10 Best Athletic Shoe For Flat Feet (2023 Updated)

When looking for athletic shoes for flat feet, there are five key points to consider: support, cushioning, stability, arch support, and foot width. With these five points in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect shoe for your feet.

For starters, support is one of the most important things to consider when looking for an athletic shoe for flat feet. You want to look for shoes that provide ample support to prevent your feet from rolling in or out and help to prevent injury. The right kind of support will also help your feet stay comfortable during exercise.

Cushioning is also important when looking for an athletic shoe for flat feet. You want to look for shoes that offer plenty of cushioning to help absorb the impact of your steps and reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, cushioning helps to keep your feet comfortable while you exercise.

Stability is another key factor to consider when looking for an athletic shoe for flat feet. Shoes with stability features like a rocker bottom and motion control technologies help to reduce the risk of injury and allow you to move more naturally.

Arch support is also essential for people with flat feet. Look for shoes with extra arch support to help improve your foot alignment and reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, foot width is an important factor to consider when looking for an athletic shoe for flat feet. Shoes that are too narrow can cause pain and discomfort, while shoes that are too wide can cause blisters and rubbing. Make sure to measure your feet and try on shoes to ensure that you get the right size.

By keeping these five key points in mind when looking for an athletic shoe for flat feet, you can be sure to find the perfect shoe for your feet. With the right support, cushioning, stability, arch support, and foot width, you can be sure to have a comfortable and safe workout.

10 Best Athletic Shoe For Flat Feet

1. Men/women Orthotic Inserts For Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain & Flat Feet

These Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles are specifically designed to provide relief for arch pain and offer optimum comfort for men and women. These orthotic inserts are perfect for any age, any type of footwear, and any activity. They offer strong arch support with a hard TPU and cushioning layer with PU memory foam base. The deep heel cradle with built-in heel support keeps the foot bone vertical and balanced for improved stability.

The Anti Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology ensures a superb level of arch support and provides a shock-absorbing effect. The gel forefoot and air capsules work together to provide enhanced cushioning, while the velvety breathable cover reduces heat and friction. Additionally, these insoles are adjustable and can be easily trimmed and adapted to fit your needs.

These orthotics have been recommended by podiatrists and provide relief from plantar fasciitis, high arch, flat feet, pronation, back, ankle, knee, neck, lower back, joint, posture, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, shin splints, bunions and Morton's neuroma. They are perfect for walking, running, standing, cross-training, or any other type of athletic, casual or workout activity.

For complete customer satisfaction, these Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles come with a 100% risk free purchase and a 1-year guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply contact us and we will replace or refund your shoe inserts. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for your feet. So don't wait, click ‘Add to Cart’ and start enjoying optimal foot comfort now!

2. Men's Rebound Core Extra Wide Walking Shoes – 10.5 X-Wide, Black

FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men offer a perfect solution for those with wider feet or suffering from foot problems like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions and hammertoes. With its wide-toe-box and high-instep design, these shoes provide the extended room for free movement of the toes that other shoes just can't match.

The patented PropelCore Sole provides exceptional support and cushioning, so you can be sure of comfortable wear all day while the durable suede and mesh fabric upper ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable. The non-slip outsoles provide superior gripping and motion stability and the shock absorption pads ease your bounce and the solid heel ring make your steps steady, helping you feel less tired even after a long day walking or standing.

If you are looking for shoes that provide extra wide width and superior comfort, FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men are the answer. With their stylish design and superior features, these shoes provide a perfect balance of comfort and support for your feet. They are perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and need shoes that can provide superior comfort and support.

3. Focuson Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles, Comfort Shoe Inserts For Foot Pain Relief.

FocusOnInsole Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Shoe Inserts are designed to provide cushioning and comfort for those suffering from foot pain. These orthotic inserts provide exceptional arch support, helping to minimize arch pain and discomfort. The deep cradle heel helps to maintain the vertical foot bone, improving stability and reducing pressure on the foot.

These shoe inserts are made from high-quality and durable dual base layered high-performance TPU foam and PU material, providing a soft and luxurious feel. The ultra-thin low profile design with a velvety top fabric ensures that feet get the best care. Each insole is flexible and can be trimmed to fit better in shoes. They are ideal for everyday use, such as work shoes, sports shoes, boots, high volume dress shoes, walking and hiking shoes.

FocusOnInsole shoe insoles can provide relief for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arch, pronation, ankle, back, neck, knee, lower back, joint, posture, metatarsalgia, bunions, heel spurs, shin splints and Morton's neuroma. They also provide cushioning and shock absorption, which can reduce the heel and arch pain.

It is recommended to start wearing the inserts for 2-3 hours each day, and gradually increasing the time each day. Since they are constructed of firm TPU material, it is normal if the midsole of shoes make a sound. If the customer is not satisfied with the insoles, they can claim a replacement or a full refund.

4. Baby Boys Girls T-Strap Moccasins First Walker Shoes + Headband

Every parent wants their kid to look fashionable and stay comfortable in their shoes. The Baby Girls Boys T-Strap Moccasins First Walker Bling Anti-Slip Mary Jane Flat Crib Shoes Headband Athletic Shoes Gold is the perfect choice for that. The waterproof outer material is made of leather, making it breathable and comfortable for your little one.

The built-in system upper ensures excellent flexibility and the Huarache 2k4 Baby Girl Casual Shoes for Kids Size 8 Tennis Shoe for Girls Shoes Size 6 for Girls Shoes 4c Girls Running Shoes Toddler Girls Size 5 Youth Shoes No Tie Shoes for Adults Size 1 Shoes for Girls Kids provides a fashionable look. The shoes also feature anti-slip design, making it the perfect choice for first walkers.

This pair of shoes is perfect for any occasion. It is suitable for kids of all ages and makes a great gift choice. The shoes are lightweight and available in multiple sizes, making it easy to find the right fit.

From playing outdoors to dressy events, the Baby Girls Boys T-Strap Moccasins First Walker Bling Anti-Slip Mary Jane Flat Crib Shoes Headband Athletic Shoes Gold is the perfect choice for all occasions. They are comfortable and stylish, making it a great choice for kids of all ages. The breathable material ensures your little one's feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.

5. Cheer Shoes For Women & Youth – White Sports Shoes – Lightweight & Breathable – Training Athletic Flats – Sizes.

The Cheer Shoes for womens Youth Girls Cheerleading shoes White Kids Cheer Sneakers are designed with the utmost comfort and practicality in mind. The lightweight construction utilizes a featherweight rubber outsole with a whorl pattern design for improved durability and unrestricted sports performance. The shoes also feature a synthetic leather upper for added durability, a thickened insole, and a foot-feeling top line for added comfort.

These shoes are also incredibly flexible, with a fabric on the toes and a flexible rubber bottom, both of which ensure the shoes will remain strong and durable. The shoes also feature a soft terry lining which absorbs moisture to keep feet cool. The tongue wraps around the instep for a home-like feel.

The outsoles of the shoes are designed to be supportive and provide positive effects on an athlete’s feet. The grooved pattern of the sole increases friction and provides a solid grip. The shoes are bright and brilliant white, perfect for pairing with jeans and shorts.

These lightweight cheerleading shoes are perfect for cheerleading, dancing, stunts, tumbling, fitness, aerobics, and leisure. Weighing the same as a fashionable mobile phone, these shoes are not clunky and heavy like most children's sports shoes. Before purchasing, make sure to measure your foot and pick the corresponding foot length size. With the Cheer Shoes for womens Youth Girls Cheerleading shoes White Kids Cheer Sneakers, you will be able to perform any activity with confidence and comfort.

6. Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles – Shock Absorption – Orthotic Comfort – Men & Women

The Flame Boost Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles from EASYFEET are designed to provide superior motion control and shock absorption for athletes of all levels. Made with a flexible arch support, a high-grade shock absorption gel in both the forefoot and heel, and an ultra-cushioned foam layer, these insoles provide an extra level of comfort and support. The breathable velvety cover keeps feet dry and fresh, as the moisture-wicking treatment manages temperature and prevents odor.

The Flame Boost insoles are perfect for any sporting activity, from running and cross-training to gym, snowboarding, and skateboarding. They are designed to fit into both casual and athletic footwear, and can be easily trimmed for a perfect fit. The springy TPU arch in the insoles gently supports the foot and the PU foam layer provides equal load distribution.

By wearing the Flame Boost insoles, athletes can reduce the risk of common injuries such as runner’s knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures, as well as minimize foot-related pain and reduce stress on joints, knees, and lower back. The superior cushioning and shock absorption also helps to prevent slippage that could cause blisters.

EASYFEET pledges complete customer satisfaction, offering a 1-year guarantee, free shipping, and a 100% refund if customers are not satisfied with the product for any reason. With the Flame Boost Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles, athletes of all levels can be confident that their feet will remain comfortable and supported during any activity.

7. Skechers Gorun Consistent Men's Running Shoes, Grey/navy, 10 X-Wide

The Skechers GOrun Consistent is the perfect choice for a variety of workouts, both in and out of the gym. This athletic shoe is designed with a lightweight and breathable upper, made from a combination of leather, synthetic and mesh fabric. It features a lace up front, padded collar and tongue, and the S logo printed on the side.

For comfort, the shoe is equipped with ULTRA GO cushioning in the midsole. This cushioning is both responsive and supportive, and it also includes a parametric midsole construction for added stability. The Air Cooled Goga Mat insole provides cushioning, shock absorption and support.

The outsole of the Skechers GOrun Consistent features a mid-foot strike zone, designed to promote efficiency in each stride. This athletic shoe is also lightweight and durable, with a weight of 8 3/4 oz. per shoe in a men's size 9.

The Skechers GOrun Consistent is ideal for any type of workout, including interval running, walking, treadmill and more. With its cushioning, support and lightweight design, it's the perfect choice for any athlete.

8. Orthotics Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis – Men 4-4.5, Women 6-6.5 – Arch Support, Cushioning, Pain Relief.

Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis Insoles are designed to provide support and relief to those suffering from foot pain. The arch support helps to correct foot deformities, alleviate pain and distribute pressure evenly across the foot. The orthopedic insoles are a great choice for activities such as standing, walking, running and jumping, as they provide additional stability and balance which helps to prevent alignment issues in the knees, hips and spine, and improve form.

These insoles are ideal for those dealing with pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, metatarsalgia, ball of foot, bunion, ankle Achilles Tendonitis, sciatica, leg and back pain. The deep heel cups are great for those who are on their feet all day, and the shock absorbing cushion pad under the heel helps to absorb shock and reduce stress on the ankle.

The Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis Insoles come in a variety of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for both men and women. What's more, no trimming is required, making them ideal for use in sneakers, work boots and running shoes. With these insoles, you can enjoy comfortable, pain-free activities and feel confident in your movements.

9. Toddler Girls' Sandals: Soft Rubber Flats, Breathable Athletic Soles.

These Toddler Girls Sandals Soft Rubber Flats provide the perfect combination of comfort and style. The hook and loop closure design makes it easy to adjust the size to fit your child’s foot, and always stay in place. This ensures that your little one has the support they need when learning to walk, playing, and running. The shoes sole is made of soft rubber, and has regular patterns engraved into it to reduce slipping and falling. Additionally, the soft and flexible sole makes it extremely friendly to your toddler’s delicate feet.

These sandals are lightweight and easy to care for. The material is non-irritating and won’t cause any skin discomfort. Available in sizes 3-13, you’ll be able to find the perfect sandals for your little one’s needs. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the pool, or just a day of running and playing, these sandals provide both comfort and style.

These sandals are a must-have for any toddler wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable and supportive, but they also add a touch of style and fashion to any outfit. They’re perfect for any occasion, from running around the house to dressing up for a special occasion. With these sandals, you can be sure your child will stay comfortable and look fashionable all day long.

10. Saucony Men's Cohesion 13 Walking Shoe, Black | White, 11.5 M Us

The Saucony Men’s Cohesion 13 Walking Shoe is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Its Grid technology offers superior cushioning, while the VersaFoam cushioning provides a soft and supportive feel. The rubber outsole ensures traction and durability, even during the toughest workouts. The supportive rubber overlays ensure the foot is held in place, and provide extra protection.

The Saucony Men’s Cohesion 13 is perfect for runners who prefer a neutral pronation. The 12mm offset ensures the perfect balance of cushioning and foot protection. Additionally, the shoe is not water resistant or waterproof, so it is best suited for dry and warm running conditions.

The Saucony Men’s Cohesion 13 Walking Shoe is an ideal choice for athletes looking for a shoe that offers superior performance and comfort. The Grid technology and VersaFoam cushioning provide maximum support and cushioning, while the rubber outsole and supportive overlays ensure the foot is held in place and protected. The 12mm offset provides the perfect balance of cushioning and foot protection. With its neutral pronation, this shoe is perfect for runners who prefer a neutral pronation.

Best Athletic Shoe For Flat Feet FAQs

Can flat feet wear sneakers?

Yes, flat feet can wear sneakers. Sneakers are an excellent choice for people with flat feet because they provide added support and cushioning. Many sneakers are designed with arch support and added cushioning to help prevent flat feet from becoming painful. Some sneakers, such as those with motion control technology, are specially designed to provide extra support and stability for people with flat feet. Additionally, sneakers with a wide toe box can provide extra room for the toes to spread out, and are often recommended for people with flat feet. When shopping for sneakers for flat feet, it’s important to look for a pair that offers the right amount of support and cushioning. Additionally, make sure to try on the sneakers to make sure they fit properly and offer enough room for the toes.

Do flat feet need more arch support?

Yes, flat feet do need more arch support. Flat feet can be caused by many different factors, such as genetics, overuse, trauma, or aging. When the arch of the foot is weak or there is a lack of arch support, this can cause a number of issues, including pain, instability, and difficulty walking. In order to provide extra arch support for flat feet, special arch support orthotics can be added to the shoes. These orthotics provide extra cushioning, stability, and shock absorption to help alleviate foot pain and improve mobility. In addition, it is important to wear shoes that provide good arch support, as well as to stretch and strengthen the feet through exercises. With the right treatment, most people with flat feet can find relief and improved mobility.

What is the best athletic shoes for flat feet?

The best athletic shoes for flat feet depend on the type of activity you plan to do. For running, a well-cushioned shoe with stability features such as a medial post or dual-density midsole can help to control pronation and provide arch support. For court sports, look for a shoe with a low-to-the-ground feel for better control and responsiveness. Cross-training shoes are usually a good choice for flat feet, combining the cushioning of a running shoe with the support of a court shoe. In any case, make sure the shoe fits well, offers plenty of room for your toes, and provides enough support for your arch. Additionally, you may want to consider orthotics or arch supports to further customize your shoes for your flat feet.

What shoes not to wear with flat feet?

People with flat feet should avoid wearing shoes with inadequate cushioning and support. Shoes with very thin soles and high heels should also be avoided, as they can increase pressure on the feet and cause discomfort. Shoes without arch support, such as flip-flops and sandals, can also put additional stress on the feet and result in pain or discomfort. Shoes with a deep heel cup and flexible sole provide the best support for flat feet. It is also important to look for shoes with good shock absorption and cushioning to help protect the feet from the impact of walking and running. Orthotic insoles can also be added to shoes to provide extra support and comfort.

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