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Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to finding the right basketball shoes for shin splints, it is important to consider a few key points. Shin splints can be a painful and debilitating condition, so it is essential to take the time to find the right shoes to provide the best protection and comfort. Here are five key points to consider when looking for basketball shoes for shin splints:

1. Support – Look for shoes that provide excellent arch support and cushioning, as this will help to reduce the risk of shin splints.

2. Fit – Make sure the shoes fit properly, as a good fit will help to reduce the risk of injury.

3. Traction – Look for shoes with good traction, as this will help you maintain balance on the court and reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

4. Ventilation – Look for shoes that have good ventilation, as this will help to keep your feet cool and dry while playing.

5. Durability – Make sure the shoes you choose are durable, as this will ensure they last longer and provide the best protection.

When looking for basketball shoes for shin splints, it is important to take the time to find the right shoes. The right shoes can provide the best protection and comfort, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Taking the time to consider these five key points will help you find the perfect shoes for your needs.

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints

1. Calf Compression Sleeve & Leg Wraps (4pc) – Shin Splint Support For Men & Women.

This 4-piece calf compression sleeve and leg wrap set from Fittest Pro provides professional grade support and relief for aching and swollen legs. The graduated compression design helps improve performance and reduce pain, while increasing oxygen flow to the muscles for faster recovery. The exclusive high-quality elastic calf wraps provide targeted compression to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Constructed of dual tension elastic strapping material with a starter loop for pre-positioned control, these wraps are breathable and offer soft tissue support without heat retention.

Ideal for everyday use, this calf support provides extra support for the posterior and anterior calf muscles and Achilles tendon. It's perfect for jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot, as well as leg-intensive activities like marathon running, jogging, cycling, basketball, weightlifting, and more. With Fittest Pro, you'll be sure to get a quality fit with true graduated compression.

For added peace of mind, this calf compression sleeve and leg wrap set is backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. We believe in the quality of our products, and want you to be given the chance to try us out without any risk. So don't wait any longer, give Fittest Pro a try today and feel the difference!

2. Reusable Hot/cold Therapy Wraps For Leg/calf Pain Relief (2 Pack)

The Shin Splint Ice Packs from Fittest Pro are designed to provide relief from leg or calf pain, making them perfect for running injuries and recovery. With their advanced soft gel technology and adjustable elastic hook and loop straps, these packs are easily adjustable to fit any body type. They are also both freezable and microwavable, allowing for hot and cold therapy, depending on your preference.

The Shin Splint Ice Packs are 20% larger than other brands, meaning they provide extra coverage and extra relief. The gel-based material is also extra soft, making it safe for direct skin contact, and it remains flexible even when taken straight out of the freezer or microwave. These packs are perfect for post-surgery, sports injuries, and aches and pains in general.

At Fittest Pro, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction with our products, and respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. If you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund or a 100% replacement. With nothing to lose, order your Shin Splint Ice Packs today and start feeling better.

3. Compression Socks: Pain Relief, Recovery, Shin Splints, Support For Running, Football, Basketball. (1 Pair)

The Shock Doctor Compression Socks Calf Shin provide relief to those suffering from calf strains, shin splints, and varicose veins. Its Targeted Compression Technology increases blood circulation in the calves and feet, which can improve performance while also aiding recovery. Specialty yarns featuring seaweed and zinc are designed to provide extended comfort and aid in recovery. These socks are designed for everyday use, and can be worn while running, hiking, playing basketball, football, CrossFit, and more.

Shock Doctor is a leader in sports performance and protection gear, trusted by professional and college athletes. The Compression Socks Calf Shin feature an anatomical 3D knitting design at the toe and heel for enhanced comfort and protection. They also have a traction design at the bottom of the footbed for better floor grip.

The Shock Doctor Compression Socks Calf Shin allow those suffering from calf and shin pain to find relief. The targeted compression technology increases blood circulation, helping to improve performance and speed up recovery time. They are also designed for everyday use, and the traction design at the bottom of the footbed ensures better floor grip. Those looking for a reliable, comfortable pair of compression socks can trust the quality of Shock Doctor.

4. Orthotic Shoe Inserts For Plantar Fasciitis – Arch Support Comfort Insole.

Valsole's Orthotic Shoe Inserts are designed to provide relief and prevent pain associated with Over-Pronation and Plantar Fasciitis. Our full-length orthotic inserts are recommended by podiatrists and feature a three-point support design. The strong arch support relieves arch pain and helps to keep your feet in good shape. The metatarsal pad helps to relieve pressure on the forefoot and reduce fatigue, while the deep U heel cup provides cushioning and keeps your heels firmly in place.

Made with skin-friendly anti-slip velvet fabric and high density PU foam, Valsole's Orthotic Shoe Inserts are soft, breathable and comfortable. To get the best out of the inserts, we recommend that you start wearing them for 2-3 hours a day and increase the time gradually.

Valsole's Orthotic Shoe Inserts are suitable for a variety of activities, from walking and running to standing and cross-training. They can be used with athletic, casual, running, workout, hiking, basketball, ski, walking shoes or work boots, and are suitable for both men and women.

If you suffer from Over-Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis, arch, ankle or heel pain, Valsole's Orthotic Shoe Inserts are the perfect solution. Soft and comfortable, they provide the support and cushioning your feet need to stay healthy and pain-free.

5. Plantar Fasciitis Insoles, Pain Relief Shoe Inserts, Orthotic Inserts For High Arch, Metatarsalgia, Work Boot, S-Blue (220+lbs)

Daiovmter Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles provide moderate control and support, helping to relieve foot and leg fatigue while reducing lower back pain. The high arch support inserts offer 35 mm of arch support, helping to reduce friction and stress on the spine and foot. The semi-rigid design helps to improve gait and relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, pronation, high arch, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, shin splints, bunions, and Morton’s neuroma.

The insoles are crafted with multiple layers of cushioning materials and a hard TPU arch support insert for stability and support. Environmentally friendly PU materials and a heel gel pad provide excellent shock absorption to protect feet during athletic activity, standing, and walking. A heat and friction-reducing fabric helps feet stay cool, dry, and odor-free during strenuous activity.

The insoles are suitable for many styles, and provide moderate support and cushioning in walking or casual hiking shoes, work shoes, and boots. They are best for standing all day, walking, hiking, and running. The surface of the shoe insoles feature a starry sky pattern, combining a mysterious starry sky design with a blue planet to add a trendy color to your shoes. The high quality of the insoles provide a comfortable experience, making them the perfect choice for those in need of arch support.

6. Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles For Men & Women – Shock Absorption For Active Sports.

Introducing Flame Boost – the perfect sport insoles for high-intensity activities. These insoles are designed with optimal arch support for motion control, plus high-grade shock absorption with gel forefoot and heel pads for added cushioning. The foam layer provides comfort from heel to toe, while the velvety breathable cover ensures top-notch foot comfort.

Flame Boost helps to reduce foot-related pain and stress on joints, knees, and lower back. It also minimizes the risk of common injuries, including runner’s knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fracture. Furthermore, it prevents slippage that would cause blisters. The springy TPU arch gently supports your foot, while the PU foam layer provides equal load distribution.

Not only that, these insoles provide extra energy, comfort, and cushioning. The gel in the forefoot provides maximum cushioning, while the breathable, soft orxinilite foam layer allows air circulation and quickly absorbs moisture, keeping your foot dry and fresh. The moisture-wicking treatment in the insoles also manages temperature and prevents odor.

These insoles are ideal for walking, running, and cross-training. The cross-training insoles are perfect for people who participate in a wide range of athletic activities, such as crossfit, gym, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. They provide extra cushioning and shock absorption with each strike of the forefoot and rearfoot. Flame Boost can suit all types of walking and running, including jogging, team and individual sports, hiking, and more.

Flame Boost insoles are designed to fit in casual and athletic footwear. They can be easily trimmed for a perfect fit. We pledge complete customer satisfaction, providing a 1-year guarantee, free shipping, and a 100% refund if you weren’t satisfied with our product for any reason. Get the perfect insoles for all your activities today with Flame Boost!

7. Orthotic Insoles For Jumping Sports, Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Men's 12.5-13.

The Senthmetic Custom Arch Support Insole is the perfect tool for taking foot health to a professional level of athlete treatment. Whether you're an athlete or simply on your feet all day, these insoles are sure to provide maximum support and comfort.

The insoles are designed to provide superior shock-absorption and arch support, making them perfect for athletes, daily use, and those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The intelligent Ai foot dynamic detection system allows for fast custom insoles that are tailored to fit your feet and can be easily done in the comfort of your own home.

The insoles are made from a combination of EVA, polyester, ACF, and foam, ensuring that the feet are provided with the utmost comfort and support. The size chart is designed to help choose the correct size insole, and the insole can easily be cut to fit the shoe.

The Senthmetic Custom Arch Support Insole is the perfect tool for athletes and those looking to relieve plantar fasciitis, prevent foot, ankle, and knee injuries, or customize their sports performance. With maximum shock-absorption and arch support, you can be sure to perform at your best without any pain or discomfort.

8. Women's Air Cushion Sports Shoes With Anti-Slip Arch Support Insole – Black/purple, 9

These Lamincoa Women Athletic Shoes are perfect for a variety of activities. The breathable fabric lining provides a soft and skin-friendly experience, reducing irritation when running. The air cushion design in the sole provides cushioning and support, making it easier to stand or walk for an extended period of time.The shoes also feature a removable sockliner, which can be taken out for washing and air drying, or replaced with other insoles.

The knitted fabric of these shoes is lightweight and flexible, making them the perfect choice for a range of activities such as walking, fitness, running, workout, driving, jogging, cycling, travel, basketball, volleyball, rowing, and yoga. The non-slip and air cushioning soles provide extra grip and stability.

When choosing the size of these shoes, it is important to note that they have a medium width. If you have wider feet, it is recommended that you go up half a size.

For those looking for an all-rounder shoe, these Lamincoa Women Athletic Shoes are the perfect choice. With the air cushion design, breathable fabric lining, and removable sockliner, you can be sure you will be comfortable and supported no matter the activity.

9. New Balance Men's 411 V1 Training Shoe, Black/black, 10

The 411v1 walking shoes from New Balance are the perfect choice for your active lifestyle. With a lightweight and reliable design, these trainers are ideal for everything from your daily walks to your weekend outings.

Designed with comfort in mind, these shoes feature a soft lining and cushioned insoles underfoot to provide you with the support you need to enjoy your active lifestyle. The leather construction of these shoes is lightweight and breathable to help keep your feet cool and comfortable, no matter where your day takes you.

These New Balance walking shoes are designed to provide you with all-day comfort and support on a variety of surfaces. The durable rubber outsoles allow you to cover more ground while the versatile and sporty silhouette easily complements your everyday wear.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable walking shoe or a reliable trainer, the 411v1 from New Balance is the perfect choice. Ideal for everyday wear, these shoes provide you with the comfort, style and durability you need to stay active and enjoy your active lifestyle.

Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints FAQs

Do shoes affect shin splints?

Yes, shoes can affect shin splints. Poorly fitting shoes, or shoes that lack proper cushioning and arch support, can aggravate shin splints by forcing the body to absorb the shock of the impact of each foot strike. Poorly fitting shoes can also affect your gait, leading to improper form and increased stress on the lower legs. Additionally, running or exercising on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt can put extra strain on the shin muscles and bones, leading to shin splints. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have proper fitting shoes and to avoid running or exercising on hard surfaces to reduce the risk of developing shin splints.

Does playing basketball cause shin splints?

Yes, playing basketball can cause shin splints. Shin splints are a common overuse injury that occurs when the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around the shin become inflamed due to repetitive stress. Playing basketball involves a lot of running, jumping, and sudden changes of direction, all of which can put a lot of strain on the lower legs, leading to shin splints. To help prevent shin splints, it's important to make sure that you warm up properly before playing and that you take breaks between games to allow your body to rest. Additionally, you should wear appropriate footwear and make sure that you stretch your muscles after playing. If you experience any pain or discomfort in your shins, it's important to take a break from playing and see a doctor for further treatment.

How do basketball players deal with shin splints?

Basketball players can deal with shin splints by following a few important steps. First, it is important to rest and reduce the amount of basketball activity until the pain subsides. Ice the shins for 15-20 minutes at a time, several times a day. Stretching the muscles and tendons of the lower leg can help reduce tension and prevent further injury. Strengthening the muscles of the lower leg is also important, as this can help reduce the strain on the shins. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or naproxen can also be used to reduce pain and swelling. Finally, wearing supportive shoes and using orthotics can help reduce the amount of stress placed on the shins. Following these steps can help basketball players reduce the severity and frequency of shin splints.

What shoes should you wear for shin splints?

When dealing with shin splints, the best type of shoe to wear is one that provides ample cushioning, support, and stability. A good running shoe or cross-trainer with a cushioned sole is ideal, as it will help to absorb shock and lessen the strain on the shins. Look for shoes with built-in arch supports and plenty of cushioning around the heel, midfoot, and toes, as these will provide the most comfort and protection. Additionally, always make sure to properly lace up the shoes and tie them firmly, as this will also help to reduce the strain on the shin and calf muscles. Finally, avoid shoes that are too tight, as this can cause further discomfort and inflammation.

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