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Best Bait For Crappie In Summer (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to summer fishing for crappie, choosing the right bait is an important part of having a successful day. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which one is the best. To help you make the right choice, here are five key points to consider when looking for bait for crappie in summer:

1. Temperature- The temperature of the water is an important factor to consider when choosing bait. In the summer, crappie prefer cooler water, so you'll want to look for bait that will attract them in these conditions.

2. Color- Crappie are attracted to bright and vibrant colors, so choosing bait with these colors can be beneficial.

3. Size- It's important to choose bait that is the right size for the crappie you are targeting. If the bait is too big, it won't be appealing to the fish.

4. Variety- Variety is important when it comes to bait. Different types of bait can be used to target different species of crappie, so having a variety of baits can be beneficial.

5. Location- Knowing where to fish for crappie is important when choosing bait. Different areas may require different types of bait, so it's important to research the local waters before deciding.

With these five key points in mind, you should be able to find the perfect bait for crappie in the summer. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced angler, having the right bait is essential for a successful day of fishing. So, be sure to do your research and choose the bait that will give you the best chance of catching the big one!

10 Best Bait For Crappie In Summer

1. Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit: 35pcs For Bass, Trout, Salmon, Crappie

The Fishinghappy 35pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait is an excellent choice for anglers looking for a reliable lure kit. The set contains 35 pieces of hard metal spinner baits, each of which can be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Suitable for Trout, Panfish and Bass, these lures vary in weight from 2.5g to 11g. The kit comes with a free tackle box, measuring 19cm in length, 3.9cm in height, and 10cm in width.

The spinner baits feature a smooth and rapid diving action, and come in attractive colors that make them ideal for catching big fish. With them, anglers will be able to hone their fishing skills and increase their chances of success. The kit is also a great gift idea for fishing lovers, and will be sure to put a smile on their face.

The Fishinghappy 35pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait is a great choice for those who want to get the most out of their fishing trips. With this kit, anglers will be able to find success no matter the species of fish they are trying to catch. The kit is also an ideal gift for those who love fishing, and will be sure to excite and delight.

2. Leland's Lures Crappie Magnet 8-Pack Grub Body, White/chartreuse

Leland's Lures Crappie Magnet 8-Pack Slab Magnet Grub Body Pack is the perfect freshwater fishing equipment and accessory for those looking to take their fishing game to the next level. This extra large jig body is much larger than other shad style baits on the market, featuring an extra wide flat tail which is what sets it apart from the rest. Each body is crafted with a pinch and pull tray system, ensuring that each one is perfectly straight out of the package.

The lure is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to spider rig, cast, or vertical fish it. It is made in the USA from high-grade plastic and bright colors that will not tear like other plastic baits on the market. The unique shape and size of the Leland's Lures Crappie Magnet 8-Pack Slab Magnet Grub Body Pack makes it an ideal choice for freshwater fishing.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, this freshwater fishing equipment and accessory is sure to help you catch more fish. Its versatile design makes it perfect for any type of fishing situation, and the extra large jig body and wide flat tail make it a great attraction for crappie and other types of fish. The high-grade plastic and bright colors won’t tear like other plastics on the market, so you can be sure that your lure will stay looking and performing great for a long time.

If you’re looking for a high-quality freshwater fishing equipment and accessory, look no further than the Leland's Lures Crappie Magnet 8-Pack Slab Magnet Grub Body Pack. With its extra large jig body, extra wide flat tail, and high-grade plastic that won’t tear, you’re sure to have plenty of success on your next fishing trip.

3. Unisex Fishing Pole Humor T-Shirt, Adult L, Sport Grey

This Gotta Love a Good Pole Dance | Funny Fishing Pole Humor Fisherman Unisex T-Shirt-(Adult,L) Sport Grey is perfect for the fisherman in your life. It features a humorous fishing pole design that is sure to bring a smile to any face.

This t-shirt is designed and screen printed with pride by skilled illustrators and printers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has a tagless tag printed on fabric inside the collar, so you can't even feel it when wearing it. There is no print on the backside.

This unisex t-shirt has a modern fit that is slightly tapered, giving it a less boxy look than the old style of mass-market t-shirt. It is pre-shrunk, but like any high-cotton product, will still shrink slightly in the wash. It is made from a combination of 90% USA-grown cotton and 10% polyester for a two-tone effect, using a ringspun, 30/1 fine jersey knit. The fabric is soft and smooth with a high thread-count, making it both comfortable and durable.

The t-shirt uses top-of-the-line QCM screen printing inks, manufactured in Pineville, North Carolina. This ink is highly crack resistant, making sure your design stays looking its best. The ink is also phthalate-free, CFC free, and rated as carcinogen-free by the state of California.

This Gotta Love a Good Pole Dance | Funny Fishing Pole Humor Fisherman Unisex T-Shirt-(Adult,L) Sport Grey is the perfect gift for any fisherman. With its humorous design and top-quality inks and fabric, it is sure to be a hit.

4. 50pcs 4.8cm Luminous Green Trout Bass Soft Lure Worms

This 4.8cm 50pcs/lot Luminous Green Trout Bass Crappie Scented Micro Fishing Bait Soft Lure Worms Glow Shrimps is an ideal choice for the anglers. These soft shrimps baits are designed with a length of 4.5cm/1.77", perfect for catching bream, bass, flathead, whiting, snapper, trevally, flounder, jewfish, kingfish, hairtail, golden perch, trout, redfin, bonito, salmon, tailor, bonito, small tuna, yellowtail, mackerel, squid and any other saltwater species.

These soft shrimps baits come with a special cavity in the body, which can be used for inserting hooks. It also has an extraordinary colour and looks just like a real shrimp. The bright colours help to attract big fish and make it a perfect choice for anglers. The silicone shrimp bait is also very simple to use and sits well on the hook.

This 4.8cm 50pcs/lot Luminous Green Trout Bass Crappie Scented Micro Fishing Bait Soft Lure Worms Glow Shrimps is perfect for amateur and expert anglers alike. It is also very easy to use and carry. With this lure, you can easily target any saltwater species that swims. So, if you're looking for an effective bait to use for your fishing trips, then this is the perfect choice for you.

5. 110pcs Crappie Lure Kit With Jig Heads & Soft Plastic Worms

The Dovesun Crappie Lures Kit is an ideal choice for both novice and experienced anglers. It comes with three types of soft lures and jig head hooks, including 80pcs of baits in six colors (10pcs of which can glow in the dark) and 30pcs of Crappie jigs. The kit is conveniently packaged in a portable box.

The kit includes two types of Grub Lures with four different colors. One offers a spiraling body profile and a cupped willow leaf tail, which sashays seductively on the sink and flutters with an eye-catching action. The other is molded with a ribbing from head to tail, creating more waves for an exaggerated swimming action with great drawing power.

The kit also includes Dovesun Swimmer Swimbait with a large paddle tail, which creates a wide swinging action through the entire body and swims like a kitech. It is crafted with a stronger and stiffer plastic, yet soft enough to have great action.

In addition, the kit contains Dovesun Jerk Shad baits with a super soft and incredibly durable body and a forked tail that closely resembles the look and swimming action of a shad. With the slightest twitch of the rod tip, they glides and swoops in various directions, which is very appealing to bass.

The jig head hooks are sharp and pointed with 3D holographic eyes on the top of hooks for a wider profile and added realism. They are available in three ultralight weights ranging from 1/32 to 1/8 oz, including 6 luminous lead-head hooks for night fishing.

The Dovesun Crappie Lures Kit is offered in a range of hatch-matching colors, including lifelike HD colors. It can be used in almost any situation and allows anglers to match different colors with different target species and environment. This comprehensive and versatile lures kit is sure to help anglers deliver plenty of tournament checks.

6. Lightweight Baitcaster Reel, 12.12lb Drag, 7.0:1 Ratio, Low Profile Fishing Reel.

The Fishdrops Baitcaster Reel is designed for maximum lightweight and affordability, without compromising on performance. This reel is constructed from high tension nylon, which keeps its strength while reducing the weight to a mere 7.5 oz. The CNC machined aluminum handle and gear ratio of 7.0:1 add to the attractive and powerful design. With incredible stopping power of 12.12 lbs, this reel is the perfect choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The Fishdrops Baitcaster Reel features an 11+1 ball bearing one way clutch system, which is an anti-reverse system, providing a smooth and steady operation. The reel is further equipped with a seven magnet bean magnetic brake system for complete cast control and a funnel-shaped line guide that drastically reduces line friction for better casting. This reel is suitable for various types of fishing such as boat fishing, rock fishing, carp fishing, bass fishing, surf fishing, lake fishing, river fishing, and travel fishing. The reel is also corrosion resistant and can withstand harsh saltwater conditions.

The Fishdrops Baitcaster Reel is the ideal choice for anglers looking for a lightweight, powerful, and affordable reel. With its high-quality construction and amazing performance, this reel is sure to meet the needs of any angler. With its ability to handle freshwater and saltwater conditions and its impressive stopping power and cast control, the Fishdrops Baitcaster Reel is the perfect choice for any angler.

7. Bobby Garland Mo' Glo 2" Baby Shad (18ct), Pink Phantom

The Bobby Garland Mo' Glo 2-Inch Baby Shad Glow-in-the-Dark Soft Plastic Fishing Lure is specially formulated to provide anglers with a powerful edge in low light or stained water conditions. Featuring the same solid body and thin spear tail as the original Baby Shad, this 18-pack of fishing lures is sure to draw in crappie and other game fish.

Tournament anglers have long been relying on the Bobby Garland Mo' Glo 2-Inch Baby Shad for its durable soft plastic construction and deep-bellied profile. This combination results in irresistible action when the tail is held from dancing. Even during the darkest of conditions, the specially designed glow-in-the-dark colors of these lures make them easy to spot.

Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned tournament veteran, the Bobby Garland Mo' Glo 2-Inch Baby Shad has all the features you need to be successful. With 18 lures per pack, you’ll have plenty of bait to bring in whatever game fish you’re targeting. And with its durable construction and reliable design, you can count on these lures to provide consistent results.

For anglers looking to up their game in low light or stained water situations, the Bobby Garland Mo' Glo 2-Inch Baby Shad is the perfect choice. With its glow-in-the-dark colors and solid body and tail, these lures can bring in even the most elusive of game fish. And with 18 lures per pack, you’ll have enough bait to last you throughout your fishing trip.

8. Weedless 3" Tadpole Fishing Lures For Bass, Crappie, Bluegill & Trout – Delong Usa

Delong Lures are expertly designed and handcrafted by experienced artisans, using high-quality plastic for maximum durability and longevity. Our slow sinking soft tadpole baits are perfect for long casting, deep sinking, and high catching rates. Whether you’re fishing in salt or freshwater, these baits are scented with Anise for maximum effectiveness, and feature weedless or double hooks to ensure increased hook-ups and fewer hung-up lures.

The three-dimensional structure of these lures is designed to create an erratic and pronounced action underwater. As a jerk bait, the carefully designed tadpoles help manage the subtle rolling action of the body and ensure the hook-point remains in the optimal hooking range. Delong Lures can be used to catch big predators such as Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Striper, and more.

These lures are available in multiple styles, including Black, Frog, Pumpkinseed, FireTiger, and Red Bug. The integrated weedless or double hooks are made from durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel for increased effectiveness and longevity. With Delong Lures, you’ll be able to catch more fish with fewer hung-up lures, and save your bait for future use.

Delong Lures make an excellent gift for men and women of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, these lures are designed to help you catch more fish and make your fishing trips more successful. Get ready to catch the biggest predators in the saltwater or freshwater with Delong Lures.

9. 25pcs 1/16oz Jig Heads With Eye Ball & Painted Hooks For Bass/crappie

These 1/16 oz Jig Heads Freshwater Fishing Lures are perfect for anglers of all levels. They feature a realistic 3D eye design and a willow leaf blade attached to a premium fishing swivel, which produces a bright flash and keeps a continuous action even at the slowest speeds. Available in a range of colors, these underspin jig heads are ready to match any forage in your waters.

The jig heads come in two weights: 1/16oz (1.75g) and 1/8oz (3.5g), and five different colors: Black, White, Pink, Yellow and Orange. Each case contains 25 pieces, making it convenient to carry with you on your next fishing trip. The heads are made of lead and have a long-lasting powder-coated paint finish. The hook is forged for durability and has a needle point for easy penetration, and is also equipped with a bait keeper to hold your soft plastics in place.

These jig heads are ideal for bass, crappie and other freshwater species. They offer a great selection of weights and colors to suit any fishing conditions. However, please note that the hooks on these lures are very sharp, so please keep them away from children.

If you’re looking for a reliable jig head that will help you to land your next big catch, then these 1/16 oz Jig Heads Freshwater Fishing Lures are the perfect choice. With their realistic design and wide selection of colors, they are sure to help you land the one that got away.

Best Bait For Crappie In Summer FAQs

How do you catch crappie when its hot?

When fishing for crappie in hot weather, a few techniques can help increase your success. First, consider fishing deeper waters. Crappie tend to seek out cooler temperatures found at greater depths. Also, use a slow, methodical approach when fishing. This can help entice the fish to bite. Try using live bait such as minnows, worms, or other small baitfish. If possible, use light tackle to help detect the subtle strikes of crappie. Additionally, pay close attention to structure such as fallen trees and weed lines, as crappie tend to congregate in these areas. Finally, try fishing during dusk or dawn when the water temperatures are cooler and the sun is not at its peak. Utilizing these tips can help you catch more crappie in hot weather.

What depth do crappie like in the summer?

In the summer, crappie tend to inhabit deeper waters than during other times of the year. They will typically be found around 15-20 feet deep in larger bodies of water, and around 10 feet deep in smaller bodies of water. Crappie will move to deeper waters to avoid the warmer surface temperatures and to find more oxygen. They will also move to deeper waters to find cooler, more comfortable temperatures. During the summer months, crappie will also school together in deeper waters, making them easier to find and catch. Additionally, they may also be found near structure such as logs, stumps, and vegetation. Knowing these depths and areas will help anglers catch more crappie during the summer.

What is the best bait for crappie?

The best bait for crappie will depend on the time of year and the water temperature. During the spring and summer months, live minnows are often the preferred bait for crappie. During the fall and winter, jigs and small crankbaits can be effective. Smaller lures, such as mini jigs, tube jigs, and grubs, are also popular choices. Colorful lures tend to be successful in clear water, while darker colors are better in stained water. Live bait, such as worms and crickets, can also be effective. Experimentation with different baits is the best way to determine which works the best in any particular situation. With patience and a bit of luck, anglers should be able to find the perfect combination of bait and lure that is sure to put a few crappie in the boat.

Where do crappies hang in the summer?

In the summer, crappies tend to hang around areas with cooler water temperatures and plenty of cover such as weed beds, logs, rocks, and brush piles. They also tend to group in deep, shady areas near the shore. Crappies will move to shallower waters in the morning and evening, but you'll usually find them in deeper waters during the hottest parts of the day. Additionally, they can be found near drop-offs, channel swings, areas with current, and other structure. Look for them in areas where they can find plenty of food sources like minnows, insects, and other aquatic life. Try to target the edges of these areas where the water is slightly deeper and has plenty of cover for the fish to hide.

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