5 Ways to Celebrate Your Friendship This Summer

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July 1, 2013

Good friends are like family members with a benefit – we get to choose them!  Some people can be as close, if not closer, than our actual relatives and, while we might get to hang out on occasion, we rarely get to celebrate those relationships like we do with our families.

Summer is a great time to nurture those special friendships that make our lives so much richer.  Here are five suggestions for making the most of your time together during the warm months.

Kick It Old School

Did you both wear ripped jeans and listen to Vanilla Ice back in the day?  Do you remember going to see Saturday Night Fever together?  Even if you didn’t grow up together, chances are that you like some of the same music, movies and clothes from a certain time period in your past.  Why not devote an entire evening to living in that time period?  Buy some Jiffy Pop, rent The Breakfast Club, break out your old yearbooks and reminisce on stories from the good ole days.

Take a Class

Whether you want to learn how to cook, try a painting class, or do Tai Chi, pick a new activity  you’ve never tried and do it together.  Since you’ll both  be clueless, you won’t feel self-conscious about being the only newbie in the class and you will have all new laughs and experiences to share between you.

Get Pampered

How great would it be to spend an entire day away from work, kids and obligations and just escape for a while?  There are many day spas that offer full-day packages (or weekends, if you can afford it) that include access to hot tubs, massages, skin treatments and more.  Can’t get away for a whole day?  Get a pedicure together. Even if it’s just 40 minutes, almost nothing compares to being pampered while you gossip and vent with your closest friend.

Road Trip!

Of course, any trip would be great but there’s something about road trips that can be therapeutic.  Pick a destination, create an awesome playlist of your favorite songs, pack some snacks and hit the road.  Let the conversations wander and roam as much as the road before you and enjoy each other’s company.

Have a Sleepover

It may sound silly and juvenile, but why not plan a sleepover?  This could be especially good if either of you is going through a tough time or transition.  There’s something about knowing that you will not have to interrupt your conversation so that someone can go home.  Be sure to pack your jammies, a toothbrush and your favorite teddy bear!

If you are like most people, your friends help you through the best and the worst times of your life.  Take some time this summer to honor that special relationship.

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