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Best Bipod For Long Range Shooting (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to long range shooting, having the right equipment is essential for accuracy and precision. A bipod is a must-have piece of equipment for any long range shooter, as it provides stability and support for your rifle. When it comes to choosing the best bipod for long range shooting, there are a few key points to consider.

Firstly, you need to think about the weight of the bipod. A lightweight bipod is ideal for long range shooting, as you won’t have to lug around a heavy piece of equipment. Secondly, you should consider the material of the bipod. Most bipods are made of aluminum, but you should also look for ones with a rubberized coating, as this will help to reduce vibration.

Thirdly, you should think about the height of the bipod. A taller bipod is better for long range shooting, as it will give you more room to adjust the rifle for different shooting positions. Fourthly, you should look for a bipod with adjustable legs, as this will allow you to adjust the height and angle of the bipod to suit your shooting style. Finally, you should check to see if the bipod has a swivel head, as this will allow you to quickly and easily switch between different shooting positions.

In conclusion, when looking for a bipod for long range shooting, it’s important to consider the weight, material, height, adjustable legs and swivel head. By doing this, you’ll be able to find the perfect bipod for your needs.

10 Best Bipod For Long Range Shooting

1. Tactical Carbon Fiber Swivel Bipod (Picatinny Rail), Hunting/shooting

The FlyBear Tactical Carbon Fiber Swivel Bipod provides an unparalleled shooting experience for long range hunting and shooting. Made from lightweight aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, the bipod offers an ultimate level of stability and strength that can handle calibers of .300 and larger.

For maximum versatility, the bipod has extendable legs that can be adjusted from 6.6" to 10" in height, and offer a 15 degree left and right adjustable cant to follow live moving targets. In addition, the bipod also features a 180 degree leg angle adjustment and swivel tension lever for added convenience.

The FlyBear Tactical Carbon Fiber Swivel Bipod is the perfect choice for long range shooting. It is designed to be lightweight, yet rock solid, for enhanced stability and performance in any terrain. The bipod is also easy to attach to any standard 20mm Picatinny rails, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

The FlyBear Tactical Carbon Fiber Swivel Bipod is an ideal choice for any serious hunter or shooter looking for a reliable and adjustable bipod. Offering ultimate stability, strength, and flexibility, the bipod is sure to provide an unparalleled shooting experience for any application.

2. S2delta Prs Precision Shooting Rest Bag (Camo, 1lb)

This Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag from S2Delta is an ideal shooting rest for long range shooting. It is made of 1000 denier textured nylon for excellent resistance to abrasion and fading, making it highly durable. Its dimensions are 4.5-inch Length x 2-inch Width x 6.5-inch Height, with a weight of 1 lb. The shooting bag comes in two options: unfilled and prefilled with a removable inner bag of plastic beads.

The Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag is equipped with both rear and side handles to easily carry and position the shooting rest in various positions. The versatile design of the bag also allows it to be used as a barricade bag for stable shooting positions. The removable inner bag also makes it possible to replace the material with something lightweight for hunting applications.

The bag is designed to provide a stable platform for shooters. The rear squeeze bag is ideal for PRS precision shooting and long range shooting, as it offers a stable platform to rest the rifle. It is also suitable for various positions where stable shooting is required, such as when shooting from a barricade or bench.

Overall, the Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag from S2Delta is a great shooting rest for PRS precision and long range shooting. It is highly durable and versatile, making it suitable for various shooting positions. The removable inner bag allows lightweight materials to be used for hunting applications, making it even more versatile.

3. Caldwell Accumax Bipod, Carbon Fiber, 13"-30", Twist Lock

The Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Sling Swivel Stud Bipod with Twist Lock Quick-Deployment Legs for Long Gun Rifle for Tactical Shooting Range and Sport is an ideal choice for shooters looking for an accurate, secure and convenient shooting solution. Featuring a height range of 13-30 inches and weighing just 12 ounces, this bipod offers 360-degree swivel rotation and 10-degree cant for maximum target acquisition.

The Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Bipod is designed with a convenient sling swivel stud attachment and a 180-degree leg angle adjustment with stainless steel push-button leg locks for easy and secure lock-up. Its lightweight, quick-deployment carbon fiber legs feature vertical twist-lock technology for rapid setup and breakdown. The sturdy feet provide enhanced stability to ensure accuracy and confidence in your shooting.

Whether you are shooting at the range or in the field, the Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Bipod is the perfect companion to help you achieve the most accurate results. Its lightweight design allows for easy transport and its sturdy construction offers confidence and reliability for years of reliable use. With its convenient features, secure lock-up, and enhanced stability, this bipod is an ideal choice for shooters of all levels.

4. Rapid Shooting Rest Tripod – Portable Aluminum, Adjustable Height, 360° Rotation.

This Baize Tactical Compact Rapid Shooting Rest Pocket Tripod is an ideal accessory for any obsessed shooter. It is perfect for prone or bench rest shooting on the ground or on a table and comes with the universal shooting rest head / V yoke holder that rotates 360 degrees for help with moving from target to target for more accurate shooting. With its unique and user-friendly design, it is easy to install and use.

The tripod is made of heavy duty aluminum construction to withstand rugged use and for durability in any shooting conditions. The V Yoke holder has molded heavy duty frame with soft rubber ridge built-in over the top, providing a good grip on the barrel or stock, yet will never scratch the barrel. The 3 legs are finished with non-marring rubber traction feet providing optimal stability regardless of the terrain, will not slid.

This tripod also comes with 4 height adjustment modes, which allows you to flexibly adjust different heights in various situations to make sure the accuracy of each shot. Its compact design allows for portability and packing, easy to store in your backpack, even in your pocket. The tripod measures 4 Deployed height adjusted from 3.54 inch to 7.87 inch, the collapsed height 9.45 inch, with a weight of 0.56 lbs and a maximum load capacity of 88 lbs.

The tripod is compatible with telescope, binocular accessories, camera or rifle saddle; even can be used as a Tri-Stand to install camera monopod, allowing it to function as a Large Tripod. It is also compatible with most mono / bi / tripod shooting sticks or camera sticks, you can easy install it on them, replacing the need for a shooting rest bag.

We provide 2-year quality protection and lifetime technical support for the tripod. Our professional support is your best back up. Get the Baize Tactical Compact Rapid Shooting Rest Pocket Tripod now and take the accuracy of your shooting to the next level.

5. Qd Spring Return Carbon Fiber Bipod With Picatinny Weaver Mount, 20mm, Black.

This V10 Carbon Fiber Tactical Bipod is the perfect solution for long range shooting. It is made from Carbon fiber, making it lighter, stronger and more durable than steel. This bipod is resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion fatigue, and is built with a quick detachable that fits 20mm Picatinny/Weaver Rail.

The bipod is equipped with 180 degrees of leg angle adjustment and the swivel tension lever. The adjustable leg length provides flexibility when shooting, with a return spring that brings the legs back to their original position. It can be adjusted to a leg length of 6.6 inches to 10 inches with a 15 degree left and right adjustable cant. This ensures that you can find the perfect position for your shooting.

This V10 Carbon Fiber Tactical Bipod is the perfect addition to any mens' arsenal. It is lightweight, durable, and adjustable, making it perfect for a variety of shooting needs. This bipod will help you find the perfect position for long range shooting, making it the perfect addition to any shooter's gear.

6. Heavy Duty Bipod With Pivot Podlock, 13-27

This FeelRight 13-27 inch Long Range Bipod with Pivot Podlock Heavy Duty High Shockproof Shooting Swivel Style Bi-pod is designed to handle the heaviest magnum recoil. It is constructed with a high quality aluminum alloy in a durable black matte finish, with rubber feet to avoid slips, and a top rubber cover to protect your caliber from scratches.

The bipod features heavy gauge steel full cradle and heavy duty springs, making it a heavy duty version with thicker and stronger reinforced legs. It is easy to use with a frame crossbar and lock screw for added stability. The Pivot Leg allows for tilt from side to side and the Pod Lock replaces the thumbnut on pivoting bipods to make locking them down easier.

The FeelRight 13-27 inch Long Range Bipod with Pivot Podlock Heavy Duty High Shockproof Shooting Swivel Style Bi-pod can be mounted directly with a sling stud, or with a picatinny rail via an adapter (sold separately, ASIN B012ZQSWYC). It is perfect for the most extreme shooting scenarios, and is sure to provide superior balance and stability while shooting.

7. Cvlife Pivot Tilt Bipod With Swivel-Stud And Detachable S Lock Lever.

The CVLIFE Bipod is an ideal choice for rifle stability and target shooting. Made of hardened steel and aluminum, this bipod is duty and lightweight and is finished with a non-rust black anodized finish. The bipod can attach to a swivel stud and it is designed to compensate for ground that is unlevel by up to 20 degrees.

The legs of the bipod are adjustable with a touch of the button. They instantly spring out from 6-9 inches and are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. For safety protection, the bipod has been equipped with a forend pad which prevents any scratches while also increasing the friction. Additionally, the soft rubber feet provide enhanced stability and the spring control helps to quickly deploy and lock the bipod into place.

The CVLIFE Bipod is easy to use and is equipped with a quick lock lever and a tension knob for easy control. This bipod is the perfect choice for a shooter looking for increased stability and accuracy when shooting. Its lightweight design and adjustable legs make it easy to transport and use in any situation. With its reliable construction and durable materials, the CVLIFE Bipod is a great addition for any shooter or hunter looking for improved performance and accuracy.

Best Bipod For Long Range Shooting FAQs

How tall should a bipod be for long range shooting?

For long range shooting, the ideal height for a bipod should be between 14-17 inches depending on the length of the rifle barrel. It should be set up so that the rifle is at a level height when the shooter is in a prone position. Adjustments can be made to the bipod to accommodate uneven ground. Adjustable bipods are ideal since they allow the shooter to make height and angle adjustments. The shooter should adjust the bipod to be comfortable and stable while shooting. This helps to ensure accuracy and consistency. The optimal height for the bipod can also vary depending on the shooter's body type and shooting style.

What bipod do military snipers use?

Military snipers typically use Harris bipods when in the field. These bipods are designed to provide enhanced stability and accuracy when shooting from a prone position. They are made of lightweight aluminum and feature adjustable legs that can be extended to provide a wide range of shooting heights. They also feature a tension adjustable tilt mechanism for improved accuracy. Additionally, Harris bipods come with a swivel stud mount that allows the bipod to be quickly attached to and detached from most bolt action rifles. This makes it easier for snipers to quickly set up and take down their shooting position.

What bipod does MeatEater use?

MeatEater uses the Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base Bipod. This bipod is designed for high performance and is made from durable materials that will stand up to the toughest conditions. It features an adjustable leg height, with an adjustable tension knob that allows you to fine-tune the tension of the legs. The legs can pivot forward and back, and rotate to the left and right, allowing the shooter to adjust to the terrain. The Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod also features non-slip rubberized feet for added stability. It is lightweight, yet durable, making it a great option for hunters and precision shooters alike.

What is the best position for a bipod on a rifle?

The best position for a bipod on a rifle is typically on the forend of the stock, just behind the barrel. This position allows for the most stability and accuracy when shooting, as it puts the rifle’s center of gravity as close to the shooter’s body as possible. Additionally, the bipod should be adjusted so that the rifle is slightly elevated, as this helps to reduce muzzle flip and recoil. Properly adjusting the legs of the bipod is also important, as it allows the rifle to be leveled and stable while shooting. Finally, the use of shooting bags can also be beneficial when using a bipod, as they can help to further stabilize the rifle and reduce shooter fatigue.

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