway channels, four end caps and four screws, making installation quick and easy.

The cord cover also provides an extra layer of safety, as it keeps electrical cords and accessories out of children’s reach. Its patent pending design has been tested to ensure durability and performance and comes with a one year warranty. This product is a great way to keep your desk neat and organized and free of clutter.

This cable cover is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to manage their cables and cords. It provides an easy solution to keep everything organized and out of the way, while still providing access to the cords and cables when needed. The neat and tidy look of the product is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any home or office.

Overall, this Under Desk Cable Organizer Cord Cover is an ideal product for anyone looking to add an extra layer of safety and organization to their workspace. With its quick and easy installation process, it can be set up in no time and will provide a neat and tidy look that is sure to impress.

2. Cable Raceway Kit, 77" (5×15.4"), Open Slot, Wire Covers, Desk Cable Management

This Cable Raceway Kit is designed to provide an efficient and secure way to manage cables in an organized fashion. The kit includes 77 inches of cable covers, five cable raceways (5×15.4 inches), adhesive tape, two wire holders, five Velcro cable ties and twenty expandable screws. The cable covers have an open slot wire with a diameter of 0.4 inches, making it suitable for thicker computer power cables and other cables such as Ethernet or camera cables. The cable covers are also impact-resistant and self-extinguishing, ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

The cable raceway kit is easy to install and can be completed in 15 minutes. It can be installed on a cleaned desk surface or on non-dust gypsum drywall using an adhesive tape. Additionally, the expandable nails included in the kit make it easy to secure the raceway to the wall.

The two and three wire holders included in the kit make it an ideal solution for managing cables under desks or on walls. The five Velcro cable ties also included in the kit make it easier to organize the cables and reduce clutter. The kit also includes a magic band that can be used to secure the cables in place.

This Cable Raceway Kit is a great solution for managing cords, cables and wires in office or home. It is made of durable PVC and fireproof material, making it impact-resistant and self-extinguishing. It also provides a secure and organized way to manage cables, ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

3. Slot Wiring Raceway, 123in Cable Management Channel, 15.4in X1.18in X1.57in

This Open Slot Wiring Raceway Cable Duct is an ideal accessory to neatly hide and conceal cables and cords for a clutter-free home. Perfect for home entertainment systems, TV wires, and computer cords, this cable channel allows you to save space and keep your home neat, while also protecting your family and pets from unsafe cables.

Installation is quick and easy with two methods offered. The channel has multiple openings to easily let cables go in and out and can be simply stuck onto the wall or back of the desk, or screwed into place for a more secure mount. Made of high-quality and flexible material, this cable duct is designed to match the color of the wall and most furniture. It can be painted to blend with the background for a more seamless look.

The channel is pre-cut into eight sections, which saves time and eliminates unnecessary waste. Suitable for wall mounted TVs, desks, and computers, this cable cover is able to hide AWG cables, HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, and power cords. Additionally, it also protects children and pets from cables and cords near the floor.

Each package includes 8 cable ducts (15.4in x 1.97in x 1.97in), which are wider and higher than other raceway kits. Adhesive tape and screws are also included for easy installation.

4. 96" J Channel Cable Raceway – 6×16" Black Adhesive Wire Management

The ProOffice 96in J Channel Cable Raceways are the perfect set for an office desk, providing an easy, no-screw solution for hiding the messy wires from view. Included in the kit are 6x 16” (41cm) black cable raceways, 2 straps, and 6 super strong mounting tapes. The special adhesive tape is designed to stay put and keep the J Channel securely in place, however, it is important to note that it could potentially pull the paint of a wall. The open design of the raceway allows for quick adding and removal of cables, and can store up to 10 power cords.

The ProOffice cable management J Channel can be installed without drilling any holes, making it ideal for glass tables. It also offers heat and fire-proof protection, ensuring a safe and secure setup. Beyond office desks, the J-Channel Wire Management Kit can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and TV rooms, providing a practical way to organize and hide wires. An Installation Guide will be emailed after the order is placed.

For those who are looking for a simple, no-screw solution for hiding and organizing messy wires, the ProOffice 96in J Channel Cable Raceways provide the perfect set for an office desk. With its super strong mounting tape, heat and fire-proof protection, and open design, this cable management kit offers an easy, efficient way to clean up any space.

5. Cable Raceway Kit, 138" Open Slot Wiring Duct W/ Cover.

The Alritz Cable Raceway Kit is the perfect solution for tidying up your home or office. This kit includes 138 inches of PVC channel that is impact resistant and self-extinguishing, along with a sturdy gray cover to hide cables from view. The channels are pre-cut into nine 15.4-inch sections, making the installation process easier and more flexible. This kit is suitable for hiding a variety of cables, such as AWG cables, HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, and power cords, in order to keep your space neat and organized.

The cable raceway kit is designed to be easily installed with two alternative methods. If you don't want to damage your walls, simply stick the channels to the wall surface with the strong self-adhesive tape provided. Or, if you don't mind making holes, you can mount the channels to the wall using the screws and drywall anchors included. Both methods are quick and easy to do, so you won't have to spend a lot of time and effort to have a neat and tidy space.

The Alritz Cable Raceway Kit is an ideal tool for anyone looking for a tidy space. It will help to protect your children and pets from cables and cords that may be hanging near the floor. It is also great for organizing cables behind furniture or under desks, for wall mounted TVs, home theaters, computers, servers, and distribution boxes. With this kit, you can save yourself from cable mess and have a clean and attractive appearance.

6. Gaming Headset Headphone Stand With Adjustable Arm Clamp & Cable Clip Organizer.

This PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook Holder Hanger Mount is an ideal accessory for any gaming enthusiast. It provides a convenient and organized way to store your headset while freeing up desk space. This innovative design allows the headset to be mounted underneath the desk, saving you valuable desk space while still allowing easy access to the headset.

The under desk mount features a clamp which attaches to desks up to 40mm thick and as narrow as 8mm, making it a near universal fit on most desks. The clamp is easy to remove and reattach, making it a flexible and convenient solution for any gaming setup. The adjustable and rotating arm swings underneath the desk for discreet storage, and swings back out for easy access.

The holder also features a built-in cable loop to hold your headset's cable in place and prevent it from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. Soft rubber pads located on both clamp ends protect your desk or table from damage, making it suitable for use on glass, wooden and metal desks or tables.

This PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook Holder Hanger Mount is the perfect gift for any gaming enthusiast who wants to keep their setup organized and free up desk space. With its adjustable and rotating arm, built-in cable loop and protective rubber pads, this headset holder is a practical and convenient solution for any gaming setup.

7. Women's Seamless Underbust Waist Trainer, L Black

The FeelinGirl Waist Trainer for Women is a revolutionary design that offers adjustable, segmented hourglass body shaping in an easy-to-use, comfortable design. This waist trainer features three separate pieces that allow you to customize the level of pressure according to your own needs, providing maximum Tummy Control and waist slimming. The trainer is made with a super-stretchy material blend of 35% latex and 65% polyester that provides firm, durable support and flattens your abdomen and smooths out rolls.

The Women Underbust Corset Cincher features a three-hook, adjustable closure, allowing you to customize the fit and reduce size issues. The reinforced square buckle and double-needle stitching ensures the trainer won't slip or come undone, and the 11.4-inch length makes it ideal for both long and short torsos. Plus, the Trainer is designed with three steel bones that provide support for your back and waist, helping you maintain a good posture.

The FeelinGirl Waist Trainer is perfect for everyday use, or for special occasions. You can wear it underneath your clothing to create an invisible, hourglass figure, and it won't interfere with your movement. The waist trainer is also great for postpartum recovery, offering support and helping you regain your shape. No matter what your needs, the FeelinGirl Waist Trainer for Women is the perfect choice for creating a seamless, slim silhouette.

8. Cable Management 94'' J Channel – 6 Pack Raceway, Cord Cover, Under Desk

This YECAYE Cable Management 94'' J Channel – 6 Pack Cable Raceway, Cord Cover, Under Desk Cable Management is the perfect accessory to keep your work environment organized, safe, and tidy. With its large capacity of up to 10 power cords or 16 Cat-5 Ethernet Cables, it can easily hold all of your wires and cables. The opening design on top makes it easy to access and install cables, while the 94-inch under desk cable raceway organizer kit comes with 6 × 15.7-inch sections in each package. You can easily run the cables horizontally or vertically to fit your needs.

Installation is easy with the included premium 196" adhesive PE tape; no drilling or nailing needed. Simply stick two rows of tape and wait for 24 hours later before placing cables inside the cable tray. This cable management system not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also helps keep your cables safe and off the ground. Plus, it also helps keep your desk free of clutter and hazardous wires.

This product is perfect for home and office use, and is perfect for all of your cable management needs. Whether you need to organize cables for your computer, TV, or game consoles, this product will help you create an organized and safe work area. The YECAYE Cable Management 94'' J Channel is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to organize their cables and wires in their office or home.

9. Cable Management Raceway, 96'' J Channel (6-Pack), Adhesive Stripe, Easy Install.

The EVEO Cable Management J Channel is the perfect solution to help keep your space free from messy cords and cables. This slim and sleek cable organizer helps keep your area safe from dangling cords, making it a must-have for every home or office. The J Channel comes in a set of 6 pieces of 16-inch cable organizers that can be used individually or as one, horizontally or vertically, allowing you to create a desk cable management system tailored to your needs.

The J Channel Cable Raceway is easy to install with its super strong adhesive tape and is designed in a one-piece non-locking J design for the ultimate convenience. It can hold up to 10 power cords or 16 Cat-5 ethernet cables for HDMI cables, phone wires, power extension cords, fax lines and more. This cable management tool is perfect for use in the home or office and can be used in entertainment centers, home offices, kitchens, bedrooms, bars and more.

EVEO is committed to providing quality products and making sure each J Channel Cable Concealer Kit is carefully inspected before shipping. If you have any questions or concerns with your purchase, our customer service team is available to help. Create a neat and organized space with the EVEO Cable Management J Channel and start experiencing the change.

10. 31.5" J-Channel Cable Raceway (2-Pack), Self-Adhesive, No Drilling

This Cable Management Under Desk is the perfect solution for a clean and organized desk space. The 31.5in J Channel Cable Raceway is designed to hold up to 10 power cords, computer cables, ethernet cables, HDMI cables and more, allowing you to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Installation is a breeze with its unique adhesive backing, which requires no drilling and no damage to your desk. Just choose a place, tear off the protective film and press it on, and you're done! The open J channel design allows cables to slide in easily and hold multiple, even thicker cables, while the low profile ensures it fits any desk, computer desk, gaming desk, standing desk, adjustable desk and more.

The package includes two under desk cable management trays, each measuring 15.7 x 1.1 x 2.4 inches, as well as five cable ties. You can also buy multiple sets to meet your needs. With excellent customer service and quick response, this Cable Management Under Desk is a great way to keep your desk clean and organized.

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