Weekly Commenting Contest – What is your favorite winter activity?

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January 14, 2012

Do you like to ski or snowboard? How about sledding or making snowmen? Outdoor winter activities are fun, but what do you do when it’s too cold and your kids want to play inside? Share an indoor or outdoor activity to keep kids entertained throughout the winter season.

Here are a few fun activity ideas:

  1. Ice skating
  2. Arts and crafts
  3. Watch a movie
  4. Bake cookies
  5. Play board games
Tell us about your favorite winter activity below. By submitting a comment on this page, you will be automatically entered to win a $100 Amazon.com gift card! Have fun! Submit your comments by 11:59pm PST on 1/19/12 to be entered for a chance to win! The winner will be announced in the next newsletter.
Congratulations to the random winner: Nicki Bradley

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