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Avoid Common Family Travel Disasters with Five Simple Tips

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October 17, 2012

From missed flights to left behind kids, every traveling family worries about traveling disasters. Here are five of the most common travel mishaps, with solutions and ideas for avoiding them altogether.

Disaster: Your kids suffers from motion sickness

Solution: Don’t give up travel altogether if your child tends to suffer from motion sickness by air, car or sea. Instead, pack your suitcase with an array of tools. Dramamine now makes a kid’s version – Dramamine for Kids – that works well for boat and air travel. Ginger Ale is another option for calming a queasy tummy, as are natural peppermint candies. Keep meals light and pack your own food if you can, to avoid airport or roadside fast food. When you book a flight, make sure to reserve seats in the middle of the airplane, where the effects of turbulence will be felt less.

Disaster: Your hotel is the size of a matchbox or infested with angry cockroaches

Solution: Plan ahead to make sure your hotel will suit meet your family’s expectations. Our family is blessed with a nap-needy two-year-old and a night owl 11-year-old, so we are always careful to reserve a suite whenever possible – sometimes spending just a small amount more will save you all from feeling like sardines stuffed into a tin can. Do your research before you go: is a good resource for consumer reviews. If indeed you do arrive at dream destination only to be met with sub-par accommodations, speak with the concierge/customer service immediately and ask to file an official complaint – that action alone usually gets the ball rolling on at least an upgrade.

Disaster: Lost luggage

Solution: Each member of your family should aim to fit all travel clothes and toiletries into a carry-on and avoid checking a bag altogether.  Skip Hop makes adorable rolling animal backpacks that are easy for even your littlest ones to handle on their own. If you are checking luggage, tie a colorful, matching ribbon on each family member’s suitcase, so they are easy to spot on the baggage carousel.

Disaster: Missed flight

Solution: Avoid missing your flight by downloading the FlightTrack app: You’ll be able to easily determine your flight status and gate number and receive updates as your departure time approaches – all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Disaster: Your child comes down with an ear infection

Solution:  Check out WebMD’s Physician Finder to locate a local pediatrician. Walgreens Take Care Clinics and CVS Minute Clinics both offer quick and convenient medical care at locations across the U.S. – you don’t even need an appointment.

What travel disasters do you have to share?

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