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The Dark Knight and Resident Evil: DVD Releases for November

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December 6, 2012

The weather outside might be frightful but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful time huddled up on the couch watching a great movie.  There are some great dvd releases coming out this month – ranging from epic super hero tales to an animated tale from the ice age two million years ago.  Take a look at these upcoming DVD releases:

The Dark Knight Rises (December 4)

The latest installment in the Batman series picks up eight years after the last one left off when, in an instant, the Caped Crusader went from hero to fugitive after he assumed the blame for D.A. Harvey Dent’s death in order to protect Commissioner Gordon.  Their plan initially worked and crime was greatly reduced in Gotham by the Dent Act but the emergence of Catwoman and Bane, a masked terrorist, leaves Bruce Wayne no choice but to don his cape and cowl one more time.

Hope Springs (December 4)

After decades of marriage, Kay is longing to reconnect with her husband, Arnold, and hopefully introduce a little spice into their lives.  When news spreads of a fabulous couples’ therapist in a small town, she manages to convince her very traditional husband to board a plane for a week of intense marriage therapy.  She soon realizes, however, that getting him there was probably a lot easier than reigniting that original spark.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (December 4)

In this Disney tale for the whole family, Cindy and Jim Green can only dream of the child they so desperately want when young Timothy shows up on their doorstep one stormy night.  The happy couple welcome the boy into their home and they, along with the people in their small town of Stanleyville, quickly realize that some of life’s greatest gifts can come from unexpected places.

The Bourne Legacy (December 11)

In order to protect their top secret programs, the government intelligence community must go to great lengths to eliminate any traces of evidence which could include killing their own agents.  Clearly, they underestimated the survival skills of Aaron Cross, a man who embarks on a journey to complete Jason Bourne’s mission.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (December 11)

Manny, Sid and Diego are back in this hilarious animated film that takes the Ice Age gang on an adventure set almost two million years in the past.  The trio find themselves happily floating on an iceberg until they encounter pirates who have plans to capsize their vessel.  The group of friends must find a way to outsmart the bad guys and make it safely home.

Ted (December 11)

In this unique film, John Bennett is a man who grew up with his teddy bear at his side.  While many people can say the same thing, what sets this plot apart is that Ted can actually talk, walk and interact with other people.  Things get a little tense, however, when John realizes that he needs to part ways with his life-long friend if he plans to have a real life as an adult.  With Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, at the helm, expect the humor to push boundaries and definitely be for mature audiences.

Total Recall (December 18)

In this reboot of the original film, Douglas Quaid is a man who seems to have it all but he still is lured by the promise of Rekall, a company that specializes in making dreams real memories.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t all go as planned and suddenly, Quaid is running from the police and teams up with a beautiful female rebel fighter in his quest to distinguish fantasy from reality.  In the process, he learns a lot more about himself than he ever could have anticipated.

Trouble With the Curve (December 18)

Aging baseball scout, Gus Lobel, has an incredible eye for talent but begins to have his judgement questioned by the front office of the Atlanta Braves.  Meanwhile, his daughter, Mickey, is on the fast track to success in her job at a high-powered law firm but soon finds herself putting her career at risk to join her father on a scouting trip to North Carolina where he hopes to redeem himself.

Resident Evil: Retribution (December 21)

Alice is back and (of course) she’s on a mission to save the world from the Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus which is being used to transform humans into zombies.  With the future of the human race at stake, she fearlessly travels through continents and cities inside of Umbrella’s prime research facility.  Unfortunately, she soon realizes that everything she thought she knew could be a lie.

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