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Best Audio Export Settings Premiere Pro (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to exporting audio from Premiere Pro, there are several key points to consider. Knowing these points will help you get the best possible audio quality in your final project. Here are five key points to consider when exporting audio from Premiere Pro:

1. Select the right format. Different formats will provide different levels of audio quality. Common audio formats include MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AAC.

2. Choose the right bit rate. The higher the bit rate, the higher the quality of the audio. However, a higher bit rate also increases the file size, so you should choose the bit rate that is appropriate for your project.

3. Consider sample rate. The sample rate determines how many samples of audio are taken per second. Higher sample rates provide higher quality audio, but also larger file sizes.

4. Adjust the levels. Make sure you adjust the levels correctly for your project. This will ensure the audio is at the right volume and is not distorted.

5. Monitor the audio. Once you have exported the audio, listen to it to make sure it's of the right quality. This will help you adjust the settings if needed.

By following these five key points, you can ensure that the audio you are exporting from Premiere Pro is of the highest quality. Take your time to adjust the settings and monitor the audio, and you should be able to get the best possible audio quality in your project.

10 Best Audio Export Settings Premiere Pro

1. Muteme Illuminated Physical Mute Button For Pc/mac (As Seen On Shark Tank)

MuteMe is the perfect solution for those of us who have experienced the frustration of trying to find the mute button when the unexpected happens. This illuminated physical mute button is compatible with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Google Meet, and more, and it's the perfect gift for your loved ones or team.

The MuteMe device has a stainless steel top which makes it easy to clean and enables capacitive touch to mute or unmute without making a sound. It also features a toggle-mode, push-to-talk, push-to-mute, and sleep mode selections, as well as multi-microphone control, 2 LED pulsing options, and 3 sound options when muting or unmuting.

The MuteMe device is compatible with MacOS and WindowsOS (currently not ChromeOS compatible), and it comes with a USB-C cord and USB-C to USB-A adaptor. The intuitive software has consistent updates, and a free software download is available on their website.

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2. Tourbox Neo Video Editing Controller Keyboard For Photoshop Lightroom, Premiere, Illustrator, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Graphics Tablet/mouse.

The TourBox NEO is an all-in-one editing console designed to streamline the content creation process. Whether it’s photo editing, video editing, illustration, animation, graphic design, or audio production, TourBox NEO has you covered. With 14 buttons that support single-click, double-click, press and hold, and combos, you can customize hundreds of functions and map keyboard shortcuts, macro commands, text, built-in functions, or the TourMenu panel.

The buttons are all unique in shape and texture, so you can recognize them without having to look down and search. TourBox NEO is compatible with almost any software, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier, Illustrator, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX, Clip Studio Paint, Camera Raw, Capture One, SAI, AutoCAD, Blender, Pro Tools, Chrome, iTunes, and Spotify. It also has a dynamic auto-switch that allows you to quickly switch between different presets when switching programs or workspaces.

In addition, TourBox NEO also integrates with different software through its API, allowing you to access functions that cannot be done with a mouse or keyboard. It also supports macro commands which allow you to send up to 100 commands with one click, including mouse moves, text access, opening files or web pages, and more. Plus, with the TourMenu plugin panel, you can collect your favorite sliders and tools in one place, helping you to synchronize your workflow and speed up your productivity.

3. Loupedeck Creative Tool – The Custom Editing Console For Photo, Video, Music And Design

The Loupedeck Creative Tool is the perfect companion for professionals looking to take their creative projects to the next level. With its custom editing console, users are able to take full advantage of the native integrations across Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop with Camera Raw, Capture One Pro 21 for MacOS, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live, OBS Studio, Streamlabs (Windows only), Ecamm and vMix.

Out of the box, the Loupedeck CT comes with a set of predefined tools and workspaces to get users started. With the included software, users can customize almost any button, touchscreen, wheel or dial to their desired workflow, giving them the precision editing they need to create the perfect edit. The software also features a full-screen editing mode, available exclusively through the Loupedeck software.

The Loupedeck CT is designed with high-quality aluminum cover and dials, touchscreens, LED backlighting, and machine-quality ball bearings to deliver a powerful and precise experience. Users can also create their own Custom Profiles using shortcuts and macros for any application they wish, and there are several profiles included such as DaVinci Resolve and Cubase to get started.

The Loupedeck Creative Tool is the perfect choice for professionals looking to take their creative projects to the next level. With its custom editing console, users can take full advantage of the native integrations and customize the console to their desired workflow. With its powerful performance and precision editing features, the Loupedeck CT is sure to give users the perfect edit they are looking for.

4. Loupedeck+: Photo/video Editing Console For Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition And Aurora Hdr.

The Loupedeck+ is the perfect photo and video editing console for pro and beginner photographers and videographers alike. With the Loupedeck+, achieving the perfect edit is made second nature, thanks to its intuitive buttons, dials, and sliders.

The Loupedeck+ is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Capture One Pro 21 for MacOS, Photoshop CC with Camera Raw, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut Pro, and Skylum Aurora HDR. This makes it the ideal choice for any photographer or videographer, no matter their skill level or the software they use.

Editing thousands of photos and video clips has never been easier than with the Loupedeck+. You can command multiple editing functions at the same time and focus on your image and video with Full Screen editing. Setup is quick and easy, too. The Loupedeck+ comes with some factory default functions for each supported software, so you can begin editing immediately.

Take charge of your editing and get your photos and video just the way you want them with a plethora of customization options available with the Loupedeck+. With its intuitive design, compatibility with all major editing software, and customization capabilities, the Loupedeck+ is the perfect choice for any photographer or videographer looking to take their editing to the next level.

5. Xskn Magic Keyboard Shortcuts Skin For Us Mla22ll/a.

The XSKN Magic Keyboard Premiere Pro Shortcuts Keyboard Cover is the perfect accessory for any professional user of Adobe Premiere Pro CC software. This durable silicone keyboard skin is designed to fit the 2015 released Apple Magic Keyboard, with the lower right corner key square in shape.

The XSKN skin is heat molded to ensure an impeccable fit, and then hand screened with silicone paint, creating a durable, crack-proof, and washable product. The ultra-thin design and low key height make for comfortable typing, even after long periods of use. XSKN is the inventor of silicone keyboard skins, and they continue to search for the best quality silicone to ensure an organic cashmere feel.

This XSKN keyboard cover is the perfect addition for any Adobe Premiere Pro CC user. The hotkey designs make it easier for users to become familiar with the shortcuts, increasing their productivity. The durable, soft, and washable material make it a long-lasting, reliable product.

Take your Adobe Premiere Pro CC experience to the next level with the XSKN Magic Keyboard Premiere Pro Shortcuts Keyboard Cover. With its perfect fit and hotkey designs, it will help you become a more efficient user. The durable, ultra-thin, and washable material make it a reliable and comfortable product. Get your XSKN keyboard cover today and see the difference in your workflow.

6. Short Keyboard Cover For 2021 Macbook Pro M1/m1 Max 14.2"/16.2" (Touch Id).

The XSKN Premiere Pro Function Shortcuts Hotkeys US Version Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin is designed for 2021 released US version Apple 14.2-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro or M1 MAX Chip model number A2442, and compatible with 2021released US version 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro or M1 MAX Chip model number A2485 Laptop. It is specially engineered to ensure 1:1 fit, and manufactured to the highest quality soft durable silicone material available.

The XSKN keyboard skin is designed with a QWERTY character layout and English shortcut design for Adobe Premiere Pro software, ideal for MacBook Pro software users. This allows them to speed up their workflow and finish projects faster and easier, especially for those who are not familiar with function hotkeys. This helps to increase your work efficiency.

Every detail of the XSKN silicone skin is clearly printed and heat molded to ensure each color is painted. The keys are individually molded and printed on a clear silicone for a long lasting professional look. It is soft, ultra-thin, durable and easy to washable.

The XSKN silicone keyboard cover provides full protection for your keyboard against spills, dust, liquid spill (coffee/beer/milk), dirty fingers and other contaminants. This helps to keep your keyboard clean and safe and saves you from buying a new keyboard.

Overall, the XSKN Premiere Pro Function Shortcuts Hotkeys US Version Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin is an ideal choice for anyone looking to increase their workflow and efficiency while protecting their keyboard from damage. It is made from the highest quality materials, with each key individually molded and printed for a long lasting professional look.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro Cc Keyboard | Backlit Pc Windows Edition | Editors Keys Shortcut Keyboard

This Adobe Premiere Pro CC Backlit Shortcut Keyboard for Windows PC is the perfect tool for any video editor. With 3 levels of backlighting and over 150 shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, this keyboard will help you master Adobe Premiere and speed up your editing by over 40%. It's designed with Windows users in mind and is the perfect tool for any video editor working with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

This keyboard is designed to make working with Adobe Premiere Pro CC easier and more efficient. It has over 150 shortcuts, which enable you to quickly and easily access the most commonly used commands. This allows you to quickly access the tools you need without having to search through menus or take your hands off the keyboard. This can save you time and increase your productivity.

The keyboard also features 3 levels of backlighting. This allows you to work in dimly lit environments without having to strain your eyes. The light is bright enough to easily see the keys without it being too bright to be distracting. The backlighting also helps you keep track of what shortcut keys you are using and allows you to find the keys you need quickly and easily.

This keyboard is designed for Windows users and is the perfect tool for any video editor working with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. With its easy-to-use shortcuts and 3 levels of backlighting, you can master Adobe Premiere and speed up your editing by over 40%. This keyboard is a great investment for any video editor and will help you get the most out of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

8. Corsair K70 Pro Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Mx Blue, 8khz, Pbt, Soft-Touch Rest) – Qwerty, Na – Black

Corsair K70 RGB PRO Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a superior gaming experience. The K70 RGB PRO is equipped with the legendary elements of the award-winning K70 RGB, including a durable aluminum frame, CHERRY MX mechanical keyswitches, and per-key RGB backlighting. What sets this keyboard apart is the CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, which allows for up to 8x faster input transmission than conventional gaming keyboards.

The CHERRY MX RGB Blue mechanical keyswitches feature a small bump when pressed and emit an audible click, providing a satisfying typing experience that can be both heard and felt. The polycarbonate keycaps come with a standard bottom row layout, which supports custom keycap sets and allows for greater customization. The K70 RGB PRO also features a tournament switch that can be used to focus on crucial games, automatically locking to a distraction-free static backlighting and disabling accidental macro activations.

The Corsair K70 RGB PRO Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers who want a superior gaming experience. It offers lightning-fast transmission, tactile and clicky keyswitches, and the ability to customize the keyboard with custom keycap sets. With its durable aluminum frame, CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, and tournament switch, the K70 RGB PRO is sure to give gamers an edge in their gaming.

Best Audio Export Settings Premiere Pro FAQs

How do I export audio in Premiere?

In order to export audio in Adobe Premiere Pro, you will need to use the Export Media window. First, select the audio clip(s) you want to export and then select File > Export > Media. In the Export Settings window, select the Format dropdown and select your desired audio file format, such as WAV or MP3. Next, select the Destination dropdown and choose where you would like to save the exported audio file. Finally, click the Export button to save your file. You can also adjust the Audio Settings, including bitrate and sample rate, to customize the output of your audio file. After the export is finished, you can find the exported audio file in the location you specified.

How do I export lossless audio in Premiere Pro?

In Premiere Pro, you can export lossless audio by selecting the “Format” option in the Export Settings window and choosing the audio file format you wish to use. Depending on the type of audio file you need, you may choose from the following formats: WAV, AIFF, M4A, or FLAC. Once you have chosen the format for your audio, you can adjust the export settings by selecting the “Audio” tab in the Export Settings window. Here you can choose the sample rate, bit depth, and other settings for your audio file. Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can click “Export” to save your file.

What is the best bitrate settings for Premiere Pro?

The best bitrate settings for Premiere Pro depend on the project and the desired output. For high-quality video, it is generally recommended to use a bitrate of 8 Mbps or higher. For 4K video, it is recommended to use a bitrate of 16 Mbps or higher. For HD video, it is recommended to use a bitrate of 6 Mbps or higher. Ultimately, the bitrate should be set to achieve the desired quality level. It is also important to consider the file size when setting the bitrate. Higher bitrates result in larger file sizes, so a lower bitrate may be more appropriate for projects that require smaller file sizes. Additionally, adjusting the bitrate based on the content of the video can help to reduce file size while maintaining the desired quality.

What is the best export settings in Adobe Premiere?

The best export settings in Adobe Premiere depend on the type of project and the desired result. For general video editing, the H.264 codec with an MP4 container is recommended for most users. Additionally, setting a bitrate of 10-12 Mbps is recommended for HD video. If you are working with 4K video, a bitrate of 20-30 Mbps is recommended. For audio, the AAC codec at a bitrate of 320 kbps is recommended for most projects. For further customization, the presets within Adobe Premiere can be adjusted to your specific needs. Additionally, changing the export profile to match the format of the destination video platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo, can ensure the best quality results.

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