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Best Ground Cover For Full Sun (2024 Updated)

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Ground cover for full sun can be a great way to add a splash of color to your garden while still keeping maintenance low. When looking for ground cover for full sun, there are several key points to consider.

First, it’s important to think about the climate in your area. Not all plants can handle full sun, so you’ll want to be sure to choose something that is suitable for your area. Research what plants do best in the amount of sun you have and the temperatures in your area.

Second, you’ll want to think about how much maintenance you want to do. Some ground covers require a lot of pruning and trimming, while others can be left alone and still look great. Decide what kind of maintenance you’re willing to do and look for plants that fit that requirement.

Third, consider how quickly you want the ground cover to spread. Some plants spread quickly and cover a large area, while others are slower and can be used to create a more contained look.

Fourth, think about the type of look you want in your garden. Do you want a more formal look with a uniform ground cover, or a more natural look with a mix of different plants?

Finally, think about how much money you want to spend on your ground cover. Some plants are more expensive, but can last longer and look better than cheaper varieties.

By considering these five key points, you can find the perfect ground cover for full sun to add to your garden. Whether you’re looking for a quick-spreading plant for a large area or a low-maintenance plant for a more contained look, there are plenty of options to choose from. So don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect ground cover for full sun to make your garden come alive!

10 Best Ground Cover For Full Sun

1. Alyssum Royal Carpet Seeds (60k+), Fragrant Lobularia Maritima, Attracts Bees & Butterflies, Zones 3+

Alyssum Royal Carpet is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is sure to attract honey bees, birds and butterflies to your garden. This perennial flower is suitable for all regions of North America and is a great way to add a splash of color to your outdoor spaces.

The Alyssum Royal Carpet is an easy-to-grow flower that will thrive in sunny to partially shady areas. It has a low, spreading habit that makes it great for ground cover. Its profuse blooms of bright white flowers will create a carpet of beauty in your garden. It is drought tolerant and is hardy down to zone 3.

MySeeds.Co’s Alyssum Royal Carpet flower seeds are 100% seeds with no fillers. The seeds have a high germination rate and will produce an abundance of blooms. Plant the seeds in well-drained soil and keep them well watered during the growing season. When the blooms start to fade, trim them to encourage more flowers to appear.

Alyssum Royal Carpet is a great addition to rock gardens, borders, and bedding areas. The flowers also look great when used in hanging baskets and window boxes. For a truly spectacular display, combine the Alyssum Royal Carpet with other low-growing flowers such as pansies, petunias, and snapdragons.

Alyssum Royal Carpet is the perfect way to add a touch of beauty to your garden. With its fragrant blooms and easy care requirements, it is sure to be a favorite for years to come. With MySeeds.Co’s Alyssum Royal Carpet flower seeds, you can enjoy the beauty of this lovely flower in your outdoor spaces.

2. 3500 Snow In Summer Seeds – Great Ground Cover, Xeriscape – Perennial

Snow-in-Summer is a mat-forming perennial that is perfect for the xeriscape garden, providing excellent ground cover and a low-maintenance option for landscaping. This plant will thrive in full sunlight and well-drained soils, and will become drought-resistant once established.

At Marde Ross & Company, we are proud to offer 3500 Snow-in-Summer Seeds, which have been non-GMO and neonicotinoid-free. As a licensed California nursery since 1985, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with quality seeds that will lead to successful growth and a beautiful landscape.

These Snow-in-Summer Seeds can be sown directly on bare soil, making them both easy to plant and easy to maintain. Once the seeds have been planted, they will quickly take root and spread across your garden, creating a lush and vibrant landscape.

The Snow-in-Summer plant is a low-maintenance plant that will give your xeriscape garden a stunningly beautiful look, while also providing excellent ground cover. The plant is drought-resistant once established, and will thrive in full sunlight and well-drained soils.

At Marde Ross & Company, we are proud to offer 3500 Snow-in-Summer Seeds, which have been non-GMO and neonicotinoid-free. With our experience and expertise, we are certain that these seeds will lead to successful growth and a beautiful landscape. Plant these seeds directly on bare soil, and soon your garden will be filled with the lush and vibrant Snow-in-Summer plant.

3. Portulaca Sundial White Ground Cover – 250 Seeds

Portulaca, commonly known as the Moss Rose, is a heat and drought tolerant succulent ground cover that is perfect for areas with poor soils or difficult growing conditions. This annual flowering plant is native to USDA Zones 4 – 11 and can quickly spread over a large area making it an ideal choice for larger flower beds or ground cover. Portulaca is a low maintenance plant that requires little care and blooms quickly with vibrant white flowers.

The plant grows up to 5 inches tall and 6-8 inches wide and is deer resistant. Portulaca is incredibly easy to propagate and maintain. One packet of Moss Rose seeds covers an area of 20 square feet and can be planted directly in the soil. When planted, the seeds will quickly spread and bloom in a matter of weeks.

Portulaca is a great choice for areas with a lot of sun exposure. Its heat and drought tolerance makes it ideal for hot and dry climates. In addition to being low maintenance, it is also low cost. Portulaca is an affordable option for creating a beautiful and long lasting ground cover.

Whether you are looking for an easy to maintain ground cover or just want to add a pop of color to your garden, Portulaca is the perfect choice. With its vibrant white blooms and fast spreading capabilities, you can quickly and easily create a stunning flower bed or ground cover. Its heat and drought tolerance makes it a great choice for hot and dry climates, while its low cost and low maintenance requirements make it an affordable option for creating a beautiful and long lasting ground cover.

4. Livingstone Daisy Ground Cover Mix (10000 Seeds) – Heat & Drought Tolerant

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis, more commonly known as Livingstone Daisy or Ice Plants, is a hardy perennial renowned for its free-flowering and drought-tolerant properties. It is native to USDA Zones 10 – 11, but can also be grown as an annual in frosty areas.

Livingstone Daisy is a spectacular sight to behold, with each flower growing to be a full inch wide with many long petals around a central black eye. These bright coloured daisies are an ideal addition to any garden, as they require little maintenance and can be grown in full sun to get the best results. The cheerful little flowers make wonderful edging for borders, walkways, or driveways, and can even be used as a ground cover to add a splash of colour to your property.

These ice plant seeds are incredibly easy to grow, and all that is required is for 3 – 5 seeds to be sown per cell. If you're looking for a mass display of flowers, approximately 5000 seeds will cover 100 square feet. Once established, the Livingstone Daisy is extremely low-maintenance and is extremely resilient to both drought and heat.

For many gardeners, the Livingstone Daisy is the perfect choice for an eye-catching and easy to grow addition to their landscape. Not only do these beautiful flowers require minimal effort, but they are also drought and heat tolerant and can even be grown as an annual in frosty areas. With just a few seeds, you can have a stunning display of bright daisies that will liven up your garden in no time.

5. Aubrieta Rock Cress Cascade Mix Seeds (2000) – Low-Grow Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Edging

Aubrieta Hybrida Superbissima Cascade Mix is a perennial groundcover perfect for rock gardens, rock walls, containers, or hanging baskets. It is part of the Brassicaceae family and is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This low-growing, hardy plant reaches 4 inches in height and has an abundance of blue, red, and purple blooms from mid spring to early summer.

Aubrieta Hybrida Superbissima Cascade Mix is a great choice for those who are looking for a groundcover that is both visually appealing and deer resistant. It thrives in full sun to partial shade areas and can cover up to 40 square feet with approximately 2,000 heirloom seeds.

Not only is Aubrieta Hybrida Superbissima Cascade Mix low maintenance and easy to care for, but it also requires minimal upkeep. It can be planted directly in the ground and requires regular watering and occasional trimming to keep it looking its best.

At Outsidepride, we provide non-GMO seeds that are packaged for the current year. Each packet contains detailed instructions for planting and care, as well as tips on how to ensure your Aubrieta Hybrida Superbissima Cascade Mix will flourish. The seeds will germinate in 14 – 21 days and with the right care, can be enjoyed for many years to come.

6. Aubrieta Rock Cress Cascade Red Seeds – 2000

Aubrieta Hybrida Superbissima Cascade Red is the perfect ground cover to bring a splash of color to any garden. Growing as a perennial in USDA zones 4 – 9, this low-growing flower reaches only 4 inches in height and blooms dark red flowers from mid-spring to early summer.

Aubrieta, sometimes called Rock Cress, is perfect for a variety of uses. It can be used as a ground cover in rock gardens, rock walls, or as a container plant. It can even be used in hanging baskets, cascading over the side for added visual interest. As an added bonus, it is also deer resistant, so it is perfect for those looking for something to add to their garden without worrying about animals snacking on the plants.

Each packet contains approximately 2000 heirloom seeds, enough to cover 40 square feet. These seeds are always Non-GMO and packaged for the current year. They are easy to plant and will start to germinate in 14 – 21 days, as long as they are kept moist during this time.

Aubrieta Hybrida Superbissima Cascade Red is the perfect way to bring a pop of color to any garden. Its low-growing habit, variety of uses, and ease of planting make it an ideal choice for any gardener. With its dark red blooms and deer resistance, it is sure to be a hit in any garden.

7. Portulaca Moss Rose Peach Ground Cover Seeds (250) – Heat/drought Tolerant

Portulaca is an annual flowering ground cover plant that is highly tolerant to heat, drought, and poor soils. It is a great choice for gardens in USDA Zones 4 – 11, as it can thrive in hot and dry conditions in full sun. This peach flowering moss rose grows to a height of 5 inches and a width of 6 – 8 inches, and is an ideal choice for filling in hard-to-manage spots in the garden.

Portulaca is also resistant to deer and rabbits, making it a safe choice for outdoor spaces. This plant can be sown either indoors in starter trays or individually in pots, or outdoors in prepared soil after the last frost of the season has passed. When sowing indoors, the moss rose seeds should be pressed into the soil but not covered, as they require light to germinate. When transplanting to the garden, the seedlings should be placed 12 inches apart.

Though this plant is tolerant to heat and drought, it can benefit significantly from occasional watering. Approximately 1000 moss rose seeds will cover 20 square feet. With its beautiful, nearly glowing peach flowers and green, succulent foliage, portulaca is a great choice for gardens in warmer climates, and will provide a burst of colour in an otherwise trouble spot in your garden.

8. Asiatic Jasmine – 18 Pack (3.25 In. Pots) Evergreen Groundcover Vine – Full Sun Live Outdoor Plant

The Asiatic Jasmine is an evergreen vine that is commonly used in green landscapes year-round. It is a climbing groundcover with small, dark green wax-like foliage, and has fragrant star-shaped blooms in shades of white, yellow, tan, or gold. These beautiful blooms attract numerous songbirds, and their delightful scent is sure to please.

The Asiatic Jasmine is easy to care for and prune, though it is not necessary to do so. It is versatile in that it can be grown in containers and hanging baskets, as well as other areas of the landscape. This evergreen groundcover is hardy in zones 7a-11a and prefers full sun, though it can tolerate partial shade. It is important to keep the soil moist and water regularly during warmer months.

These particular potted plants are shipped from the Gulf Coast of Alabama, so those outside of the Southeastern United States should consider the climate when ordering. It is recommended that orders are placed during milder times of the year, such as spring or fall, to prevent heat or cold stress during transit.

The Asiatic Jasmine is a lovely addition to any landscape, and its evergreen foliage provides year-round color. Its fragrant blooms attract songbirds, and its versatility makes it easy to care for and maintain. Perfect for lining entryways, or for growing in containers, the Asiatic Jasmine is a great choice for any outdoor space.

Best Ground Cover For Full Sun FAQs

What creeping plant likes full sun?

Creeping plants that prefer full sun include many varieties of sedums, creeping thyme, creeping jenny, and creeping phlox. These plants are all low-growing and require minimal care, so they are great choices for a sunny spot in the garden. Sedums come in a variety of colors and textures, and they are drought-tolerant and fast-growing. Creeping thyme is a fragrant, low-growing herb that produces tiny purple flowers. Creeping jenny is a perennial with bright-green leaves and yellow flowers that can spread quickly. Finally, creeping phlox provides a low-growing groundcover with pink, blue, or white flowers. All of these plants require full sun to grow and thrive, so be sure to provide at least 6 hours of direct sunlight for best results.

What ground cover does best in full sun?

In full sun, some of the best ground cover plants include sedum, ajuga, thyme, verbena, creeping phlox, and juniper. These plants are all very drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, making them ideal for areas that receive plenty of sunlight. Sedums have colorful foliage and blooms, and ajuga provides evergreen ground cover. Thyme and verbena are both fragrant and provide beautiful flowers. Creeping phlox is a lovely, low-growing ground cover with colorful blooms, and juniper is an evergreen with an attractive texture. All of these ground covers will thrive in full sun, but be sure to provide adequate water during extended dry periods.

What is the best low maintenance ground cover?

The best low maintenance ground cover depends on the climate and soil conditions of your area. In general, evergreen ground covers such as ornamental grasses, sedges, and junipers are good choices since they require minimal care and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. Other good options include hardy perennial plants such as ajuga, vinca, and thyme. These plants don't require frequent mowing and can spread to form a dense, attractive ground cover. Ground covers like clover, creeping phlox, and English ivy also do well in low-maintenance gardens, but they may require more upkeep to keep them from becoming invasive.

What is the fastest growing ground cover for full sun?

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) is one of the fastest growing ground covers for full sun. It can thrive in hot, dry conditions and is known for its bright yellow, cup-shaped flowers. It spreads quickly, forming a thick, lush, green carpet that can tolerate foot traffic. This low-maintenance ground cover is also deer-resistant and can tolerate a wide range of soil types and conditions. With proper care, it will spread up to 18 inches a year, making it an ideal choice for covering large areas of land quickly. Other fast growing ground covers for full sun include Irish moss (Sagina subulata), which forms a lush, green carpet, and mazus reptans, a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant ground cover with purple flowers.

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