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Best Glass Jars For Pantry Storage (2024 Updated)

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Glass jars for pantry storage are a great way to organize your pantry and make it easier to find what you need. There are a few key points to consider when looking for the right glass jars for your pantry.

First, consider the size and shape of the jar. You want to make sure the jar is big enough to store the items you need and that it will fit in the space you have available. You may also want to consider a unique shape that will stand out in your pantry.

Second, think about the type of lid you want. Clamp lids are great for keeping items such as spices dry and secure, while screw-on lids are better for storing larger items.

Third, make sure the jar is made from a durable material. Glass jars are great for pantry storage because they are not only durable but also easy to clean.

Fourth, consider the aesthetic of the jar. Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Finally, consider the cost of the jar. Glass jars can range in price depending on the size and type of jar you choose.

When looking for the right glass jars for your pantry storage, consider the size, shape, lid type, material, aesthetic, and cost. With a little bit of research and planning, you can find the perfect glass jars for your pantry.

10 Best Glass Jars For Pantry Storage

1. Square Glass Jars Set (6-Pack, 27 Oz) With Bamboo Lids & Custom Vinyl Labels.

LARAMAID glass jar set is the perfect choice for your home kitchen and pantry storage. Made with high-quality borosilicate glass, each jar is smooth and beautifully polished with a Bamboo Lid that comes with a removable sealing ring to effectively isolate moisture and keep ingredients dry and fresh.

The eco-friendly product is 100% BPA-free and microwave and dishwasher safe. All parts of the jars and packaging can be recycled. The lids are made of real wood, and each one is unique with its own natural grain and color variation. To preserve this natural shine, we recommend hand washing the lids.

The modern minimalist design of the stained wooden lid gives the glass jars a natural and aesthetically pleasing look that can easily be integrated into any home décor. Place them in the pantry or out on the kitchen counter.

Each set comes with 263 preprinted, waterproof, durable White Glossy Vinyl labels to help take your organization journey to the next level. There are 150 preprinted labels, 15 blank labels, and 98 Expiration Date labels.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our product. If you have any questions or issues, we will replace any defects or damaged glasses caused in transit. Shop confidently and enjoy a 100% satisfied shopping experience.

2. 32oz 8pcs Glass Jars W/ Bamboo Lids, Airtight Pantry Storage Containers For Rice, Candy, Sugar, Flour, Nuts, Cookie, Coffee Bean.

This BGraceyy Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids set contains 8 neat 32 oz glass jars with bamboo lids, 58 cute colorful stickers pre-printed, 8 blank stickers, 1 white pen and 1 cleaning brush. The size of the pantry jars is 3.45 inches * 8.1 inches, making it suitable for storing a variety of items. The bamboo lid with silicone ring fits tightly to keep out air and moisture, and the small vent hole helps to create a tight seal. The jars are well-made of high-quality food-grade high borosilicate glass, and are odorless and easy to clean. They are also highly functional and transparent, allowing you to see what is stored inside, and reflect the color of what you are storing, making your kitchen look neat and attractive.

The large openings of the jars make it easy to store and take out items, and their capacity of 16oz helps you store a lot of goods, including rice, cookies, coffee beans, candy, pasta, nuts, sugar, flour and other dry goods. The value of the jars is great, and you can get maximum satisfaction for the least amount of money. If you have any dissatisfaction after receiving or using the jars, you can contact us and we will solve all problems for you without delay. (Warm tip: After receiving the jars, you can wash them in the dishwasher and air dry them before using, but the bamboo lids need to be washed by hand).

3. 92oz/34oz Airtight Glass Jars (4 Pack), Labels Included

These Taller Glass Jars with Airtight Lids are perfect for storing a variety of items in the kitchen. The set includes two 30 cm high glass jars of 92oz and two 15 cm normal glass jars of 34oz, providing larger capacity for storing spaghetti as compared to shorter jars. The square design allows for easy organization on the shelf and save storage spaces on the countertop.

These jars come with thick glass lids and silicone rings for a secure and airtight seal. This ensures that the contents stay fresh and dry and are not infested by moths or moisture. The jars are made of high-quality, food-grade glass, lead-free and food safe, making them stronger and thicker than thin glass containers.

The wide opening of the jars allow for easy access to the contents, where you can reach in and take out food or insert a spoon to scoop. It is also easy to pour in and out and wash the inside. These jars are versatile for food storage, pickling, canning and organization in the pantry, kitchen, countertop and refrigerator.

The Taller Glass Jars with Airtight Lids are perfect for storing items such as spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, pasta, cereal, oats, cheerios, cornmeal, rice, coffee, tea, flour, baking supplies, snacks, candies, sugar, nuts, beans, grains, salt, cookies, and dog treats. With its secure seal and easy access, these jars are ideal for storing and preserving kitchen items.

4. 50oz Airtight Glass Storage Jars, 3pc Set, Kitchen & Pantry Organization.

This Chefstory 50oz Airtight Glass Jar Set is perfect for kitchen and pantry organization and storage. With 3 single-size jars, each measuring 4.5"W x 4.5"W x 7.9"H, this 50oz capacity set is ideal for storing flour, sugar, cereal, coffee, beans, candy, cookies, and snacks.

The hinged lids of each jar create an airtight seal, preserving the aroma, flavour, and freshness of the stored food. These versatile, wide-opening jars fit easily onto kitchen countertops, cabinets, and pantries. Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free, non-toxic glass, they are durable and easy to clean.

The extra 8 pieces of reusable labels makes it easy to switch contents whenever needed. The jars in this set are transparent, so it is easy to see what is stored inside and to know how much is left. This helps to replenish supplies when needed.

This set is great for everyday storage use and is a practical and convenient way to organize your kitchen and pantry. To clean, simply hand wash with warm water. With its airtight seal, this Chefstory 50oz Airtight Glass Jar Set is the perfect choice for food storage in the kitchen.

5. Glass Storage Canister Set (6pcs), Bamboo Lid, 22/37/50oz, Food Jar For Flour, Sugar, Tea, Coffee.

This ComSaf Airtight Glass Storage Canister with Bamboo Lid Set of 6 is a great way to store your food in an organized and fresh way. The canisters are made from food-grade high borosilicate glass, lead-free and non-toxic, so you can use them with confidence. The sealing loop of the top is made of harmless silicone material which creates a moistureproof environment, ensuring that your dry food stays fresh.

The canisters come in three different sizes, making them perfect for storing a variety of items. The two 22oz containers are great for spices, salt, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, and even pet food. The two 37oz containers are more suitable for cereal, grains, nuts, and candies. Last, but not least, the two 50oz containers are ideal for pasta, rice, flour, and beans. The containers can also be used to store bathroom and vanity items like cosmetic pads, cotton balls, or other household items.

The set of six canisters are stackable when necessary for space saving storage or can be lined up in your kitchen or pantry, helping to avoid cabinet clutter. The sleek crystal glass design allows you to see what is inside without having to remove the lid, making it easy to monitor whether your food has run out. Please note that the glass jars are safe in the dishwasher while the wood lid is hand washing only.

This ComSaf Airtight Glass Storage Canister with Bamboo Lid Set of 6 is the perfect addition to any kitchen or pantry, offering an easy and efficient way to store your food and keep it fresh.

6. Aoeoe 27 Oz Glass Food Storage Jars (4-Pack), Bamboo Lids, Airtight.

This 4 Pack Glass Storage Jars with Airtight Bamboo Lid is the perfect solution for keeping food items fresh and organized. Made of high-quality and thicker borosilicate glass and natural bamboo lid, the 27 oz clear jars are lightweight and more heat-resistant than normal glass. The airtight design of these glass food storage jars creates a dry and sealed environment to retain the freshness of food, keep it dry, and allow for easy filling and removing.

These glass kitchen canisters are perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients including preserves, jams, chutneys, rice, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, spices, biscuits, etc. The clear glass allows the contents of the jar to be easily seen without removing the lid. It also allows for efficient space saving with its convenient design. The food grade silicone sealing ring is healthy and non-toxic, and the jars are dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended.

The 4 Pack Glass Storage Jars with Airtight Bamboo Lid will definitely make your home tidier and can be used for a variety of needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours. Buy now and keep your food fresh for longer!

7. Glass Food Container With Airtight Wooden Lid, 66 Fl Oz (1950ml)

This 2-pack of Bekith Large Glass Food Storage Containers are perfect for kitchen and pantry organization. Each container is 7.6 x 5.5 inches and holds 66 FL OZ (1950ml) of liquid. They are made of high-quality borosilicate glass and are lead and BPA free, making them a healthier choice than plastic jars. They are suitable for all kinds of environments, withstanding temperatures from 0℉ to 300℉.

The airtight wooden lid is sealed with a harmless silicone ring to keep the food fresh and dry. The big mouth on the top makes it easy to clean the inside, and the containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. The wooden lid, however, should only be hand-washed.

These containers are ideal for storing spaghetti pasta, tea, honey, coffee beans, baking goods, cookies, cereals, tea leaves and spices, or other ingredients. They are a great way to keep your kitchen and pantry organized. With their high-quality construction and airtight lids, you can trust that your food will stay fresh and safe.

8. 8pcs 30oz Glass Storage Containers With Bamboo Lids, 890ml Pantry Jars.

This value pack of 8 airtight glass containers with bamboo lids is perfect for storing various ingredients, snacks, and other food products. The glass jars are made with high-borosilicate glass, which is known for its stability, hardness, and heat resistance, while the lids are made of high-quality nature bamboo. Each jar also comes with a food-grade silicone sealant ring for added protection against fluid flow and the entry of gases and bugs.

The glass containers are transparent for easy visibility of what's inside and have wide mouths for easy access and cleaning. The 30 oz. (890ml) jars are perfect for storing ingredients such as sugar, beans, cookies, tea, candy, spices, pasta, herbs, spices & seasonings, and much more. The water-resistant labels and chalkboard pen allow for easy labeling and organization of the jars, while the bamboo lids provide a secure and airtight seal.

These canister sets for kitchen counter are BPA free and non-toxic, making them safe and ideal for storing food products. With this purchase, you are also guaranteed a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. In the event of any damage during transportation, feel free to contact us and we will reach you at the soonest and deal with it to your satisfaction.

9. Food Storage Containers Set W/ Bamboo Lids – 5 Canisters For Sugar, Candy, Cookie, Rice & Spice.

This Glass Food Storage Containers Set is an ideal choice for storing a variety of items. It is made of high-borosilicate glass, a material that is BPA free, safe, non-toxic, and resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. The lids are made of high quality natural wood, each equipped with a food grade silicone sealant ring for more effective preservation. The wide mouth of the jars makes them easy to clean with hands or other cleaning utensils, and they are also dishwasher safe.

These canisters can be used to store a range of foods, including dried items like beans, pasta, rice, sugar, and spice, as well as liquids such as wine, fruit vinegar, and honey. The airtight lids ensure that the contents remain fresh and free from pests. The set includes five canisters of varying sizes, making it easy to store different items.

If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our mission is to make sure that every customer leaves satisfied and with a smile on their face. Try out this Glass Food Storage Containers Set for yourself and experience the convenience of storing a variety of items with ease.

10. 15oz Glass Storage Jars W/ Bamboo Lids (9 Pack)

This 9 Piece Bamboo Lids Glass Storage Jar Set is perfect for organizing the kitchen pantry or storing food and ingredients. The set includes 9 glass jars with a capacity of 15oz/450ml, and 10 labels and a white marker. The jars are made of high strength borosilicate glass, which is lead-free, non-toxic and has superior corrosion resistance.

The bamboo lids are designed with a silicone ring to keep the jars airtight and moisture-free, ensuring that food stays fresher for longer and protects against air moisture or bugs. In addition, the jars are stackable to save space.

These glass jars are incredibly versatile and ideal for storing a variety of ingredients like preserves, jams, chutneys, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, herbs, spices, and biscuits. Cleaning the jars is a breeze, as they are quick to scrub and rinse and also suitable for use in the dishwasher. For the lids, hand wash with a damp cloth, rinse and dry and coat with olive oil to protect the surface of the bamboo.

This set of jars is not only attractive and practical, but also a healthy choice for food storage. With their airtight performance and acid and alkali resistance, you can be sure that your food is stored safely and hygienically.

Best Glass Jars For Pantry Storage FAQs

Are glass jars good for food storage?

Yes, glass jars are an excellent choice for food storage. They are airtight and keep food fresh for longer periods of time. Additionally, they are BPA-free and non-toxic, making them a safe option for storing food. Glass jars can also be reused, which helps reduce waste. They are also dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean. Furthermore, they are versatile and can be used to store a variety of items, including dry goods, sauces, and leftovers. Finally, they look nice and can be used as decorative elements in the kitchen. All in all, glass jars are an ideal choice for food storage.

Is it better to store pantry items in glass or plastic?

It really depends on the pantry items and their intended use. Generally speaking, glass is a better choice for food storage because it is non-porous, doesn't absorb odors, and is easier to clean. Plastic can be a good choice too, as it tends to be lighter and less expensive than glass. However, it is more likely to absorb odors and contain chemicals that can leach into food. When storing food, it is important to consider how long the item will be stored, how often it will be used, and how it will be used. For fragile items that need to be used often, glass is typically the better option. For items that will be stored for a longer period of time, plastic can be a good choice as it is more durable.

What do you store in glass jars pantry?

Glass jars are an ideal way to store food items in the pantry. Dry goods like flour, sugar, grains, nuts, and beans can all be easily stored in glass jars with airtight lids. Spices, herbs, and seasonings can also be stored in jars and labeled for easy identification. Other pantry staples like pasta, rice, and cereal can also be kept in glass containers. It is also convenient to store snacks like popcorn, trail mix, and granola in glass jars. Not only do they look nice on the shelves, but they also help keep the food fresh and free from pests. Additionally, glass jars are a great way to store homemade jams, jellies, pickles, and preserves. Finally, glass jars are great for storing leftovers and preventing food waste.

What size jars do I need for pantry?

The size of jars you need for your pantry depends on the type of items you want to store. If you are storing items such as grains, flours, and pastas, then you may want to opt for larger jars such as quart-sized mason jars. For smaller items such as nuts, spices, and herbs, smaller jars such as half-pint or pint-sized mason jars are ideal. If you are looking to store dry goods such as beans, rice, and popcorn, you may want to consider buying larger containers like 5-gallon buckets with lids. Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing airtight containers to ensure that your items stay fresh. Finally, labeling each jar or container can help you stay organized and make it easier to find the items you need quickly.

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