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Best Ice Fishing Lures For Panfish (2024 Updated)

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Ice fishing for panfish is a great way to enjoy the winter months and get some fresh fish for a meal. With the right ice fishing lures, you can have a successful day on the ice. Here are five key points to consider when choosing the best ice fishing lures for panfish:

1. Choose the right size. Panfish are small, so you want to use small lures to target them. Small jigs, spoons, and soft plastics are all good choices.

2. Consider the water depth. You want to choose a lure that can reach the depth where the panfish are. If you are fishing in shallow water, choose a lure with a smaller profile.

3. Be aware of the water clarity. If the water is murky, use a lure that has more color and flash, like a spinnerbait. If the water is clear, use a more subtle lure like a jig.

4. Consider the color. Panfish are attracted to bright colors, so it's best to use lures in shades of yellow, orange, and chartreuse.

5. Use scented lures. Panfish are attracted to smell, so it's a good idea to add some scent to your lures. This can be done with a scented gel or with a scent impregnated into the lure itself.

These five key points will help you choose the best ice fishing lures for panfish. With the right lures, you can have a successful day on the ice and make sure you come home with a good catch. So get out there and start fishing!

10 Best Ice Fishing Lures For Panfish

1. 50pcs Ice Fishing Jigs And Lures With Tackle Box For Walleye, Perch, Crappie, And Panfish.

The PLUSINNO Ice Fishing Jigs come with a complete set of 50 pieces of ice fishing equipment, perfect for a variety of fishing needs. These include five shapes of ice jigs: 1/16oz, 1/17oz, 1/18oz, 1/19oz, and 1/20oz. The jigs come in a range of vibrant solid colors and detailed paint, making them attractive to fish in both freshwater and saltwater. The hooks are made of durable, high-carbon steel, allowing for rapid stabbing of the fish’s upper jaw, making it hard for them to escape.

The jigs are designed to be balanced and to offer a realistic and vivid swimming action, with a realistic raised-fin attachment eye and a diamond design on the head. This makes them attractive to a wide range of target fish, including walleyes, crappie, bluegills, panfish, perch, sunfish, and pike. The jigs also come with a tackle box for easy carrying and storage.

The PLUSINNO Ice Fishing Jigs are the perfect choice for an ice fishing trip. With their vibrant colors, realistic swimming action, and sharp hooks, they are sure to attract a variety of fish and bring you a pleasant fishing experience. The small size is great for ice fishing, and the box makes them easy to transport and store. With these jigs, you can be sure of full rewards and surprises from your ice fishing trip.

2. Ice Fishing Jig Set, 25pcs – Panfish, Crappie, Sunfish, Perch, Walleye, Pike, Bluegill

This Goture Ice Fishing Jig Set is a must-have collection for every angler. It comes with 25pcs of fishing lures made of lead material, equipped with black nickel carbon steel hooks. The two different sets each have five different lures, with three kinds of weight and two hook sizes. It is conveniently packed in a small five compartment box, measuring 3.9''*2''*0.6''.

The jigs are coated with fluorescent paint to make them glow in the dark for maximum visibility. With their high-quality bright colors, they are sure to draw attention from the fishes. The hooks are made of high-quality nickel carbon steel for excellent performance and long-lasting use, making them suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. The sharp hooks with barbs make it hard for the fish to escape once they bite down on it.

The jigs come in different shapes, weights, and hook designs for different fish. The lifelike swimming posture and 3D eyes, as well as flash surface, make them irresistible to their target species. Different types of jigs are designed for different species of fish, including bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch sunfish, walleyes, pike and crappies.

This Goture Ice Fishing Jig Set is an excellent choice for anglers looking to make a successful catch. With its high-quality construction and amazing attention-grabbing designs, you can rest assured that you will be able to draw in the fishes. Get yours now and enjoy your next fishing trip!

3. Dr. Fish 132pcs Ice Fishing Jig Kit With Tackle Box.

This Dr.Fish 132pcs Ice Fishing Jigs Kit is the ultimate gear for ice fishing enthusiasts. It comes with a tackle box that is pre-loaded with an array of lures that are designed to target different species of fish.

Marabou jigs are among the included lures, and come in 30 different colors and sizes for every season. Eye-catching colors and rich marabou make it impossible to miss out on a single crappie, blue gill, crappie, or panfish.

Lipless crankbaits, also known as VIBs, and spoons are included and are designed to deliver dramatic scenes with their vibrations and fluttering. They are effective for targeting bigger species such as bass, walleye, and pike from further distances.

The kit also includes classic ice jigs, red chrome hooks, bloody maggots, and pre-rigged grubs. No matter the condition, this combination is sure to land even the most finicky trout, bass, and panfish.

All other essential accessories are also included in this kit, ensuring quality and longevity. With this kit in your bag, you can make your ice fishing dreams come true! It makes an excellent gift for any fishing enthusiast, and they are sure to have a productive season this winter.

4. Ice Fishing Jig Kit – 54pcs, Walleye, Crappie, Panfish

This THKFISH Ice Fishing Jig Kit is the perfect companion for the passionate angler. It includes an assortment of 54pcs fishing jigs, with 10 different shapes and colors to choose from. The jigs are made of lead material and high carbon steel hooks, with a unique finish that replicates the natural colorization process. The jig heads are designed with simulation fish scales to attract target and a diamond shape on the head that reflects light to increase hook-up ratios.

This versatile jig kit is designed for a variety of fish species, such as bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch sunfish, walleyes, pike and crappies. The jigs come with a high quality plastic box for convenient storage and transportation.

At THKFISH, customer satisfaction is our priority. If there is any problem, our 24h friendly customer service and email support will be there for you. Buy with confidence and enjoy the perfect ice fishing experience.

5. Ice Fishing Lure Kit: Glowing Paint Jigs For Winter Jigging

The BASSDASH Ice Fishing Lure Kit is the perfect selection for catching crappie, panfish, perch, bluegill, and walleye. This kit comes with 24 pieces of ice fishing jigs, featuring highly detailed paint and solid bright coating that performs great in bright environments. 21 pieces of the jigs are even luminous in the dark. The kit also includes a compact tackle box with an EVA foam pad to keep your jigs organized.

Each type of jig in the kit has a 6-color combination, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The varying sizes of jigs make it easy to find the right one for the fish you’re targeting. To attract more fish, you can tip it with a wax worm, small minnow, or plastic bait.

The BASSDASH Ice Fishing Lure Kit is an essential tool for winter ice jigging. With its great performance and variety of sizes and colors, you’ll be sure to catch the perfect fish. The kit comes with a tackle box for organizing your jigs, so you’re always prepared for a successful ice fishing trip.

6. 12pcs Ice Fishing Jigs Spoon Lure For Panfish, Sunfish, Bluegill, Walleye, Crappie, Pike, Trout, Bass.

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs Spoon Lure offers anglers a reliable performance in any freshwater or saltwater environment. It is made of high-quality copper for corrosion resistance and durability. The spoon lures features a reflective shell surface that attracts fish from all angles.

The unique willow blade body shape creates a dozen of swim actions and offers additional flash to draw fishes’ attention. The “S” curved shape can reduce wind-resistance, making it easier to reach the strike zone quickly. The lightweight design also helps to slow the sink rate, keeping the spoon lures in the striker zone longer.

The fishing jigs are equipped with super sharp single hook that makes it easy to unhook the fish. It also has a strong split ring to withstand the big predators. It won’t twist, crimp or weaken the fishing line.

The ice fishing jigs are perfect for river fishing, lake fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing, rock fishing, boat fishing and more. Whether you're ice-fishing for panfish, walleye, bass, or trout, these lures can greatly improve the chance of catching as many fishes as possible. It is available in different colors and sizes to suit any angler’s needs.

7. Ice Fishing Jigs Kit 33pcs – Mixed Size & Colors – Starter Baits For Big Fish Catch.

XBLACK's Ice Fishing Jig Kit is the perfect set for both beginner and expert anglers. The kit contains 33 pcs of jigs of different shapes and sizes, perfect for targeting a wide variety of fish – including bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach and trout.

The kit includes 8 shapes of jigs, 31 of which are drop water shape jigs and 2 of which are balanced design fishing jigs. The jigs range in size from 2g (1/14oz) to 18g (2/3oz). Each jig is made from lead and is designed in a minnow profile with vivid colors and good weight. The high carbon steel hook is super sharp, with a mechanically-sharpened barbed hook point for better penetration.

This kit is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, and works brilliantly in all four seasons. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisher, XBLACK's Ice Fishing Jig Kit has everything you need to catch big fish. With XBLACK's top-quality jigs, you are sure to have a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

8. Ice Fishing Jigs Kit (55pcs): Lures, Baits For Beginner Starter – Catch Big Fish!

The XBLAC Ice Fishing Jigs Kit is the perfect starter kit for any beginner ice fisher. This set includes 55 pieces of mixed sizes and colors of jigs to ensure you have the right bait for the right fish! The 33 piece jigs set includes 10 types of jigs, all made of lead, with bright, eye-catching painting and colors to attract your quarry. The high-carbon steel hooks are double sharp and durable, and the jigs even glow in the dark for added efficiency.

These jigs can be used in both saltwater and freshwater in any season for a variety of fish, including bass, yellow perch, walleye, and trout. With its wide range of sizes and colors, you can be sure you have the perfect bait for the job.

At XBLACK, we believe that everyone should have the chance to catch the biggest fish possible. That’s why we make our jigs with the highest standard of quality and attention to detail. Every piece is designed to make sure you get the best out of your ice fishing experience. And with our 55 piece kit, you’ll be sure to have the right bait for any fish.

So, if you’re an avid fisher or just getting started, the XBLAC Ice Fishing Jigs Kit is the perfect solution for you. With its diverse selection of sizes and colors, you’ll be sure to catch the big one with XBLACK baits!

9. Ice Fishing Lures Kit (26pcs) For Crappie & Panfish.

The THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Kit is the perfect choice for anglers looking for the best ice fishing results. This kit includes 26pcs of fishing jigs that are made with high quality lead material and carbon steel hooks. With 6 different types of jigs, including some that glow in the dark, anglers can target a wide range of fish.

The jigs are designed for maximum effectiveness in freshwater and saltwater fishing. The drop-water shape and life-like swimming action of the jigs help to stir up deep or suspended game fish. The bright colors and realistic raised-fin attachment eye are designed to attract fish from a wide area. The weight of the jigs also makes them especially effective when fishing deeper waters.

The kit includes small jigs in sizes of 1/25oz, 1/16oz, 1/12oz and 1/11oz, as well as fish shape jigs in sizes of 1/3oz and 2/3oz. All the jigs have a barbed hook point for better penetration and increased hook-ups. The kit also includes a convenient plastic box for easy storage and transportation.

The THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Kit is the ideal choice for anglers who want to target walleyes, bass, trout, pike, crappies, Panfish, bluegill, and yellow perch. With the life-like swimming action and the sharp and durable hooks, this kit can help you get the most out of your ice fishing trips.

Best Ice Fishing Lures For Panfish FAQs

How do you catch panfish on ice?

Catching panfish on ice requires a few different techniques. The first step is to find an area where the panfish are located. Panfish like to hang out near weed beds, rocks, and other structure, so look for those areas first. Once you have located the panfish, you will need to bait your hook. Live bait such as wax worms, meal worms, or maggots are the most popular for panfish. You will also need to use the right size jig for the bait you are using. Smaller jigs will work best for smaller baits, while larger jigs will work best for larger baits. Finally, you will need to make sure you are using the right presentation. Vary your jigging speed and depth until you find what the panfish are biting on. If they're not biting, try different colors, sizes, and shapes of jigs. Once you have the panfish hooked, be sure to use a net to land them. If you practice these techniques, you should have no problem catching panfish through the ice.

What are the best panfish baits for ice fishing?

The best panfish baits for ice fishing depend on the species of panfish you are targeting, and the conditions you are fishing in. For targeting bluegill, some good baits include wax worms, mealworms, and small jigs. For crappie, small jigs, live minnows, and soft plastics are all effective. For yellow perch, small tube jigs, wax worms, and maggots are all good choices. When fishing in deeper water, larger jigs and minnows can be used to target larger panfish. No matter what bait you choose, it is important to use a lightweight line and small hook, as panfish are usually fairly small. Additionally, making sure to use the right size bait for the panfish you are targeting is key for success.

What are three main lures used in ice fishing?

Three main lures used in ice fishing are jigs, spoons, and plastics. Jigs are metal or plastic baits with a hook attached to the bottom that are used to imitate small prey fish. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be used to fish in shallow or deep water. Spoons are metal lures with a concave shape that mimic the movement of small baitfish when they are retrieved through the water. Plastics are soft baits, such as worms, grubs, and minnows, that are attached to a hook. They offer a realistic presentation and can be used to target a variety of species. All three of these lures can be effective for ice fishing, depending on the species you are targeting and the conditions of the water.

What size jigs for bluegill ice fishing?

When ice fishing for bluegill, the size of jig used can vary depending on the size of the bluegill. Larger jigs of 1/8 to 1/4 ounce should be used when targeting larger bluegill and panfish. A small jig of 1/64 or 1/32 ounce should be used when targeting smaller bluegill, as they will more likely be attracted to the smaller size and more delicate presentation. For the best results, use a jig that matches the size of the bait being used. Waxworms, maggots, and spikes are all popular baits for bluegill ice fishing. Additionally, using a small piece of nightcrawler or small minnow can be beneficial when targeting larger bluegill. A variety of colors and sizes should be used when fishing for bluegill. Some colors and patterns to consider include fluorescent colors, natural colors, and darker colors. Experiment with different colors and sizes to see what the bluegill are most attracted to.

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