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Best Brush For Double Coated Dogs (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to grooming double-coated dogs, having the right brush is essential. Not all brushes are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can result in damaging the coat, causing discomfort for your pup, and a less-than-optimal grooming experience overall. Here are five key points to consider when looking for the perfect brush for your double-coated dog:

1. Bristle type: Choose a brush with strong, stiff bristles to penetrate through the thick undercoat and remove dirt and debris. Soft, natural bristles are best for the top coat, as they bring out the natural shine of the fur.

2. Size: Select a brush that is the right size for your dog’s breed and coat length. Smaller brushes are better for smaller breeds, while larger brushes are better for larger breeds.

3. Comfort: Look for a brush that is comfortable for your dog to use. A handle that is easy to grip and a design that fits the contours of your dog’s body are important considerations.

4. Quality: Invest in a brush that is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. A brush with a sturdy construction and durable bristles will provide the best grooming experience.

5. Price: Consider your budget when shopping for a brush, but don’t skimp on quality. Investing in a high-quality brush will save you money in the long run, as it will last longer and provide better grooming results.

Finding the perfect brush for your double-coated dog may seem like a daunting task, but with a little research and some trial and error, you’ll be able to find one that is just right. Keep these five key points in mind when shopping for a brush, and you’ll be sure to find one that will provide your pup with a comfortable and effective grooming experience.

10 Best Brush For Double Coated Dogs

1. Double-Sided Deshedding Brush For Dogs & Cats – Undercoat Rake, Comb & Dematting Tool.

This Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush is a double-sided undercoat rake for cats and dogs that will help to remove shedding hair and reduce matting. The unique dual-head design features both a 9-teeth side for dematting and a 17-teeth side for coat thinning and deshedding. The rounded teeth on the brush are designed to protect your pet’s skin and coat, so you can groom your pet without worrying about causing any pain.

This brush is perfect for any pet with long, thick fur, but it can be used on any type of coat, from cats and dogs to horses. The easy-grip handle ensures that you can get the knots out with ease, and the non-slip design ensures a secure, comfortable grip.

This deshedding brush also comes with a paw-shaped tag for your keychain or pet collar, so you can keep it close at all times. With this brush, you can groom your pet with confidence and keep their coat healthy and free from shedding hair.

2. Deshedding And Dematting Comb For Dogs And Cats, Double Row Stainless Steel Pins, 90% Shedding Reduction. (Blue)

This Dog rake deshedding dematting Brush Comb is the perfect tool for reducing shedding by up to 90%. It is scientifically designed to promote healthy skin and a shiny top coat while keeping your pet comfortable. This brush is recommended and used by veterinarians, groomers, and pet professionals.

The brush is equipped with a double row of stainless steel pins/teeth that not only reduce the pulling of the coat, but also don't damage it or hurt your pet. The contouring handle is strong and durable, made of a non-slip, non-toxic silicone. The innovative design allows air to your pet's skin and stimulates the hair follicles, allowing the release of healthy oils.

This professional, high quality brush is priced well, so you can buy one to keep in the house and one for the car. It is perfect for matted, heavy shedding undercoats and fur, and it can be used on both dogs, cats, rabbits, or equestrian horses that have short, Medium or long hair.

Using this brush can help protect you and your pet from skin allergies, and minimize irritation from build up, which reduces allergic airborne elements. This brush is a must-have for pet owners, as it dramatically reduces shedding in just one short session. Investing in this brush is a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy without having to spend too much.

3. Jw Pet Company Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush, Black, Yellow, 1

The JW Pet Company GripSoft Double Row Undercoat Rake is a dog brush designed to help groom and maintain the coat of your canine companion. With a double row of round-tipped teeth, this brush works to loosen lightly matted parts of the coat and to lift out dead and shedding hairs from the undercoat. It’s an ideal tool for removing excess fur, leaving your pet more comfortable and happy.

The ergonomically correct handle is non-slip, making grooming a more pleasurable experience for you. Through regular grooming, you can help your pet regulate body temperature and prevent matting, which can cause skin irritation. This brush is suitable on all breeds, and works especially well on dogs with undercoats, such as Huskies, German Shepherds, Labs, Corgis, Golden Retrievers, Akitas, and more.

This brush comes in either blue or yellow. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and helps to keep your pet’s coat in top condition. Regular brushing helps to reduce shedding and keeps their coat soft and healthy. It’s a great way to help your pet look and feel their best.

The JW Pet Company GripSoft Double Row Undercoat Rake is the perfect tool for keeping your pet’s coat in top condition. With its ergonomic handle, double row of round-tipped teeth, and two colors to choose from, it’s the perfect brush for all breeds. Get yours today and give your pet the grooming they deserve.

4. Dog Brush Set: Shedding Slicker Brush, Undercoat Rake, Deshedding Tool For Medium & Long Coats (Husky, Golden Retriever, Etc.).

This Nalako Daily Grooming Dog Brush is the perfect tool for all pet owners who want to keep their furry friend's coat looking its best. Featuring both a slicker brush and an undercoat rake, this grooming brush will help reduce shedding and remove tangles, mats, and hairballs, while keeping their coat shiny and healthy. The slicker bristles gently remove loose hair, tangles, knots and dander, while the rake pins easily reach and remove the undercoat, making it great for double coated dogs and cats.

The unique self-cleaning feature makes it easy to remove hair from the brush with a simple push of a button. This brush is especially suitable for long haired dogs, medium haired dogs, curly haired dogs and other pets. By combining the slicker brush and undercoat rake into one brush, you can reduce your pet's grooming time in half.

This brush will help you keep your pet's coat looking healthy, shiny and luxurious. It is the perfect choice for pet owners who want an efficient and effective way to groom their pet. With its easy to use design, you can be sure that your pet will love being groomed with this brush. So give your furry friend the groom they deserve with the Nalako Daily Grooming Dog Brush.

5. Dog Slicker Brush For Long-Coated Dogs – 27mm (1.06")

This YIRU Extra Large Long Pin Slicker Dog Brush is a must-have for owners of long double-coated dogs, such as Doodles, Newfoundland, Alaskan, and Poodle. Perfect for grooming, dematting, and removing mats and loose fur, this brush is constructed from stainless steel, plastic, and rubber, and features a proprietary hand design that imitates the natural hand grip, giving you better control over your brushing.

The long 27mm (1.06”) pins on this brush work through dense and long coats, removing more dog hair than traditional slicker brushes, making grooming much easier and saving you time. Additionally, the brush can massage your pet’s skin in a large area at once to accelerate blood circulation. The special design of this brush is particularly well-suited to owners of thick, long-haired, curly-haired dogs, and helps to reduce hand, wrist, and arm strain while leaving your pet’s coat light, healthy, and flowing.

Suitable for professional pet groomers and pet owners alike, the YIRU Extra Large Long Pin Slicker Dog Brush is the perfect tool for removing tangles, mats, and shedding, making it easy to achieve a healthy and silky coat in no time. Plus, the non-wood material is anti-dog bite, anti-break, and waterproof. With this brush, you can save time and energy while keeping your precious pup looking and feeling their best.

6. Dog Brush For Shedding – Cat & Dog Grooming Supplies, Deshedding For Single/double Coated Pets.

This Slicker Dog Brush is an excellent grooming tool for medium to large dogs, with a small size available for smaller dogs. The bristles are firm enough to get out the toughest tangles and mats while being gentle on the pet’s sensitive skin. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use and the durable build is made to last. The brush is suitable for all dogs, regardless of the thickness and length of their coat.

The brush is designed to quickly remove debris, mats, and dead hair from the pet’s coat. It is an ideal choice for single or double-coated dogs and cats. The brush is made with a special bristle material that is comfortable for the pet, yet firm enough to easily remove tangles and mats. Plus, for a limited time, it comes with a free Dog Grooming Ebook to help pet owners learn the best grooming techniques.

The Slicker Dog Brush is a trusted product on the market, and the customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that all customers have the best experience possible. If there are any questions or concerns, customers can reach out and they will be answered as soon as possible.

This brush is a great choice for pet owners who want to keep their pet’s coat in top condition. It is easy to use and will quickly and effectively remove mats, debris, and dead hair. The brush is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, and it is suitable for all dogs, regardless of their coat. Plus, it comes with an exclusive free Dog Grooming Ebook for a limited time.

7. Pet Dematting & Grooming Rake – Double-Sided Comb For Detangling & Removing Knots – Ebook Guide

The SHINY PET Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats is the perfect de-shedding tool for pet owners looking to remove tangles, mats, knots, and excess or loose hair from their furry friends. Our double sided grooming brush is designed with rounded stainless-steel blades that lift away the excess hair without tugging or pulling. The ergonomic, slip-resistant grip provides pet owners with better control while grooming their pets from nose to tail.

Not sure how to brush your pet’s hair? Our undercoat rake for dogs & cats comes with an exclusive "How to Brush Your Pet’s Hair" guide to help you groom them safely. Our product is made with high-quality, durable materials that are sure to last you a long time. We stand behind our product with a true lifetime guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

At SHINY PET, we understand how important it is to have the right tools when it comes to grooming your pet. That’s why we created the Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats, a multipurpose de-shedding tool that is designed to make grooming your pet easy and efficient. With our product, you can easily remove tangles, mats, knots, and excess or loose hair without tugging or pulling. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to control the rake while grooming your pet from nose to tail.

Our Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats also includes the exclusive "How to Brush Your Pet’s Hair" guide to help you make sure your pet looks their best. With our product, you can be sure that your pet is getting the proper grooming they deserve. And with our lifetime money-back guarantee, you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting a high-quality, durable product that offers long-lasting value.

8. Professional Grooming Brushes (3-Pack) – Double-Sided, Long-Tooth Rake & De-Matting Comb For Dogs, Cats & Other Animals, Green & Black.

The Professional Grooming Brushes (Pack of 3) from DogBrushesTop is the perfect solution for pet owners looking to reduce shedding and keep their beloved pets well groomed. This set includes a Double Sided Brush, Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake, and De-Matting Comb, providing everything one needs for home and professional dog grooming.

The Double Sided Brush helps to remove loose hair and stubborn tangles with its two sides, one with long pins for deeper cleaning and the other with short pins for surface cleaning. The Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake is designed for removing dead undercoat fur without damaging the skin, reducing shedding by up to 90%. The De-Matting Comb is strong enough for bigger dogs and thick enough for smaller ones, and its specially designed deshedding blade gently removes dog hair without hurting their skin.

The Professional Grooming Brushes from DogBrushesTop are trusted by over 300,000 Amazon customers and more than 300 professional groomers. They are designed to make the grooming process easier and more efficient, while at the same time helping to get pet owners connected with their pets.

So, whether you’re a professional groomer or just looking to keep your pet’s fur in good condition, the Professional Grooming Brushes (Pack of 3) from DogBrushesTop are the perfect solution. With their durable design, they are sure to provide years of dependable service. Get your set today and enjoy the luxury of professional grooming from the comfort of your own home.

9. Furminator Grooming Rake, Removes Loose Hair And Tangles, Gray

The FURminator Grooming Rake is designed for cats and dogs with thick fur or double coats. It is equipped with rotating metal teeth that make it easy to remove loose hair from the undercoat and prevent tangles and mats. Its ergonomic, non-slip handle gives you maximum control over your grooming routine.

Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn tangle or just want to ensure a healthy coat, the FURminator Grooming Rake is the perfect solution. Its rotating metal teeth effectively remove loose hair from the undercoat and help to prevent tangles and mats in dense fur. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide maximum control and comfort while grooming.

The grooming rake is easy to use and provides a convenient daily solution to undercoat care. It is guaranteed to work on or your money back; simply follow the instructions for details. With its rotating metal teeth, ergonomic handle and convenient use, the FURminator Grooming Rake is the perfect tool to keep your pet’s coat healthy and tangle-free.

For those with thick fur or double coats, the FURminator Grooming Rake is an ideal solution to the problem of tangles and mats. Its rotating metal teeth remove loose hair from the undercoat, helping to prevent tangles and mats from forming. The ergonomic handle provides maximum control and comfort while grooming. This convenient daily solution is guaranteed to work or your money back.

If you’re looking for a reliable grooming tool for your pet, the FURminator Grooming Rake is the perfect choice. Its rotating metal teeth effectively remove loose hair from the undercoat and help to prevent tangles and mats in dense fur. The ergonomic handle gives you maximum control over your grooming routine. This convenient daily solution is guaranteed to work or your money back. Try the FURminator Grooming Rake today and keep your pet’s coat looking its best.

10. Pet Grooming Rake For Dogs & Cats – Dematting Comb For Mats & Tangles Removal.

The Jaswell Pet Grooming Tool is the perfect solution for keeping your precious dogs and cats clear of mats and tangles. This two-sided comb works through tough mats and tangles, and is suitable for all types of coats. The nine-toothed side is designed as a de-matting rake for stubborn mats and tangles, while the seventeen-toothed side is an undercoat rake for faster results of thinning and de-shedding.

The tool is safe for your pet thanks to its rounded ends, which make it safer on the skin as an undercoat brush. It also ensures that no hairs are pulled out during the grooming process. The stainless steel teeth are strong and sharp, so you don't have to worry about them becoming dull over time. The anti-slip rubber and ergonomic handle provide you with a comfortable grip, making it easier for you to groom your pet.

With the Jaswell Pet Grooming Tool, you can rest assured that your pet will be comfortable and free of mats and tangles. We guarantee your satisfaction with our product and offer either a replacement grooming tool or a refund if you are unhappy with the product. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best Brush For Double Coated Dogs FAQs

How do you groom a double coated dog?

To groom a double-coated dog, it is important to start with a good brushing. Using a slicker brush or a pin brush, start at the head and work your way back. Pay special attention to the areas where the coat is thickest as tangles and matting can form here. Make sure to brush all the way down to the skin, and if you find any mats, carefully work them out with a comb. Then, use a comb to remove any excess fur and to ensure that the coat is even. After the brushing, you can bathe the dog with a mild shampoo. Make sure to let the shampoo sit for a few minutes in order to let it really penetrate into the coat. Once the dog is rinsed and towel-dried, use a good conditioner to help maintain the coat and make it softer and shinier. Finally, use a comb or brush to help fluff and style the coat.

Is FURminator good for double coated dogs?

Yes, the FURminator is an effective tool for double-coated dogs. The FURminator is designed to remove loose, dead fur from the topcoat while also reaching down to the undercoat to remove excess fur. The FURminator works best when used on a dry coat and, because it gently loosens and removes excess fur, it is much less likely to cause skin irritation than traditional grooming tools. Additionally, the FURminator is available in different sizes depending on the breed and coat length of your dog, allowing for a customized, effective grooming experience. For these reasons, the FURminator is a great choice for double-coated dogs.

What brush is best for double coated dogs?

The best brush for double coated dogs is a slicker brush. Slicker brushes have fine, flexible metal bristles that are designed to penetrate deep into the double layer of fur and reach the undercoat. The bristles can help remove dirt, debris, and shed fur from the dog's coat while also distributing natural oils throughout the coat to keep it looking healthy and shiny. Slicker brushes are also effective tools for dematting and detangling fur, which is especially important for double coated breeds. To ensure that brushing is an enjoyable experience for your dog, be sure to use slow, gentle strokes and avoid applying too much pressure as this can cause discomfort.

What brush is best for thick coated dog?

The best brush for a thick coated dog is a slicker brush with medium- to long-length bristles. Slicker brushes are designed to penetrate deep into a thick coat and remove dead hair, debris, and mats. The medium- to long-length bristles are ideal for a thick coat because they can reach into the coat and remove debris without causing any discomfort to the dog. Additionally, a slicker brush with a curved handle is easier to use and helps to reach into hard-to-reach areas. If a thick coat is particularly prone to mats, a dematting tool with a guard can be used to carefully break the mats apart without damaging the coat. Finally, a pin brush can be used to help distribute the oils in the coat and make it look shiny and healthy.

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