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Best Led Floor Lamp With Remote (2024 Updated)

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When looking for the perfect LED floor lamp with remote, there are a few key points to consider. Here is a short guide to help you make the best decision for your needs.

1. Brightness: Look for a lamp with adjustable brightness settings so you can set the perfect lighting level for your room.

2. Color Temperature: Choose a lamp with adjustable color temperature settings so you can select the perfect hue for your environment.

3. Energy Efficiency: LED lights are much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, so look for a lamp that has a low power draw.

4. Durability: Make sure the lamp is made of quality materials that are built to last.

5. Remote Control: Look for a lamp that comes with a remote control so you can easily adjust the brightness, color temperature and other features from anywhere in the room.

In conclusion, when looking for an LED floor lamp with remote, it’s important to consider the brightness, color temperature, energy efficiency, durability and remote control features. With these key points in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect lamp for your needs.

10 Best Led Floor Lamp With Remote

1. Mediacous Led Floor Lamp, 5 Colors & Adjustable Brightness, 1h Timer, Remote & Button, Dimmable Reading Light, Wall Switch Compatible.

The MediAcous Floor Lamp is a unique LED floor lamp designed to provide a personalized lighting experience in any living room. It features five levels of brightness and five color temperatures, ranging from 2700k to 5700k, that can be adjusted steplessly or with a finger tap. With both remote and touch controls, you can easily control the lamp without leaving the comfort of your sofa or bed (within 49.2 ft/15 m).

The flexible gooseneck design allows you to rotate the head of the lamp up, down, or sideways, making it easy to direct the light to any place you need it. The modern design of the lamp easily matches any home decor style. Additionally, the 1-hour timer function is a great reminder to take a break, while the memory function allows you to turn on the lights with one button while keeping the last use settings.

The safe and stable base minimizes the potential danger of pets and children being tipped over. Assembly is easy and requires no extra tools, taking only 5 minutes to complete. The MediAcous Floor Lamp is a great choice for providing a personalized and eye-protecting light source in any living room.

2. 15w Led Floor Lamp, 1h Timer, Stepless Adjustable Color/brightness, Remote/touch Control.

The Dimunt LED Floor Lamp is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. With a powerful 15W LED, it emits up to 1000 lumens of light for a bright, cozy atmosphere. You can customize your experience with the ability to adjust both the brightness and color temperature, ranging from 3000K to 6000K. It also features five customized modes with a one hour timer setting for your convenience.

The lamp is designed with your safety in mind. Its weighted base and sturdy design makes it safe around children and pets, and it won’t heat up so you can touch it without burning yourself. The soft, non-flickering light offers a cozy experience, perfect for reading or leisure activities. With its memory function, the lamp will remember the last brightness and color settings you used.

The remote and touch control make it easy to control from the comfort of your couch or bed. The remote has a range of 32.8/10m, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color temperature with a simple press of a button. The flexible gooseneck allows you to easily adjust the light and direct it to any item you need.

Assembly is easy and only requires you to follow the included diagram. No additional tools or parts are needed. The Dimunt LED Floor Lamp is a great addition to any home and will provide you with years of bright, comfortable lighting.

3. Led Floor Lamp W/ Remote & 4 Color Temp Led Bulb, Matte Black

The PESRAE Floor Lamp for Living Room is a perfect addition to any modern home décor. It features a remote control LED bulb included and a stepless adjustable brightness and color temperature range from 3000K to 6000K – plus five customized scene modes. The vertical floor lamp with a rotating lamp holder can be rotated up to 180°, allowing you to guide the light to the desired angle and places.

The lamp is easy to assemble and features a strong metal stem and a weighted base. The base is heavy and unlikely to tip over when knocked into, making it safe around kids and pets. The LED bulb included in the package is a stepless dimmable bulb up to 6000K with remote control and it is 60W incandescent equivalent with only 8W energy used. It is a great energy-saving solution for your home.

The PESRAE Floor Lamp for Living Room is a perfect choice for any living room. It’s modern and sleek design, combined with its easy assembly, adjustable lamp holder and safe base, make it an ideal choice for a stylish and practical lighting solution. Not only does it provide stability for daily use, but it is sure to bring elegance and sophistication to your home décor.

4. Dimunt Led Floor Lamp, 27w/2000lm Main Light & 7w/350lm Side Reading Lamp, 3 Color Options, Remote & Touch Control

The Dimunt Floor Lamp LED Floor Lamp is designed to be the perfect addition to your living room. Featuring 126+28 high brightness LEDs, this lamp can generate up to 2350 lumens of light, making it significantly brighter than a standard halogen lamp which only produces 200 watts. With its mother-daughter lamp heads, you can easily adjust the two different lights to different levels of brightness and color temperature. The 27W main lamp effortlessly brightens up the entire space, while the 7W side lamp with its flexible neck can be adjusted up and down at different angles for any task-reading, working, or sewing. Additionally, the adjustable color temperature allows you to choose from 3000K warm light, 4500K cool light, and 6000K white light, all in a single lamp.

For added convenience, this lamp also features a remote control and touch switch that allows you to control the light from up to 32.8 feet away, so you don't have to leave your sofa or bed when you want to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Additionally, this lamp is ETL certified and comes with a 3-year quality promise, so you can be sure of its quality and performance.

Overall, the Dimunt Floor Lamp LED Floor Lamp is an excellent choice if you're looking to add a bright and modern touch to your living room. With its super bright LED lighting, adjustable color temperature and brightness, and remote control and touch switch, this lamp is sure to satisfy all your lighting needs.

5. Led Floor Lamp With Remote, Adjustable Reading And Color Modes, White Lampshade.

This Qaubauyt Floor Lamp is designed to provide comfortable lighting for your living room, bedroom and other spaces. With two adjustable modes of reading and colorful, it offers a range of brightness from 2750K to 6500K, which is equivalent to the luminous effect of 90W ordinary incandescent lamp. The 67-inch white lampshade adds a modern and classy touch to any room décor.

The floor lamp also features RGB colors, playing in multiple color cycles and following the music breath light, so you can create the entertainment atmosphere you want. Furthermore, it has its own light effect switch button (3000K, 4000K, 6500K, night mode) and a 30 minute timer button on the remote control to help you adjust the light off time in advance. Plus, the E26 lamp holder can be easily replaced in the later stage.

The solid and sturdy chassis makes it not easy to swing and overturn, and suitable for modern, retro, medieval, industrial and other decorative styles. This floor lamp is ideal for those who want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in their home with adjustable reading and colorful lighting. Plus, the remote control and foot switch offer convenient operation, and the memory mode remembers the last lighting effect when turning on the light.

6. Rgbw Corner Floor Lamp W/ App & Remote Control, Led Dimmable Standing Lamp W/ Alexa, Google Home, Wifi Modern Tall Light For Living Room, Bedroom (Gold)

This EDISHINE RGBW Corner Floor Lamp is the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or entertainment area. With its sleek and minimalist design, this lamp will bring a modern and stylish flare to your home. Plus, with its remote control and free app, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling the lamp from anywhere.

This lamp has millions of color options and is adjustable to meet any need. With the free Smart Life app, you can customize colors and frequency, and select from four modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth. You can also dim the light via the app or with the remote control, and the lamp can remember previous brightness settings from your last use. It’s also compatible with all standard timers, WiFi smart plugs, remote control outlets, and wall switches.

The EDISHINE RGBW Corner Floor Lamp is not just stylish and convenient, but also incredibly durable. It features over 30,000 hours of life with normal use and is made of high-quality aluminum and a heavy chrome metal base plate, making it stable and wobble-free. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home Assistant, and no hub is required.

This unique lamp is perfect for any living room, bedroom, or entertainment room. It can provide a warm ambient light while adding a splash of modern flair to your home. Plus, its slim and sleek design doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for small spaces like condos or balconies. It also comes with a one year warranty and friendly service.

7. 4-Color Led Floor Lamp With Dimmer, Remote & Touch Control, Adjustable Gooseneck.

The Wio-Mio LED Floor Lamp is the perfect choice for creating the perfect ambiance in any living space. This floor lamp comes with a remote control, allowing you to control the lighting mode from up to 49.2 feet away with the touch of a button. You can customize the brightness and color temperature with the stepless dimmer, with a range from 5% to 100% and four color temperatures – 3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6000k.

The Wio-Mio LED Floor Lamp also features an energy efficient LED lamp resource, with 112 LED lamp beads emitting 1200 lumens of light while only consuming 12 watts of power. The light is soft and natural, with no flicker.

The floor lamp also has a flexible gooseneck that can rotate 360 degrees to direct the light at your desired position and can easily be bent and stay in place.

At Wio-Mio, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. If you have any questions or issues, our customer support team is available to help.

8. Led Floor Lamp, Dimmable W/ Remote, Adjustable Gooseneck, Living Room/bedroom/office.

This luckystyle Floor Lamp is the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or office. It is equipped with a newly-upgraded metal base which is heavy enough to keep the lamp firmly in place, even on a low pile carpet or hard floor. The higher quality lamp head ensures no flashing or blue light, protecting the eyes of you and your family.

The LED floor lamp features two types of control: a 50-foot distance remote control, which allows you to precisely control the lamp even with obstacles in the way, and a sensitive button control with an inner build-in component that magnetically attracts the remote, so it won't drop. Additionally, you can customize your favorable lights with 5%-100% stepless dimmable brightness and 4 color temperatures (3000K-6500K). And with a timer setting of 30 minutes and one hour, you can set the time to turn on or off as you need.

The adjustable gooseneck allows you to rotate the flexible floor lamp head to any direction and angle, and is strong enough to hold it in position so it doesn't flip or droop around when you try to adjust it. The light life of up to 100,000 hours reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement, saving both money and energy.

This super bright, dimmable floor lamp is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a modern touch to their home. With its versatile and adjustable design, it is sure to meet all your lighting needs.

9. 36w Led Floor Lamp W/ Remote & Smart App, 2600lm, Rgb Multicolor, Dimmable.

The Keepsmile Double Side Lighting Led Floor Lamp is an innovative and efficient lighting solution that combines two lighting sources in one unit. This lamp provides a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of the home. The up lamp lights is an RGB LED lamp, with multiple colors and 10 modes to choose from. The down reading light is white, providing an even and comfortable light for easy reading.

At 36W and 2600 lumens, this lamp is bright enough to provide ample light, yet gentle enough to be non-flickering and safe for children and pets. The lighted surface can be rotated through 350 degrees, allowing the user to adjust the angle to suit their needs. The lamp is easy to install, with a weighted base and sturdy design providing stability, and no additional tools or parts required.

This floor lamp is perfect for bringing a modern touch to your lounge, living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, playroom, or for decorating a holiday party or birthday party. It can be easily controlled using the button, remote control, or the Smart App, giving the user full control over their environment.

The Keepsmile Double Side Lighting Led Floor Lamp is an efficient and stylish solution for any room of the home. With its bright light, adjustable angle, and multiple control options, it provides both ambience and utility. Get yours today and enjoy a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

10. Sympa Floor Lamp: 4 Color Temp & Brightness, Adjustable Gooseneck, Touch Control, Stable Base For Living Room, Bedroom, Office.

This LED Floor Lamp from Sympa offers a range of illumination options for any room. With 4 adjustable color temperatures and 4 adjustable brightness levels, this lamp can create 16 unique lighting combinations for any task or mood. Its highly flexible gooseneck allows you to precisely direct the light to any area, while its compact design slides easily under a sofa or table, saving space in the process.

The lamp also comes with an easy-to-use press button system. When plugged in, simply press the power button for 1 second to turn on the light, and press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn off the light. To cycle through the 4 brightness levels, simply touch the power button and to cycle through the 4 color temperature settings, touch the mode button.

In addition to its adjustable features, the lamp is also designed to be eye-caring, emitting a flicker-free and anti-glare light that won't cause strain or discomfort, even after long hours of use. This makes it an ideal light source for any room, such as the living room, bedroom, or office.

Whether you need a bright light for studying, a dim light for relaxing, or any level in between, this LED Floor Lamp from Sympa has you covered. With its adjustable features and eye-caring soft light, it is the perfect lamp for any room.

Best Led Floor Lamp With Remote FAQs

Can a floor lamp light a room?

Yes, a floor lamp can light a room. Floor lamps provide a stylish and efficient way to illuminate any room. They come in many styles and sizes, so you can find one that matches your decor. Floor lamps are a great choice for overhead lighting, as they provide soft, ambient light and can be moved around easily. They can be used as task lighting, spotlighting, or just to add a touch of light to a dark corner. Floor lamps are also energy efficient, saving you money on your electricity bill. With a floor lamp, you can easily adjust the light level and adjust the angle of the lamp to fit the needs of your space. So, with a floor lamp, you can easily light up your home!

How do I connect my smart floor lamp to my phone?

Connecting your smart floor lamp to your phone is relatively easy. First, install the necessary app for your smart floor lamp on your phone. Then, open the app and follow the instructions for pairing your phone with the lamp. This may involve scanning a QR code or entering a code displayed on the lamp. Once your phone is paired with the lamp, you can use the app to control settings such as brightness, color, and scheduling. You can also use voice commands to control the lamp if you have a compatible smart assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Keep in mind that you may need to create an account to access certain features of the app. With the app, you can easily control your smart floor lamp and enjoy the convenience of wireless lighting.

Where does the floor lamp go in a living room TV?

A floor lamp is an important addition to any living room TV setup. It provides gentle illumination that creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere and helps to reduce glare from the TV screen. The ideal placement for a floor lamp is on one side of the TV, not directly in front of it. It should be positioned slightly to the side, with the lampshade angled towards the TV to further reduce any glare. The lamp should be placed far enough away from the TV to avoid any shadows, and it should be at a comfortable viewing height for those in the room. The combination of a floor lamp and an overhead light can provide the perfect balance of light and ambiance to any living room TV setup.

Which style floor lamp gives the most light?

The style of floor lamp that gives the most light will depend on the wattage of the bulb used. A higher wattage bulb will give off more light, so it is important to consider the wattage when selecting a floor lamp. Generally, halogen or LED floor lamps provide the most light, as they are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Additionally, an adjustable arc or "swing arm" style of lamp can provide more directional light, allowing you to focus the light where you need it most. The size of the lamp shade or glass can also affect the amount of light provided, so it is important to select the right size for your needs. Finally, the placement of the lamp can also have an effect on the amount of light provided. Placing the lamp closer to a wall or other surface can help to reflect more light into the room.

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