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Best Cat Clippers For Matted Fur (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to grooming your cat, using the right clippers is essential. Finding the right cat clippers for matted fur can be a daunting task. To make the process easier, here are five key points to consider when looking for cat clippers for matted fur.

First, consider the size of your cat’s fur. If you have a long-haired cat, you’ll need a clipper with a larger blade or attachment to accommodate the thickness of the fur. On the other hand, if you have a short-haired cat, you’ll need a clipper with a smaller blade or attachment to avoid cutting the fur too short.

Second, look for clippers that are easy to use and comfortable to hold. Many clippers come with adjustable handles that make them easier to use, and some even have ergonomic designs for better grip and control.

Third, look for clippers that have a sharp blade. Dull blades can cause the fur to snag and pull, making it difficult to groom your cat.

Fourth, consider the noise level of the clippers. Some cats can be scared by loud noises, so look for clippers that are quiet and won’t startle your cat.

Lastly, look for clippers that are easy to clean and maintain. Some clippers come with cleaning brushes, while others require regular oiling to keep the blades sharp.

By keeping these five key points in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cat clippers for matted fur. With the right clippers, you’ll be able to groom your cat with ease, and keep their fur looking its best.

10 Best Cat Clippers For Matted Fur

1. Cat Grooming Kit: 2-Speed Cordless Clippers, Low Noise, Matted Hair Trimmer For Dogs & Cats.

The oneisall Cat Grooming Clippers are the perfect solution for dealing with matted hair on cats. With a cordless design and easy to use features, this clipper is suitable for novice users. The low noise design, at only 50db, won't scare your cat and allow you to trim its coat quickly and efficiently.

The rechargeable battery can be charged in three hours and can sustain 220 minutes of use. An LCD display also helps you to control the grooming work and see how much power is left.

The oneisall Cat Grooming Clippers come with everything you need to trim your pet's hair. This includes the clipper itself, six guide guards with sizes ranging from 3mm to 18mm, a cleaning brush, a comb and a scissor.

The oneisall Cat Grooming Clippers are designed with the user in mind, making it easier than ever to ensure your cat is groomed and looking their best. The low noise design won't scare your pet and the cordless design allows for easy use. The rechargeable battery is long lasting and the LCD display makes it easier to control the grooming work. With six guide guards, a cleaning brush, comb and scissor, this clipper is the perfect solution for grooming cats.

2. Cat Hair Trimmer, Cordless Grooming Kit With Comb, 3 Speed Shavers

The oneisall Cat Hair Trimmer is the perfect tool to groom your cat's matted long hair. This cordless grooming kit is powered by a ceramic blade that is gentle on the skin, making it safe and comfortable to use. With its ultra quiet design, your cat won't be disturbed while it trims their fur. The LCD display lets you know how much power is left so you can easily monitor the grooming process.

The trimmer is powered by a large capacity battery that provides exceptional flexibility. After shaving one cat, it still has 80% battery left. The 6800mRp super motor glides through fur like butter, ensuring a smooth shave without pulling or tugging your cat's hair.

The oneisall Cat Hair Trimmer is perfect for both experienced and beginner groomers. Its cordless design makes it ideal for home use and for those on the go. The lightweight design makes it easy to use and navigate around tricky areas.

This trimmer is a great choice for any pet owner looking for a safe and easy way to groom their cat's matted long hair. With its ultra quiet design, LCD display, and long lasting battery, the oneisall Cat Hair Trimmer is the perfect tool to help keep your cat looking and feeling their best.

3. Cat Grooming Kit: Cordless Clippers, 5-Speed, Low Noise, Matted/long Hair.

The oneisall Cat Grooming Clippers are designed to make trimming matted long hair easy. With its powerful motor, it is easy to cut through fur like butter, making it ideal for even novice groomers. Quiet design reduces noise to less than 60 decibels, which is perfect for cats who can easily be frightened by loud noises.

The unique sharp blade and waterproof design allows for quick cleaning after each use, and the clippers can easily be submerged under running water. The long lasting battery, which charges for 1.5 hours, will last up to 120 minutes making it easy to control the grooming process. The LCD display lets you know how much battery time is left.

This cat grooming kit comes with all the necessary tools to trim your pet's hair: the oneisall 7268 clipper, 4 guide guards (3mm/ 6mm/ 9mm/ 12mm), a cleaning brush, comb, scissor and a USB charger. Get the oneisall Cat Grooming Clippers for a stress-free and efficient way to groom your cat and keep their fur looking healthy and beautiful.

4. Cordless Pet Clippers Grooming Kit – 5 Speed, Rechargeable, Low Noise.

The Sminiker Low Noise Horses Clippers Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers Grooming Kit is the perfect choice for pet owners. With unique design and high-quality materials, this clipper set is sure to give your furry friend a professional trim. The heavy-duty gear allows for a powerful cut with steady control, and the R-shaped edge design helps to prevent accidental cutting of skin.

The blade is made of a combination of ceramic and titanium, ensuring safety without losing its sharpness. The ceramic blade will stay sharp forever and never rust or heat up, making it perfect for efficient trimming. This kit also comes with 3-6-9-12mm guide combs, perfect for first-time groomers who want to keep their pet’s hair even.

This clipper set also features a precision motor with low vibration and ultra quiet design. The work noise is only about 50 db, allowing your pet to stay calm during the grooming process. For added convenience, this clipper set also comes with a storage bag.

This clipper set is backed by a one year warranty, so you can trust that you’re getting the best quality product. As a special reminder, if you want to remove the cutter head, be sure to adjust the scale to 2.0 before operation to avoid any damage. With the Sminiker Low Noise Horses Clippers Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers Grooming Kit, your pet will look great and feel even better.

5. Pawperfect Pet Trimmer: Rechargeable, Low Noise, Stainless Steel & Ceramic Blades

The Bell+Howell PawPerfect Pet Fur and Hair Trimmer Dog Hair Clippers is the perfect tool for all your pet grooming needs. Featuring stainless steel and ceramic blades that are specially designed for the safe and precise trimming of pet fur and hair, these clippers make it easy to keep your furry friends looking their best.

The PawPerfect Trimmer is both rechargeable and cordless, making it easier than ever to groom your pet without the worry of entangling them in cumbersome electrical cords. The powerful Li-ion battery offers plenty of power and versatility to handle even the toughest grooming jobs. To ensure the trimmer is always ready when you need it, a USB cord is included for easy charging.

The stainless steel and ceramic blades are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable trimming experience, while the low noise design ensures that your pet won’t become stressed or scared by loud clipper noise. In addition, the blades are designed to be self-sharpening, so you can be sure you are always getting the best performance.

The PawPerfect Pet Fur and Hair Trimmer Dog Hair Clippers is the perfect tool for all your pet grooming needs. With its stainless steel and ceramic blades, low noise design, and rechargeable and cordless convenience, you can be sure your pet will look and feel their best. Get the PawPerfect Trimmer today and give your furry friends the care they deserve.

6. Wahl Easy Pro Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit – 9549

The Wahl Easy Pro for Pets Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit is a professional-grade grooming tool designed for convenient, at-home pet grooming. This electric dog clipper is cordless or corded for versatility, and allows for a full non-stop clipping and trimming operation to ensure stress-free grooming. The detachable blades are easily removed for hygienic purposes and are able to be rinsed under water to remove all excess pet fur or hair.

The self-sharpening precision blades provide snag-free cutting and remain sharp for smooth and pleasant pet grooming. This high-quality clipper is ideal for fine to medium fur coats on both large and small dogs, and the easily identifiable guide combs allow for simple coat length identification and effortless gliding.

A cost-effective solution for at-home dog grooming, the Wahl Easy Pro for Pets Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit is an easy choice for a professional-grade grooming experience. Save time and money by doing it yourself and enjoy a hassle-free grooming experience for your pet.

7. Cat Grooming Clippers For Matted Hair, Low Noise Cordless Shears, 4 Size Combs

The Triumilynn Quiet Cat Grooming Clippers offer pet owners a stylish and efficient way to groom their cats. The clippers feature an LCD back-light display with charge indicator, oil indicator, and load status display, as well as a stylish design that will look great in any home.

The clippers are equipped with a professional copper shaft DC 3.6V motor, providing an ultra-smooth and efficient cutting experience. This motor is coupled with a high-quality stainless steel fixed blade and a ceramic removable blade, both of which are designed for durability and long-lasting use. The ceramic blade runs cooler and stays sharper, offering better performance.

The clippers are designed to be quiet, with less than 40dB of noise. The vibration isolators are designed to absorb vibration and noise, providing a comfortable grooming experience for both pet and owner. The built-in 1600mAh lithium battery allows for cordless operation, with 2h quick charging for 2.5h of run time. The clippers also offer two working modes: cordless or with charging.

Four attachment combs are included, with four cutting adjustments: 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm, and four levels of fine-tuning (1mm/1.3mm/1.6mm/1.9mm). The thinning-out, skin-friendly combs make grooming safe, easy, and comfortable, and are applicable for clipping hair of different lengths.

The Triumilynn Quiet Cat Grooming Clippers are the perfect tool for pet owners looking for a stylish, efficient, and quiet way to groom their cats. The powerful motor, durable blades, and four attachment combs make it a great choice for pet owners who want a professional-grade grooming experience.

8. 2-Speed Rechargeable Dog Clippers, Low Noise Pet Grooming Kit.

The IWEEL Dog Clippers provide a complete grooming kit for all furry friends, from dogs and cats to other animals. Its waterproof design meets the IPX4 standards, making it safe to rinse under running water, without having to submerge the clippers completely. Moreover, the cordless design and two-speed precision cut make it easier than ever to groom even the hardest-to-reach areas.

In addition, the IWEEL Clippers come with six guide combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, left and right) that help you trim your pet's hair perfectly in the same length. Even if you've never done it before, you can trim your pet's hair safely without fear of cutting too much. Plus, the ultra-sharp stainless steel and ceramic blades guarantee a flawless result every time.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us. We're here to help and we believe you will be satisfied with your purchase. So don't hesitate to try the IWEEL Dog Clippers today. With the complete grooming kit, waterproof design, two-speed precision cut, cordless design, and guide combs, you'll be sure to get the best result for your furry friend.

9. Dog Shaver Clippers – Rechargeable, Low Noise, Cordless, Quiet.

This Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy to use pet grooming tool. This clipper features a rechargeable, built-in battery that provides exceptional flexibility and can be used while it is charging. The blade is constructed of stainless steel and ceramic, providing sharp edges for a long-lasting grooming experience. The low vibration and ultra-quiet design keeps the noise level at only 50 db, helping to keep your pet relaxed and comfortable during the grooming process.

The Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers also come with 6 adjustable guard combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm) for clipping hair of different lengths. The detachable guide combs make for quick and easy comb changes, allowing for increased versatility. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to use scissors to cut longer and thicker hair before using the clippers.

The Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers provide an easy and efficient way to groom your pet. With its rechargeable, built-in battery, sharp blade and adjustable guard combs, it is sure to be a reliable and trusted grooming tool for many years. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a low noise, cordless electric clipper set for their dogs and cats.

10. Pet Grooming Clippers, Low Noise Cat Shavers, Vet Approved Trimmer.

This oneisall Pet Clippers for Cat Dog Grooming is the ultimate tool for pet owners who want to groom their pet in the comfort of their own home. This small and low noise clipper is the perfect size for easy grip and cordless design, allowing you to take it anywhere with you.

This cat shaver produces a low noise of only 53 decibels, much quieter than ordinary pet clippers with wires. This makes it the perfect choice for animals that are timid and sensitive. It is also approved by veterinary services for trimming injured animals.

This clipper is equipped with a powerful motor and two sharp blades; a stainless steel head and a safe ceramic head that provides a smooth and unhindered grooming experience. It is capable of trimming knotted cat hair, mat hair, sensitive areas, hygiene areas, ears, nose, buttocks and belly with precision. It is also suitable for long-haired cats and small dogs.

This package includes one electric clipper, two guide combs, one USB charging cable, one carrying bag, one bottle of oil, and one cleaning brush. All these components are necessary for a hassle-free grooming experience.

The oneisall Pet Clippers for Cat Dog Grooming is the perfect tool for pet owners who want to groom their pet in the comfort of their own home. With its low noise and powerful motor, this clipper is suitable for all types of animals and its compact size makes it easy to take it anywhere.

Best Cat Clippers For Matted Fur FAQs

How do you detangle severely matted cat hair?

Severely matted cat hair can be a challenge to detangle. The first step is to work through the knots with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Start at the ends of the fur, combing out any small tangles and working your way up. Be gentle and patient; if your cat is uncomfortable, stop and give them a break. You may need to use a detangling spray or a specialized coat conditioner to help loosen the mats. If the matting is very severe, you may need to take your cat to a groomer or vet to have the mats removed. If possible, brush your cat regularly to help prevent matting in the future. If a mat is unavoidable, use a wide-toothed comb and be very gentle.

How do you shave a cat with matted fur?

Shaving a cat with matted fur can be a difficult task that requires special care. First, it is important to assess the extent of the matting and to determine if it is too severe to be safely shaved. If it is deemed safe, then the cat should be groomed to remove any loose fur and mats. Then, a clipper should be used to carefully clip away the matted fur, starting from the top and working down. If the mats are too tight and difficult to remove, then a pair of thin-bladed scissors can be used to carefully snip away at the fur. As you work, it is important to frequently check the skin for any signs of irritation or injury. When finished, the shaved area should be carefully brushed to remove any remaining fur and mats. Lastly, the skin should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any clippings and to soothe the skin. By following these steps, you will be able to safely shave a cat with matted fur.

Is it OK to cut cats matted fur?

Yes, it is generally OK to cut cats matted fur. However, it is best to leave this job to a professional groomer or veterinarian. When cutting matted fur, it must be done carefully in order to avoid hurting the cat. Additionally, the use of proper tools and techniques is important in order to ensure that the fur is cut evenly and not too short. Furthermore, it is important to keep the cat comfortable and calm during the process. If the cat is not comfortable, it can result in increased stress and possible injury, so it is important to take the necessary precautions. Finally, after the fur has been cut, the cat should be groomed with a brush or comb to ensure that the remaining fur is free of mats and tangles.

What blade is best for matted cat?

The best blade for matted cat fur is a de-matting comb. De-matting combs are specifically designed to help remove knots and tangles from the fur without causing discomfort or damage to the cat. Before using the de-matting comb, it is important to brush the fur with a slicker brush to help loosen the mats. Be sure to use a gentle touch and take your time so that the cat remains comfortable. When using the de-matting comb, start at the bottom of the mat and slowly work your way up to the top. Avoid pulling or tugging on the fur and try to separate the mats as much as possible. If the mat is particularly tight and stubborn, use a detangler spray or conditioner to help loosen it. After the mats have been removed, be sure to give your cat a good brushing with a slicker brush to remove any remaining fur and to keep the fur looking healthy.

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