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August 28, 2014

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I struggle with parenting. I catch myself yelling at my children to get out the door in the morning. I referee fights instead of letting my kids work it out themselves. I beg and plead for good behavior. But what if I didn’t have to?

I met Jim House at a local writers’ event several years ago. We continued speaking after the event and the topic moved from writing to families and difficulties I have with my younger daughter. Jim shared some of his resetting techniques from his role as a principal and I immediately connected with the concepts. His advice has gotten me and my daughter out of yelling matches and into calmer situations.

Lucky for me (and all of you) Jim has put all of his knowledge – along with some parent stories (mine included!) – into a new book called Resetology™: Calming And Connecting Secrets From The Principal’s Office. The eBook is only $.99 on Amazon so definitely look into it! More information below:

Imagine this . . .

• You no longer have to repeat yourself.
• You no longer have to raise your voice to get a response.
• Your kids listen without you getting angry.

ResetologyAll you want is to reach your kids without screaming. Without yelling. Without losing your cool (again). There’s a better way than what you’ve been living. You know it. You’ve always felt it. But until now, it’s eluded you.

In Resetology™: Calming And Connecting Secrets From The Principal’s Office, Jim House shows you simple and easy ways to quickly calm your kids, transform their irritating moods, and connect in the fun ways you’ve always longed to.

Jim developed the Resetology™ techniques while working with thousands of poorly behaved kids as principal of several schools in gang-riddled neighborhoods where respect was only earned, never just given.

These simple techniques are powerful and will give you a sense of confidence that you never imagined you could have in managing your children’s behavior and emotions. And best of all, they will help you create the feeling of family and belonging you’ve always known was possible! And have fun doing it!

Have the peace you deserve. Give them the peace they deserve. Uncover the techniques that are going to change the way you’ve dealt with your kids in the past.
Now, you hold everything you need to manage your bundle of joy’s not-so-joyous behavior.

And what about those times when you do lose it? It’s going to happen, but Resetology™ has a specific four-step process you will use to repair and restore your relationship to reconnect.

The book is packed with fly-on-the-wall stories of Jim using these techniques in a range of challenging situations–from gang kids who’ve been fighting to stubborn honor students–as well as stories from parents trained in Resetology.

Become the parent you always wanted to be—the one you were meant to be!

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