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Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Stairs (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to keeping your home clean, pet hair and stairs can be a challenge. But with the right vacuum, you can tackle these two cleaning tasks with ease. Here are the 5 key points to consider when looking for a vacuum for pet hair and stairs:

1. Suction power: The suction power of your vacuum should be powerful enough to lift pet hair and dirt from your stairs. Look for a vacuum with a motor rated at least 1000 watts for the best cleaning performance.

2. Weight: You'll want a lightweight vacuum that won't strain your arms and back when you need to carry it up and down the stairs. Look for a vacuum that's under 10 pounds.

3. Attachments: Look for a vacuum that comes with a variety of attachments such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. These attachments will make cleaning pet hair and stairs easier.

4. Filtration: Choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter to help trap and remove pet hair, dander, and other allergens from your home.

5. Warranty: Look for a vacuum with a good warranty so you can be sure it will last for years.

By considering these five key points, you can find a vacuum that is perfect for tackling pet hair and stairs. With the right vacuum, you can keep your home clean and free of pet hair and dirt.

10 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Stairs

1. Cordless Handheld Vacuum, 8000pa Strong Suction, 25-30mins Runtime, Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight, Home & Car Deep Cleaning.

The Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal choice for deep cleaning in your home or car. It is equipped with a powerful 100w ultra-high power motor and suction up to 8kpa, allowing it to remove even the smallest dust particles and particles from upholstery, mattresses, and other hard to reach areas. This cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with noise-reducing technology, producing a noise level of less than 78db, making it a quiet and efficient way to clean.

This handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with three 22000mah high capacity Lithium batteries, which can be fully charged in just 3-4 hours. The long runtime of 25-30 minutes allows you to clean a large area without having to stop and recharge. The vacuum also features a large 400ml dust collection cup, making it perfect for deep cleaning even the dirtiest of areas.

The lightweight and portable design of this vacuum cleaner makes it easy to carry around and use in any area. It weighs only 1.92 pounds and comes with a convenient storage bag, ensuring that all the parts and accessories are easily accessible. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone, including the elderly or those with arthritis, who need a reliable and easy to use vacuum cleaner.

Another great feature of this vacuum cleaner is the 3-in-1 multifunctional accessory set. It comes with a crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach places, a brush nozzle for car air outlets and pet hair on carpets, and a large caliber for large particles such as food crumbs. You’ll be able to tackle any cleaning job with ease.

The Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect gift for everyone, from the young to the elderly, from men and women to boys and girls. It is also a great choice for any occasion, from birthdays to Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. This vacuum cleaner is a must-have for anyone who wants to quickly and easily clean their home or car with maximum efficiency.

2. Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 8500pa, Quick Charge, Hepa Filtration, 2 Suction Modes, Home/car/stairs/pet Hair Cleaning.

This Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution for all your home cleaning needs. It features an 8500PA Ultra-Strong Suction, which is provided by a powerful motor with a speed of 36000r/min. Equipped with 3x2000mAh rechargeable batteries, this vacuum cleaner only requires 2-3 hours to achieve a full charge and can run up to 30 minutes. It is also lightweight, weighing only 1.8kg/3.9lb, making it easy to store and blend into any room.

This vacuum cleaner also has an excellent filtration system, with an internal HEPA filter with an energy efficiency rating of F9, which can filter 98.8% microparticles. Additionally, it comes with a 300ml large-capacity dust collection cup, allowing for deep cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner comes with multiple nozzles, including a brush nozzle for cleaning pet hair, sofas, and carpets, and a crevice nozzle for cleaning narrow places and tight corners. It also includes a hose for under seats, which makes it ideal for cleaning cars. Furthermore, the noise level is lower than 65db, making it perfect for a quiet home.

Portutif offers a 3-year maintenance and professional lifetime support for this cordless hand vacuum. So, if you have any questions or issues regarding this product, the Portutif customer team is ready to help. With its powerful suction, dual filtration, and light weight, this Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is sure to make your home cleaning tasks a breeze.

3. Vacext Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment For Upholstery, Carpeted Stairs & Car Carpet

This VACEXT Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment Cleaning Tool is the perfect cleaning solution for removing pet hair from couch cushions, upholstery, carpeted stairs and car carpets. The kit comes with 1 1/4inch Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment, 1 1/4inch horse hair vacuum attachment and a vacuum adapter kit in a variety of sizes, ensuring that it is compatible with most vacuum cleaners (NOT ALL).

The round dust brush vacuum attachment is ideal for household cleaning, such as floors, windows, interior decorations, curtains, blinds and fine furniture. It is especially helpful for cleaning narrow spaces and is great for cleaning up litter tracked around the cat litter box.

The adapter kit includes 5 vacuum adapters in various sizes, converting from 1 7/8 Inch to 1-1/4 Inch; 1-3/8 Inch to 1-1/2 Inch; 1-3/8 Inch to 1-1/4 Inch; 1-1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch to 1-3/8 inch. These adapters ensure compatibility with most vacuum cleaners, including Dyson V6 DC59 DC65 DC39 DC44 V7/V10/V11/V15. For Shark Vacuum cleaners, the combination of adapters gives users more options to connect the vacuum cleaner with the attachment.

However, please note that this product is NOT compatible with Dyson V8/V11 Animal, Shark NV70 and Shark ZU780, and is also NOT suitable for vacuum cleaners with 2 1/2 inch vacuum hose diameter.

Make life easier with the VACEXT Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment Cleaning Tool, the perfect solution for all your pet hair cleaning needs.

4. Oraimo 7500pa Handheld Vacuum – Pet Hair, Cordless, Rechargeable, 3hrs Charged.

The Oraimo 7500PA Handheld Vacuum Pet Hair is the perfect tool for deep cleaning of carpets, furniture, stairs and car interiors. It is powered by an upgraded, powerful motor that delivers 7.5Kpa of suction power to remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris. The built-in LED light ensures you can see into dark corners, so no dust particle can escape your notice.

The vacuum comes with multiple attachments to make cleaning even easier. There is a crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach corners and a flexible hose for car floor mats. It also includes a professional pet hair brush with anti-static strip for fabric sofas and a silicone brush for carpets. The brush is designed to effectively prevent hair from tangling, making it ideal for pet owners.

The cordless handheld vacuum has a detachable battery that can be charged separately anywhere, giving you maximum flexibility. A 3-4 hour quick charge is all you need to do a whole house clean. The vacuum is also equipped with a soft start motor to extend its life. To use, you need to press the button for three seconds to activate the motor. It is recommended to fully charge the device before using it for optimal performance.

The package includes a handheld vacuum cleaner, a crevice nozzle for corner cleaning, an anti-static pet hair brush nozzle, an extended hose, two HEPA filters, a power adapter, a cleaning brush, and a lifetime warranty. With all these features, the Oraimo 7500PA Handheld Vacuum Pet Hair is the perfect tool for deep cleaning and removing pet hair from carpets and other surfaces.

5. Oraimo Rechargeable Hand Vacuum, Cordless, 3.5h Fast-Charge For Home Car Cleaning.

Oraimo UltraCleaner H Handheld Vacuum Cordless is the perfect cleaning tool for any home. An ultra-lightweight 1.39 lb design makes it perfect for elderly people or those with arthritis. It comes with enough suction power to pick up messes, debris, pet hair, bread crumbs, particles and dust in the house or car. With a 3-in-1 car vacuum cleaner, it is designed to meet all your basic cleaning needs, from bedrooms to kitchen drawers, office bookshelves, keyboards and desks, mats and car trunks.

This cordless vacuum is equipped with a Type-C cable so you can choose to charge it with a power bank, computer, car or your own adapter. The filter is removable and washable, and if you need replaceable filters, you can find them at ASIN: B0BMPVRB15.

Oraimo provides a 12 month warranty for the UltraCleaner H Handheld Vacuum Cordless, and even after that period has ended, you can still get a replacement or lifetime warranty. If you have any queries, the customer team is always available to help.

This ergonomic handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for making cleaning around the house easier and faster. It is low noise so it won’t disturb your entertainment or your rest, and it is powerful enough to make sure your surfaces are spotless. With the Oraimo UltraCleaner H Handheld Vacuum Cordless, you can be sure that your home will be kept clean and tidy.

6. Cordless Hand Vacuum, 25kpa 300w Powerful Suction, Led Display, 30min Runtime, Motorized Brush, Single Touch Empty.

The Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Portutif is a powerful and efficient way to clean your home. With its upgraded 300W brushless DC electric motor, it generates up to 25Kpa suction force on its max powerful mode, making it easy to pick up pet hair and debris from carpet, hardwood floor, tile, car, stairs, sofa, and more.

The Portutif Vacuum Cleaner features a LED display which is a technological design to easily distinguish the power levels. The LED display lights up blue when the power level is 75-100%, purple when 40-74%, and red when 0-39%. Its single touch emptying design makes it much easier to empty the dust cup.

To make your cleaning experience easier, this vacuum cleaner comes with multipurpose attachments. These attachments include a motorized brush with an extended tube detached from the main motor, and a 2-in-1 brush for gentle cleaning. It also has a crevice tool for hard-to-reach spaces and a cylindrical comb head which is perfect for pet hair on sofa or carpet, dust on the stairs, and seat cushions in the car.

The battery is rechargeable and detachable, making it portable and extending its lifespan. It takes approximately 4-5 hours to fully charge with the adapter. This vacuum cleaner has three suction modes, the powerful mode generating 25Kpa suction force that lasts for 11 minutes, the normal mode generating 15-17Kpa lasting for 20 minutes, and the eco mode generating 6-8Kpa lasting for 40 minutes.

The vacuum is equipped with a durable HEPA stainless steel filter that can filter 99.99% of the dust. It is also washable and its transparent design allows you to observe the situation inside the dust cup. With its 3 years of maintenance and professional lifetime support, the Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Portutif is the best choice for full house cleaning, pet hair, and more.

7. Shark Hv322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Vacuum With Led Headlights, Xl Dust Cup, Perfect For Pet Hair Pickup, Converts To Hand Vacuum, Pet Attachments.

The Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Corded Stick Vacuum is the perfect combination of power and versatility. With its powerful suction, this vacuum is perfect for deep carpet cleaning as well as picking up embedded pet hair on all surfaces.

The Shark HV322 is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around the house. It also converts into a handheld vacuum for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. To make pet hair pickup even easier, it comes with specialized pet tools that reach into hard-to-access areas.

The large 0.68-quart dust cup capacity allows for extended cleaning without interruption. The powerful LED headlights on the handheld vacuum and nozzle reveal hidden debris and pet hair around your home.

The Shark HV322 is the perfect tool for keeping your home clean and free of pet hair. With its powerful suction and versatile design, you can tackle any mess with ease. And with the included pet attachments, you can easily reach into hard-to-access areas.

The Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Corded Stick Vacuum is a must-have for any pet owner. With its powerful suction, lightweight design, XL dust cup capacity, and LED headlights, you can tackle any mess with ease. And with the included pet attachments, you can easily remove embedded pet hair from any surface.

8. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47r51

The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51 is the perfect choice for keeping your home and car clean and tidy. This handy device features a 0.78 liter dirt cup capacity and includes a flexible rubber nozzle that is great for removing dirt and hair on upholstery, stairs, and in cars. The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Vacuum comes with specialty cleaning attachments such as a hose, crevice tool, and wide mouth tool, allowing you to clean even the most hard-to-reach places. The 18-ft. power cord lets you easily clean farther than ever before. Cleaning is made even easier due to the bagless design of the Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Vacuum – simply empty the dirt cup when it’s full and you’re ready to go. This powerful and convenient vacuum is the perfect choice for keeping your home and car clean and tidy.

9. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6-In-1 24000pa, 40mins Runtime, Brushless Motor, Detachable Battery.

The ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6-in-1 is the perfect choice for your home cleaning needs. This powerful vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 200W state-of-the-art brushless motor, providing an impressive 24Kpa suction power on turbo mode. It can easily capture pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other messes on hardwood floor, low-pile and mid-pile carpet, stairs, bed, curtain, furniture, car, RV, and more. For longer cleaning sessions, the standard mode offers up to 30 minutes of runtime.

In addition, this cordless vacuum cleaner uses a 5-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration System, with a high-density mesh HEPA filter, stainless steel strainer, and cyclone separation. This advanced filtration system can capture 99.99% of microscopic dust particles, ensuring the air in your home is clean and healthy. The filter is washable and recyclable for added convenience.

The versatile design of the ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6-in-1 includes a 2-in-1 brush, long crevice, and extensible tube, allowing you to easily clean stairs and windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain, cars, and RV. The 2000 mAh 6-Cell battery is detachable, so you can charge either the stick vacuum integrated or the battery separately. The 270°ball bearing motorized brush is maneuverable, with 5 bright LED lights that help illuminate every dark area and track dust and dirt.

The main body of the ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6-in-1 weighs only 4.6 pounds, making it user-friendly for most age groups. Triple noise reduction technology makes the vacuum less than 63db, while the ergonomic handle makes cleaning easy. The "One-touch dust dumping" design makes emptying dirt easy, and the power indicator lets you know the remaining power. The ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6-in-1 is the perfect choice for your home cleaning needs.

10. Ninamar Lint & Hair Removal Brush

The Ninamar Lint & Hair Removal Brush is a must-have tool for any household. It features special rubber bristles that attract hair, fur, lint, and other debris, making it easy to clean any fabric without leaving any scratches or scuffs.

The brush is perfect for carpets, furniture, car upholstery, rugs, mops & cloths, bedding, clothing, pet beds, and filters. And the best part is, it’s easy to clean – simply pull the hair and fur off with your fingers and throw it away. If needed, you can rinse the brush off with soap and water and let it air dry.

Ninamar Lint & Hair Removal Brush is a trusted brand that guarantees its product will be the best you have ever owned. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund.

This brush is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy and effective way to clean fabrics. It’s non-damaging, hassle-free, and you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. Get the Ninamar Lint & Hair Removal Brush today and enjoy a clean and lint-free home.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Stairs FAQs

How do I vacuum my stairs with vacuum?

Vacuuming your stairs with a vacuum is a fairly straightforward task, but it does take a bit of patience and care. The first step is to make sure you have the right attachments for your vacuum. Most upright vacuums come with a crevice tool, which is perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of the stairs. You’ll also need an upholstery tool if you’re cleaning carpeted stairs. Make sure the vacuum is set to the correct power level for the type of surface you’re cleaning. Next, start at the bottom of the stairs and vacuum in an up-and-down motion. You may need to go over the same spot twice to get it thoroughly clean. Move up the stairs, repeating this process until you reach the top. If you’re vacuuming open treads, you may need to go over each step with a brush attachment as well. Finally, clean up any dust or debris that has accumulated on the sides of the stairs. When you’re finished, empty the vacuum and wipe down any surfaces you’ve vacuumed to remove dust and dirt.

What is the best vacuum for a lot of pet hair?

The best vacuum for a lot of pet hair is one that has a powerful suction, good filtration, and features specifically designed for pet hair. Look for vacuums with a motorized brush roll, which will help to lift pet hair from carpets and upholstery. A good filtration system is also key, as this will help to capture the pet dander and keep it from recirculating into the air. Look for vacuums with a HEPA filter, as these are the best for capturing pet dander. Additionally, look for attachments specifically designed for pet hair, such as an upholstery tool or pet hair removal tool. Finally, it’s best to opt for a corded vacuum, as they are more powerful than cordless models and will give you more suction.

What vacuum attachment do you use for stairs?

The best vacuum attachment to use for stairs is usually a crevice tool. This is a narrow and flexible nozzle that can fit in tight spaces and is designed to provide deep cleaning. It is ideal for getting into those hard to reach areas on stairs, such as between spindles and around edges. A crevice tool can help to remove dirt, dust and debris from all the nooks and crannies of your stairs. To get the best results, make sure to use your crevice tool in a slow and steady motion, making sure to cover every area as you go. You may also want to use a brush attachment to dislodge stubborn dirt and debris from carpeted stairs.

What's the best vacuum for cleaning stairs?

The best vacuum for cleaning stairs is one that is lightweight, has a long cord for easy maneuverability, and is equipped with a brush attachment for deep cleaning. A handheld vacuum is the best choice for stairs since it is lightweight and more maneuverable than a full-size upright vacuum. Look for one that has a long cord and a brush attachment for deep cleaning. It should also have a crevice tool for getting into tight spots, and an upholstery tool for cleaning upholstery. Additionally, a HEPA filter is a great feature for trapping dust, pollen, and other allergens. A cordless option is also available for convenience, but check the battery life before purchasing. Finally, consider the ease of use, weight, and portability of the vacuum before buying.

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