Last Minute Family Activities to Plan Before School Starts

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July 24, 2019

Summer sure goes fast, doesn’t it? Often it feels faster than any other season. Yet, here we are. Did you do all those great things you planned with the kids? With the weeks dwindling down, it’s time to get in those last-minute family activities and small trips in … if you can. What type of activities, you ask? Well for each family it’s different, but the bonding time is what’s important. Plus the classic summer activities nobody wants to miss.

Did you build a bonfire?

Whether in your yard, at neighbors’, at the beach, or even at a local hotel, nothing says summer (to me) like roasting marshmallows on a fire with the starry summer sky overhead and the fun a bonfire brings to the evening. In fact, these are some of my warmest childhood summer memories, and I hope your children will enjoy them too.

Did you get to the beach?

For some, this is standard and even several times a week. For others who don’t live near a beach or have limited days off from work, getting to the beach can be a challenge. But summer IS beach time, be it a lake or the ocean. Hopping in the car and spending a day swimming or jumping waves=priceless!

Did you visit a museum?

I firmly believe we learn more out of a school setting than in a traditional classroom. The experience of science centers and museums over the summer is not to be missed. From children’s museums to history museums to quirky attractions, there is a museum exhibit for everyone. Our family favorite are the hands-on experiences of science museums/centers.

Did you get to a city?

“Hot town, summer in the city … doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city.” Whether it’s a huge place like New York City or a smaller city in your state, doesn’t matter. The sites, the sounds, the foods, the people watching, all make for a super fun family experience.

Did you go camping?

Okay, I realize this is not for everyone. However, camping can range nowadays from basic tents at state parks to tremendous RV’s at a campground to cozy cabins (my pick), to glamping in treetop yurts. Regardless of your sleeping arrangements, the goal here is time out in nature, sitting together, walking, hiking, talking, and being off electronics. Consider one or two nights without the RV television on for a great bonding experience and a little mental reset.

Did you go hiking?

Better yet, did you go on a hike and a picnic? Sounds about right to me! A perfect summer day, a blue sky, a safe hike, and some good food. Choose a spot and go. Your kids may just find they love it more than they expected.

Did you watch a summer sunset?

That’s a big hashtag on Instagram for a reason. Wherever there’s a fabulous view, go watch the sunset. Better yet, do it often. It’s the nightly reminder of the masterpiece painted for us.

Did you watch a summer blockbuster?

Family movie day is awesome year-round, but there’s nothing like a movie in the summer followed by a stop at for ice cream on the way home! Popcorn for appetizer and ice cream for dinner? Why, of course.

How many other activities do you have planned for summer? Back to school shopping doesn’t count!

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