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Best Indoor Grow Lights For Herbs (2023 Updated)

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Indoor grow lights for herbs can be a great way to grow your own herbs year-round, regardless of the weather outside. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gardener, here are five key points to consider when searching for the best indoor grow lights for herbs:

1. Light Intensity: The intensity of the light is an important factor to consider when choosing an indoor grow light for herbs. You want the light to be bright enough to provide the plants with the energy they need to grow, but not so bright that it will burn the plants.

2. Light Spectrum: The spectrum of the light is also important. Different plants require different spectrums of light, so make sure to choose a light that is tailored to the plants you plan to grow indoors.

3. Heat Output: Some lights produce a lot of heat, which can be damaging to your plants. Look for lights that are designed to reduce the amount of heat they produce, or that come with a cooling system.

4. Efficiency: Look for lights that are energy-efficient, as this will help you save money in the long run.

5. Cost: The cost of the light is also important. Make sure to look for lights that are within your budget, while still providing the features that you need.

These are just a few of the key points to consider when looking for an indoor grow light for herbs. Make sure to do your research to ensure you find the best light for your needs. With the right light, you can grow your own herbs year-round, regardless of the weather outside.

10 Best Indoor Grow Lights For Herbs

1. Indoor Led Garden Grow Light Kit With Herb Seeds, Timer, And Kitchen Garden System.

The DIGLAB Indoor Garden Led Grow Light is the perfect way to grow herbs, plants, and vegetables indoors all year round. With a three-tier timer setting, you can customize the light intensity to each stage of your plant's growth and ensure it is receiving enough light for photosynthesis. With the adjustable height of the LED panel and the four dimmable modes, you can provide your plants with the exact amount of light they need to grow.

The indoor grow garden kit provides the perfect spectrum of light for indoor growing, allowing your plants to thrive at their fullest potential. The LED grow light helps maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid growth and abundant harvests. Not only is it energy efficient, but it also produces less heat and has a lower power consumption.

You can grow anything, anytime, any place with this indoor garden kit. Whether you want to grow pods, basil, cilantro, mint, or lavender, the DIGLAB Indoor Garden Led Grow Light has you covered. You don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the light, as the auto ON/OFF feature will do that for you. With a three-step installation process and no need for any tools, you can start your indoor garden in no time.

Let the DIGLAB Indoor Garden Led Grow Light take care of your plants while you are away. Enjoy growing your own herbs, plants, and vegetables indoors, no matter the season. With the adjustable height and dimmable modes, you can provide your plants with the perfect amount of light every time.

2. 50w 84 Led Dual Head Clip Grow Light, Sunlight White, Timer & 5 Dimmable Levels.

The GHodec Grow Light is a dual head clip plant light perfect for all stages of indoor plant growth. This light is equipped with 5 red and 37 sunlight white LEDs which provides a color rendering of up to 95, mimicking the sunlight at noon. It also provides a flicker-free and soft light perfect for night reading.

This light also has an auto on/off timer with 3 timing options – 4H/8H/12H lighting time everyday, allowing for easy operation. It also has 5 dimmable levels allowing you to adjust the brightness of the light according to your plants needs. The sturdy gooseneck and strong clamp allows you to place the light in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants.

This light is highly efficient and a great gift for your plants, especially when they need extra light when raining, snowing, or in dark indoor environments. It is suitable for balconies, greenhouses, darkrooms, offices, and more. It is perfect for culture solutions, gardening, and potted plants.

3. 20w Indoor Garden With Adjustable Grow Light, Timer, For Plant Growers.

The GrowLED LED Indoor Garden is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their own garden all year round, regardless of their space constraints. It's suitable for growing succulents, sweetgrass, mint, leafy vegetables and more, without the need for additional pots.

This garden is equipped with a 20W full spectrum LED grow light to promote photosynthesis, helping your plants to grow faster and better. The light can be adjusted in height, to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant, ensuring that it gets enough light.

The GrowLED LED Indoor Garden also includes an 8/12/16/24 hour automatic timer, giving your plants enough time to do photosynthesis and grow faster. This timer is compatible with Smart Plugs, making it convenient for users to set their preferred time.

Installation is quick and easy – no tools are required – and the garden can hold up to 8 four-inch plant pots (ASIN B07TVCH5GR). The GrowLED LED Indoor Garden is also EU Reach certified and made with safe materials, so you can trust that it is safe to use.

This indoor garden is perfect for plant-grow novices and enthusiasts alike. Whether you want to grow your own herbs to use in the kitchen, brighten up your home with succulents, or create your own DIY decorations, the GrowLED LED Indoor Garden is the ideal choice.

4. 20w Led Grow Light 2pcs, Auto On/off Timer, Full Spectrum Sunlike Plant Light.

The Dommia LED Grow Light is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to provide energy for their plants to thrive indoors year-round. This 2021 Newest version of the light features 132 LEDs – Red 48pcs, and Warmwhite 84pcs – to emit all wavelengths from 380nm to 780nm, similar to natural sunshine. It is energy efficient with a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours and it only consumes 20W of power, making it a more cost-effective option.

The upgraded auto on/off timer function is a precise program, built by professional engineers, which will auto on/off every day at the time you select (6/10/12 h) to replicate the plants’ growth in a natural environment. It also features a 24h-cycle function that simulates daily sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about plant development while on a business trip or vacation.

The 2 pcs ultra-thin grow light panels are made of aluminum support board (frame) and LEDs and they generate less heat, allowing you to keep the LED plant lights much closer to the plants without the concern of damaging them. It is suitable for all types of plants, including vegetables, succulents, fruits, flowers, herbs, hydroponics and more. It can be used in indoor gardens, greenhouses, horticulture and other applications.

The lightweight LED grow light weighs only 10.8 oz and has dimensions of 0.5 x 10.1 x 3.8 inches, making it ideal for indoor use on plant shelves, cabinets, walls and other places. It is easy to install with 8 adhesive isolation columns/pads and 4 strings, so you can use it anywhere indoors with ease.

Dommia LED Grow Light professional team provides the best-qualified and safe plant lights for indoor plants, as well as hassle-free service – 12 months warranty, 30 days money back or replacement without reason. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are available 7/24 to assist you.

5. 80 Led Plant Grow Light With Full Spectrum & Red Blue Spectrum, 3/9/12h Timer, 10 Dimmable Level, Adjustable Gooseneck,3 Switch Modes

The LEOTER Grow Light is the perfect solution for indoor plants that need a bit of extra light. Its 80 LED lamps are made up of 36 red, 16 blue and 28 full spectrum lights, giving plants all the light they need to root and sprout. The light is designed to fuel the growth of any plant, with three spectral modes to meet the different stages of plant growth.

The upgraded auto ON/OFF timer allows plants to be automatically turned on and off every day according to the user's settings. This eliminates the need for manual operation and ensures plants are properly taken care of, even when the user is away. The light has 10 dimmable modes to suit varied stages of plant growth, with 10 levels of light intensity.

The LED grow lights come with a USB connector for convenient connection in the home or office, and a 360-degree flexible gooseneck made from quality tubing to keep a fixed position. A metal clamp is included, allowing the lamp to be placed anywhere.

The LEOTER Grow Light also has a scientific heat dissipation design. This improved heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the lamp to the atmosphere. With its easy set up, efficient LED combination and adjustable features, the LEOTER Grow Light is the perfect choice for taking care of indoor plants.

6. 20w Led Grow Light, Full Spectrum, 132 Leds, 6/10/12h Timer, 2pcs.

The APLANT Grow Light is an ideal choice for indoor gardeners looking for a sleek, ultra-thin grow light to adorn their home. This 20W LED grow light for indoor plants is designed to be almost invisible after installation, making it perfect for tiered shelves, a ladder bookshelf, a cabinet, a wall or even under the table/bed.

The plant light comes with a stick-on hook and cable ties for easy installation and features a timer function, allowing users to set the lights to turn off after 6, 10 or 12 hours. This ensures that the power supply will remain on and the lights will turn on and off at the same time each day.

The grow light uses an aluminum backer board to generate low heat while providing plenty of light. Its 132 high quality LED chips are designed to last up to 50,000 hours and produce a spectrum of light ranging from 380nm to 780nm, similar to natural sunlight. This helps bring the outdoors inside for all-season growing.

The APLANT Grow Light is perfect for indoor plants such as succulents, herbs, bonsai, vegetables and more. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support guarantee, users can rest assured that they will be taken care of should they have any questions or concerns.

7. Plant Grow Light With Tripod Stand, Remote Control & Timer.

This KEELIXIN Grow Light is the perfect choice for indoor plants, providing all the light your plants need to thrive. Equipped with a sturdy tripod stand, it easily adjusts from 15” to 63”, with 360 degree flexible gooseneck. The five heads provide an all-encompassing coverage of your plants, ensuring that every one of them receives the light it needs.

The light itself is comprehensive and effective, with three supplemental light modes: warm white (3000K), which simulates the natural environment for plants; Red (660nm) and Blue (460nm) for promoting photosynthesis, rooting, germination, blooming, and fruiting; and a universal full spectrum of Red, Blue and White (380nm-780nm). This light is adjustable in brightness, with ten different levels, allowing you to customize it to the needs of your plants.

In addition, the grow light comes with both wired and RF controllers, allowing you to control the light remotely and protect your eyes from overexposure. The Auto On/Off Timer function has four, eight and twelve hour modes, meaning that you can set the light to turn on and off at the same time every day, even when you’re away.

Finally, this grow light has been designed with plants in mind. It is made with aviation-grade heat sink and high-quality aluminum shell, to ensure an excellent heat dissipation and extend its life span up to 50,000 hours. This grow light is perfect for balconies, greenhouses, darkrooms, offices and more, ensuring that your plants receive the best care all year round.

8. Soligt Led Grow Light Stand, 2ft, 80 Chips, Adjustable Height, Warm White Full Spectrum.

The Soligt Grow Light for Seed Starting with Stand is the perfect choice for indoor plants. This upgraded version comes with a sturdy, yet lightweight PVC light stand that can fit well on the tabletop and floor, taking up minimal space. The double LED tube is optimized with a full-spectrum warm yellow plant grow light that is 1.7ft long with 80 bulbs that provide ample natural sun-like light for indoor seed growing.

This grow light can help to better promote plant growth, shorten the plant growth cycle and extend the short growing season and yield. It can also save up to 75% less energy consumption and maintain low heat emission when compared to T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps. The light can run for up to 50,000 hours, cutting down on money costs and increasing efficiency to better protect the environment.

The LED light is easily adjustable and can be raised or lowered with the sturdy metal chains according to your seed starting or gardening operation and is quick and easy to assemble with the construction of PVC pipes in less than 5 minutes, without any extra tools or screws. The specifications of the Soligt Grow Light include a wattage of 16 watts, lumens of 1629 lm, and a color temperature of 4074 K.

The Soligt Grow Light is the perfect choice for indoor plants, providing ample natural light to promote better growth, and saving energy and money in the process. With the height adjustable feature and quick and easy assembly, this grow light is the perfect choice for all your seed starting and gardening needs.

9. Led Plant Grow Light Kit With Smart Timer, Indoor Home Garden.

The J&C LED Indoor Garden LED Height Adjustable LED Plant Grow Light is an ideal choice for vegans who love indoor gardening. This product is designed to promote the photosynthesis of most plants, helping them to grow better and faster. The 4000K cool white light also makes it easier to see and to place in your indoor space.

This grow light comes with a height adjustable feature, allowing you to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. It also has a built-in automatic smart timer, automatically switching on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours, making sure that your plants absorb enough light to do photosynthesis and have enough time to rest.

The product is easy to install with its 3-step process that does not require any tools. It also produces no noise, no flicker, and protects your health. So you can place it anywhere you want with peace of mind. (Plant &Pots Not Included)

The J&C LED Indoor Garden LED Height Adjustable LED Plant Grow Light is a great choice for those who want to create their own indoor garden. It is easy to use and provides reliable performance while keeping your plants healthy. Whether you’re looking to start a herb garden, grow plants indoors, or simply give a special gift, this grow light is the perfect solution.

10. 150 Led Grow Light For Indoor Plants, 3/9/12h Timer, 10 Dimmable Levels, Red/blue Spectrum, 3 Modes, Adjustable Gooseneck.

The GroDrow Grow Lights for Indoor Plants is an ideal choice for providing your plants with adequate light and energy. This LED grow light consists of 150 efficient grow LEDs (100 red and 50 blue) and 5 head plant grow light provide a wider lighting range than traditional 2, 3, and 4 head plant light, making it perfect for seed starting and meeting the different needs of plants for sunlight in different growth stages.

The grow light has 3 spectrum modes (Red, Blue & Mixed Spectrum) with 10 brightness settings ranging from 10% to 100%. It also features an auto circular memory timing function with 3/9/12H timer setting options, which allows the light to turn on/off by itself every day as your setting, making it easier for you to take care of your plants even when you're away.

The light is designed with a strong clip and bracket support that can be stably placed and arbitrarily clamped anywhere, and a 360° independently adjustable gooseneck design that can be rotated to any angle for your requirements. And thanks to its excellent heat dissipation performance, the service life of this grow light is up to 80,000 hours.

The GroDrow Grow Lights for Indoor Plants is perfect for greenhouses, herb garden, indoor garden, flower bed, succulent seeds, bonsai tree, and other plants, seeds & herb. This LED grow light is designed to provide your plants with the energy they need to grow faster and healthier.

Best Indoor Grow Lights For Herbs FAQs

Can you grow herbs indoors with grow lights?

Yes, you can grow herbs indoors with grow lights. Grow lights provide the necessary light spectrum and intensity needed to promote healthy growth in indoor plants, including herbs. LED lights are a popular option as they are energy efficient and generate less heat. When placing the lights, be sure to keep them at the correct distance so you don't burn your plants. For herbs, you should keep the lights around 12 inches away. When watering, it is important to use a soil moisture meter to ensure that the soil is not too wet or too dry. Lastly, make sure to rotate your herbs so that all sides get an equal amount of light. Following these steps will ensure that your herbs thrive indoors with the help of grow lights.

What grow lights are best for basil?

The best grow lights for basil are LED lights that emit full-spectrum light, preferably with a mix of red and blue light. LED lights are more energy-efficient than other types of grow lights and will last longer. For optimal growth, position the lights 10-12 inches above the plants and keep them on for 8-12 hours a day. It's also important to make sure the lights are not too close to the basil, as this can cause burning or wilting. Additionally, it's best to move the lights up as the plants grow. This will ensure they get enough light while avoiding burning. Lastly, make sure to give the basil plenty of water and fertilizer to support healthy growth.

What kind of light do I need to grow herbs indoors?

To grow herbs indoors, you need a light source that provides full-spectrum, bright light. This should include both cool and warm light, such as natural sunlight or grow lights. A grow light, such as LED, fluorescent, or high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, will provide the best results. For optimal growth and health, herbs need to receive 12-14 hours of bright light each day. Position the light source close to the plants, but not so close that it burns the leaves. You should also make sure to rotate the plants regularly so that all sides receive equal light. With an adequate light source and proper care, you can successfully grow a variety of herbs indoors.

What spectrum is best for growing herbs?

The best spectrum for growing herbs is one that contains a balance of blue, red, and white light. Blue light helps promote vegetative growth, while red light helps drive flowering. White light provides a balanced spectrum of all colors, allowing for maximum growth potential. Proper lighting is essential for photosynthesis, which is essential for plant growth. In addition, the intensity of the light is important, as plants need strong light to grow properly. A combination of natural sunlight and artificial lighting is ideal, as the natural light helps provide a full spectrum of light and the artificial light helps supplement the natural light. Finally, the duration of light should be adjusted based on the specific needs of the herb.

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