How Mompreneurs Can Turn Interruptions Into Interactions

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October 12, 2011

Mompreneurs have the incredible task of balancing many different roles – mom, entrepreneur, wife, friend, leader, mentor…and the list goes on.  Juggling a busy work schedule, along with caring for a family, can be challenging and many times the priorities for mompreneurs can incorrectly shift. An interruption in the schedule, or while trying to complete a task, can lead to stress and harsh reactions. Here’s how mompreneurs can change their mindset:

Interruptions or Interactions

There are times when “interruptions” from our greatest little fans cause us to act impatiently and at times too harshly.  We forget that the purpose of us working from home is not only to provide for our kids, but also to be able to spend more time with them.  Too often mompreneurs miss precious opportunities, disguised as interruptions, to show our children love and to instill in them a sense of value.

A lesson that I am constantly being reminded of is that as mothers (and fathers too), we are always teaching and our children are always the students.  Our tone of voice, our actions, and our temperament are copied by our little ones.  Children imitate those closest to them.  If we are kind and polite at home (while still appropriately firm and decisive when needed), we will see the same traits exhibited in our children.  Our kindly disposition, our self-control and the courtesy our children see in us will be daily lessons to them, regardless of the interruptions.  As mompreneurs, we should always seek to model before our children the example we wish them to imitate.

Mompreneurs Can Model the Right Behavior

So how do we model the right example even when it seems difficult to do at times?  By showing patience with our children.  While we should still require obedience, we should also be careful not to allow ourselves to speak carelessly to them.  We should aim to help them gently and tenderly, to speak kindly to them.  Our growing boys and girls feel very sensitive, and by reacting roughly we may mar their whole life.

Is this easy to do?  Not always.  What can help us as mompreneurs is to seek to be calm and unhurried.  Plan ahead so that you don’t have to rush around to get things done.  Schedule your work during times when your children will be otherwise occupied.  Pause before you react.  Take time out for prayer, meditation, inspirational reading, exercise, or whatever calms you.  If you are inclined towards prayer, here is one of my favorites: Lord, please take control of my heart and mind, and preside over my words and actions today.

Find your way to start your day off positively.  This will place you in a better mood and help you turn those little “interruptions” into priceless interactions.

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