In Theaters April 2015: Road Races, Monkeys and Mall Cops

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March 26, 2015

It’s starting to heat up outside but the box office is still warming up for the summer blockbusters. Still, there are a few gems to be seen in theaters this month and there is plenty of variety. Fans of the late Paul Walker will likely find the release of Furious 7 bittersweet while others may wonder how the similarly named Paul Blart earned a sequel. Here’s what to see at the movies next month:

Friday, April 3

Furious 7 – The Fast and Furious gang are back for another (and possibly final) adventure. The franchise’s seventh installment sees Dominic Torreto and his crew battling against Ian Shaw, a man seeking revenge on behalf of his brother Owen.

Friday, April 10

The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks’ latest film adaptation follows star-crossed lovers, Luke (a champion bull rider hoping for a comeback) and Sophia (an art student on the brink of making her dreams come true in New York City). As they try to manage their diverging paths, they form a bond with a man named Ira who shares his own generation-spanning love story.

The Moon and the Sun – This unusual fantasy tale tells the story of French monarch, King Louis XIV, who steals life force from a mermaid in order to achieve his own immortalit

Friday, April 17

Unfriended – A year after a vicious bully commits suicide, a group of teenage girls find themselves being stalked online by an unknown person. During a video chat, they receive a message from the dead girl and, they quickly realize it’s not a prank when the entity begins revealing some of their darkest secrets.

Child 44 – A series of child murders is investigated by a disgraced member of the military police, Leo Demidov, in Stalin-era Soviet Union. Leo’s sense of patriotic duty is questioned after the his friend’s young son is brutally murdered and he stands accused. His life quickly unravels as his wife is accused of being a traitor and he is banished to a work camp. As he tries to find clues to redeem himself, he realizes that he could track down the person who is really responsible for the heinous crimes.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – This sequel follows Paul Blart and his daughter as the pair attend a security guard expo in Las Vegas. The casino security take him for a joke until they end up needing his expertise while dealing with a group of art thieves.

Monkey Kingdom – If you loved March of the Penguins, you might enjoy this documentary that focuses on the adventures of Maya, a clever blonde-bobbed monkey. Set among ancient ruins in South Asia, Maya’s colorful and complicated extended family is changed forever by the birth of her son, Kip. As she tries to ensure his development, the family is forced to relocate when their longtime home at Castle Rock is overtaken by neighboring monkeys. If they are to reclaim their kingdom, they will have to work together.

Friday, April 24

The Age of Adaline – Part Tuck Everlasting, part The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this film follows the title character after an accident leaves her unable to age. When she realizes that she is no longer growing older, Adaline hides her condition and sets out to live an extraordinary life. It isn’t until she meets a special man, after years of solitude, that she realizes that, despite her adventures, she has never really lived.

The Water Diviner – When his three sons, who were last seen fighting the Turks in the Battle of Gallipolli, go missing in 1919 Australia, farmer, Joshua Connor, sets out in search of them. Upon arrival in Istanbul, Mr. Connor realizes how different things are from his homeland and, along the way, meets others who have suffered their own losses in the conflict. In his search for answers and peace, he also finds friendship.

Little Boy – Disgusted by World War II, one 7-year-old boy reveals that he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring his father home from the conflict. The heartwarming tale depicts the indescribably love and connection that can exist between father and son.

Which movies are you planning to see this month?

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