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Fun Back to School Gifts for Your Child’s Teacher

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September 4, 2019

If your child hasn’t already gone back to school this month, chances are that they will be in the next few days. As parents, we spend a lot of time buying school clothes, backpacks, new sneakers, notebooks, crayons and a host of other back to school supplies. But, have you thought about sending a few fun back to school gifts for your child’s teacher?

Teachers give so much of themselves to our kids. And, in many cases, their budget for supplies isn’t adequate to get everything they need. At the start of the new school year, many parents put together a box of extras teachers might need for the school year. Just a few practical suggestions are sanitizing wipes, construction paper, copy paper, markers, sticky notes, dry erase eraser, etc. But, what kind of fun things can you send to make your child’s teacher smile at the start of a new year?

A snack basket. Why not put together a basket of snacks and drinks for your child’s teacher? Consider including granola bars, drink mix packets, shelf-stable single-serve juice, a chocolate bar, cracker packets, and of course an apple. Be mindful of potential allergens and avoid sending nut products to school.

A plant for their desk. Check out this adorable ruler planter that Tilly’s Nest created. I love the back to school theme and the succulent is a great choice for low light areas like your child’s classroom. You really only need a few simple supplies to create one of your own. If you don’t have a succulent, you can use a small cactus or, if you prefer, an artificial plant will work just as well and require no watering.

A school supply cake. If you’re looking for something that is both cute and useful, consider making a school supply cake for your teacher. It’s an adorable presentation of supplies that your child’s teacher can pass out to kids that need them. It’s simple to do, you just create levels of different supplies until it looks like a layer cake. Get the directions from By Stephanie Lynn. Remember, that you can adjust the supplies you use based on the age of your child. Teachers for younger children will enjoy crayons, while teachers for older children may enjoy pens or makers more.

A beauty basket. If you’d like to give your child’s teacher something to pamper them, why not put together a beauty basket. Get a simple plastic basket and then add makeup wipes, hand sanitizer, nail polish, hand lotion, and scrunchies. Check out the full list of suggestions on The Mommy Mix. You can customize what you send for your child’s teacher based on what you think they might like.

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