The Dark Side of Owning a Home Business

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October 7, 2011

Owning a home business offers many advantages to the business owner: freedom, flexibility, and the ability to work from home, to name a few. But few realize that there is a dark side to owning a home business, and as a result, little to no preparation is done to avoid staying in this trap.

So what are the dark sides of working from home? Here are four common areas and ways to turn them into brighter outcomes:

Dark Side #1 – Isolation
Though working from home is an ideal solution for balancing home responsibilities and the need to earn income, leaving an office environment can lead to feelings of isolation. Without coworkers to talk with at the water cooler each day, many mompreneurs can quickly begin to feel alone and unmotivated.

Find opportunities to network with those who share common interests. Whether it’s taking part in church or community activities, or networking online on social platforms, take advantage of the different avenues to meet and befriend others.

Dark Side #2 – Distractions
Another dark side of owning a home business is the ever-increasing number of distractions that exist at home. There’s cleaning to be done, laundry to fold, and children to feed and entertain. Concentrating on work can become challenging when you are constantly surrounded by tasks needing attention.

Create a schedule that includes time for both the household chores and business tasks that needs to be completed. Realistically block off time for work and hold yourself accountable for sticking to your schedule. Some things may have to be accomplished during nap, or at bedtime, but honor your time by managing it well, and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Dark Side #3 – Unpredictable Income
Owning your own business means you leave behind the salary or the regular per hour paycheck. Your income is now based on your ability to market and sell your products or services well. This may mean little to no profits as you start out, and varying amounts of income earned month to month thereafter. Unpredictable income equates to a very dark side as you strive to budget for household and business expenses.

Until your business is turning a consistent profit, you may have to supplement your income by other means. For some, this may require that you keep your current office job a little longer or that you begin searching for a part-time job. It may mean writing articles for pay, selling ad spaces on your blog, selling affiliate products, or promoting brands on your website. Find additional ways to earn enough money to fund your business that fit your available time and skills. But don’t give up. Successful businesses take time to grow, but the ultimate outcome is worth it.

Dark Side #4 – Burnout
One of the most common dark sides among work at home moms is burnout. Starting and growing a business can take hard work, and dedicated time and effort. Burning the candle on both ends can quickly lead to low energy and ultimately burnout.

Give yourself permission to take a well-deserved break from time-to-time. Arrange to spend a day each week or at least two to three times a month doing something you love. Take time to relax and rejuvenate. It will give you a new perspective and greater energy to grow your business.

Though there are dark sides of owning a home business, these solutions can help you turn them into a brighter future for your home business.

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