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Best Alarm Sound For Heavy Sleepers (2023 Updated)

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If you're a heavy sleeper, you know how difficult it can be to wake up on time. Traditional alarms just don't cut it and you may find yourself hitting the snooze button multiple times. That's why it's important to consider an alarm sound specifically designed for heavy sleepers. Here are five key points to consider when looking for the best alarm sound for heavy sleepers:

1. Volume: The sound should be loud enough to break through your deep sleep and wake you up. Look for an alarm sound that is at least 85 decibels, as this is the minimum level experts recommend for heavy sleepers.

2. Vibration: Some alarms come with a vibrating feature. This can be especially helpful for heavy sleepers, as the vibration can help to further wake you up.

3. Variety: Variety is key when it comes to choosing the best alarm sound for heavy sleepers. This will help to keep the sound from becoming too familiar and help you stay awake. Look for an alarm sound that has multiple options to choose from.

4. Durability: Make sure the alarm you choose is made from quality materials and is built to last. This will ensure that your alarm will continue to work for years to come.

5. Ease of Use: Look for an alarm sound that is easy to use. This will help to ensure that you can quickly set it up and start using it right away.

When it comes to choosing the best alarm sound for heavy sleepers, these five key points should be taken into consideration. By taking the time to research the available options, you can ensure that you find the perfect alarm sound to help you wake up on time.

10 Best Alarm Sound For Heavy Sleepers

1. Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light With Dual Alarms, Snooze, Sleep Aid, 7 Nature Sounds, 8 Colors Night Light, Fm Radio, Gift Idea

This Sunrise Alarm Clock is the perfect way to start your day right! It helps you or your kids wake up naturally with a gradual increase in light, from soft morning red to orange, until your room is filled with bright white light. To make sure you don’t oversleep, you can set a dual alarm with 7 natural sounds and 10 sound volume. Need a few more minutes of sleep? No problem – just tap the “Snooze” button at the top for an extra 9 minutes.

To help you relax and drift off to sleep, this alarm clock also features sleep aid with 7 sleep sounds, a soft night light, and auto-off timer (30 minutes to 12 hours). You can also adjust the clock display brightness to your own preference, or turn it off completely.

If you’re looking for a little entertainment, this alarm clock also has an FM radio function, with an automatic scan of radio channels with a frequency of 76-108 MHz. And if you want to create a cozy atmosphere, you can use the 8 color light and 3 warm white light, with stepless dimming control (500lux @35cm).

Easy to use, with all setting buttons visible on the touch-controlled panel, this Sunrise Alarm Clock is sure to help you and your kids wake up ready for a new day. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed – if you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll offer free replacement or full refund.

2. Loud Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers – Clock Radio W/high Fidelity Sound & 4 Wake Up Sounds, Dimmer, Night Light & Small Size.

This BUFFBEE Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is the perfect way to wake up on time in the morning. Featuring a 100dB extra-loud alarm sound, this clock is designed specifically to get deep sleepers out of bed. The 0-100% display dimmer allows you to dim the numbers very bright or completely off, so you don't have to worry about it disturbing your sleep.

The clock also features a 5 watt, high-fidelity upward speaker that provides clear sound quality and a 30 level adjustable volume. You can wake up to your favorite sound with four wake up sounds to choose from: bird, piano, beep, and FM radio. For extra convenience, the clock has a battery backup that saves your time and alarm settings in case of a power outage.

This BUFFBEE Loud Alarm Clock also features a 7-color nightlight with an ON/OFF option, which can be used to create the perfect sleep environment. With the sleep timer, you can automatically turn off the nightlight or radio based on your sleep schedule. This small-size clock is perfect for bedside and bedrooms and is sure to help you get the rest you need.

3. Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light, Led Digital Clock For Heavy Sleepers

The AFEXOA digital alarm clock is a stylish and modern sunrise alarm clock designed to help you wake up gradually and peacefully. Inspired by a sunrise at sea, the alarm clock combines a semi-circular LED screen and wood grain frame to create an attractive look. The alarm clock will glow 5-60 minutes before your chosen wake-up time, with the color and brightness of the light slowly changing from red to bright yellow.

The alarm clock comes with 6 alarm sounds to choose from, including soft music and natural sounds, to ensure you wake up on time. The alarm sound goes up to 110 dB, making it perfect for heavy sleepers. With three alarm time modes, you can set a daily, weekday, or weekend alarm for the alarm. If the alarm goes off and you need a few extra minutes of sleep, simply touch the top of the metal frame to snooze and get an extra 9 minutes of sleep.

The LED kids alarm clock features a sensitive touch lamp and 5 adjustable brightness levels for warm white light, 7 monochrome lights, and 5 colorful ambient lights. This allows you to create a romantic and soothing atmosphere. With 10 smooth sounds, the alarm clock functions like a sound machine to help your little ones and older kids get into a deep, restful sleep. You can also use the 15, 30, 60, or 90 minute sleep timer to have the natural sounds and lights automatically turn off. If the LED screen is too bright, you can adjust the brightness with the dimmer on the side of the alarm clock.

In addition to being an alarm clock, the AFEXOA also has a temperature display, which you can choose to measure in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also has a 5V/1A USB slot that can be used as a power bank to charge your electronic devices. The alarm clock can also be used as a nightlight, nursery lamp, desk light, and ambient light. With the help of the alarm clock, you can easily choose the color and brightness you want.

4. Sunrise Alarm Clock With Dual Alarms, Sunrise Simulation, Fm Radio, & Sleep Aid

The Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is the perfect way to wake up naturally and start your day with a smile. This Sleep Aid digital alarm clock is designed to help you get out of bed with ease, featuring a sunrise simulation light that will gradually increase from 10% to 100% brightness over the course of 30 minutes before the alarm time. You can adjust the length of time to 20 or 10 minutes if needed. With two separate alarms, you can choose which one works for you and take advantage of the snooze function for an extra nine minutes of sleep.

The LED time display brightness can be adjusted to three different levels, as well as the lighting brightness to 20 levels. It also features 7 different alarm sounds, such as Bird songs, Ocean Wave, Streams, Beep, Wind bells and Soft or Piano Music. Plus, with the FM radio, you can switch it on by pressing the "Radio" button and use the automatic station scan feature to find all available frequencies from 76 – 108 MHz.

The device also features a nightlight bedside lamp that can give you the perfect lighting for any occasion. Simply press the ☀ button on the upper left to switch it on, and use the "+" / "-" button to adjust the brightness to your preference. Enjoy soft and warm lighting for night time activities such as feeding your baby, going to the toilet, or reading a book.

For a heavy sleeper or a child, the Sunrise Alarm Clock offers the perfect way to start the day with a natural wake-up. With its adjustable light, alarm and sound settings, you can choose the perfect lighting and sound to get you out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to begin your day. It makes a great gift for anyone looking for a natural and pleasant way to wake up every morning.

5. Sunrise Alarm Clock With Fm Radio, 4 Alarms, 7 Sounds, App Control.

Dekla's Sunrise Analog Alarm Clock is designed to help create an ideal sleeping environment for everyone. The clock combines traditional sound alarm clock, natural wake-up light, and intelligent atmosphere light, and supports App control to avoid tedious operations. It also has four alarm clocks and tapping "snooze" functions to meet different needs.

The clock is equipped with seven different natural sounds, including bird singing, ocean singing, stream singing, buzzer, wind chime, piano music, and soft music, to gently wake you up from sleep. It also has FM function for those FM enthusiasts. With the sleep assistant function, you can choose a sleep assistant time of 10-120 minutes. The light will gradually darken during that time and accompany you into a dream. When you wake up in the middle of the night, the clock will still be a small night light. Just press the button, and it will emit soft light with adjustable level 20 brightness.

The package includes the sunrise alarm clock, charging adapter and USB cable, clock holder, and user manual. Our tutorial is easy to understand, even for elderly and children. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide after-sales and return services. With the Dekla Sunrise Analog Alarm Clock, you can be sure to have a good night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

6. Wireless Alarm Clock W/ Charger Station & Sound Control, Dual Alarm, Temp Display (White B)

This Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger Station is the perfect addition to any bedroom. It features a 10W fast wireless charging capability, supporting 5W/7.5W/10W adaptive charging, so you can simply place your Qi Wireless Charging Compatible phone on top of the clock and it’d start charging automatically.

This alarm clock is adjustable and can provide up to 5 types of white noise as sound preferences. You can also control the volume of the alarm clock, so it won't be too loud or too low to wake you up from a deep sleep. It also has a more clear LED digit display with 3 level range dimmable, so you can easily adjust it to your favorite brightness level. What's more, it has an intelligent light sensing design that will automatically adjust the brightness at night, so it won't disturb your sleep.

In addition, this alarm clock also features a dual alarm setting. So you can hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off and enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep.

The package includes the packing box, alarm clock and Type C cable. The adapter is not included and needs to be purchased separately. A 10w adapter is recommended. With all these amazing features, this Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger Station is the perfect choice for any bedroom.

7. Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light – Heavy Sleepers, Kids, Adults, Teens – Fm Radio, Night Light, Sound Machine – Bedroom, Xmas Gifts.

This Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light is an ideal choice for everyone, from kids to heavy sleepers, adults to teens. With advanced sunrise simulation technology, the alarm clock emits light 10 to 60 minutes before the alarm time and the brightness can be adjusted in 20 levels. You can choose from seven alarm sounds or FM radio as the wake-up sound. It features 7 colors light including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, as well as RGB mood light to create a romantic and soothing atmosphere.

The dual alarm clock settings can be set for daily alarm, weekday alarm or weekend alarm. You can also enjoy the tap to snooze button which allows you to snooze for up to nine minutes. The anti-slip rubber base keeps the clock steady and prevents it from shifting.

This Wake-Up Light also features 8 natural sounds including insect chirp, ocean waves, piano sound, bird singing, sea gull+ocean waves, melody, music box, soft music. You can also listen to the FM radio which can search radio channels automatically or manually within a frequency of 76.0 – 108.0 MHz.

The fall asleep/sleep aid function of this Wake Up Light allows you to personalize your sleep routine. You can set the sunset feature to dim gradually within 10 to 120 minutes after fall asleep feature is activated. It also has the function to keep the light and FM radio/sound of Wake-Up Light on before you go to sleep, creating a peaceful ambient to aid your sleep.

This Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light is a perfect choice as a gift for your loved ones. With its advanced features and functions, it can easily meet the needs of everyone.

8. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock With 25 Nature Sounds, 12 Colors, Sunrise/sunset Simulation, Dual Alarms, Snooze, Sleep Aid (White)

This OrangeLight Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock is the perfect tool for those looking to start their mornings in a gentle and natural way. The integrated sunrise simulation feature wakes you up slowly and naturally, with the light and the alarm tone gradually becoming brighter and louder over a 10-90 minute period. Dual alarm functions allow you to set two separate alarms, and you can also opt to wake without light.

The sunset simulation feature helps you fall asleep easily and naturally. You can set the initial brightness, duration, sleep sound and volume in advance, and the light will gradually dim from the set initial brightness to off within 15-90 minutes with a soothing sound.

The 12 colors night light has three modes – 10 Colors Atmosphere Light Mode / Colorful Changing Light Mode / Breathing Light Mode, and you can adjust the brightness to a comfortable level with 20 levels of brightness. Also, there are 25 white noise sleep sounds, including Brown Noise / Fan /Rain / Brook / Sea Wave / Bird / Campfire / Train / Piano / Meditation / Lullabies, and 32 levels of volume that can be adjusted.

The design of this alarm clock is very user-friendly, with the buttons clearly distributed into three key areas: alarm clock, night light, and white noise machine. It is also safety certified with FCC, CE and RoHS, and comes with an 18-month warranty. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us.

9. Screaming Meanie Tz-120 Alarm Timer (Assorted Colors, No Battery)

The Screaming Meanie TZ-120 is an incredibly loud, multi-purpose timer that is perfect for heavy sleepers, truckers, and travelers. With two sound levels, 70 and 120 dB, you can be sure to pick the perfect volume to meet your needs. The 120 dB volume is equivalent to the sound of a thunderclap or a chainsaw at close range! This handy device is also lightweight and portable, making it perfect for the frequent traveler.

The Screaming Meanie is housed inside of a durable, nearly indestructible case that is perfect for withstanding any wear and tear. It is powered by an included 9v battery, providing long-lasting power for your timer. This alarm timer comes equipped with a countdown timer feature and a pre-alarm feature, making it perfect for medications and other important alerts.

This device is simple to set and easy to use! Clear instructions are printed right on the case for ease of accessibility. Whether you need an effective timer or alarm, the Screaming Meanie TZ-120 has you covered. It is highly recommended for teenagers, the elderly, and the hearing impaired. With the Screaming Meanie, you’ll never have to worry about missing an alarm or timer ever again!

Best Alarm Sound For Heavy Sleepers FAQs

How do I hear my alarm as a heavy sleeper?

As a heavy sleeper, it is important to make sure that your alarm will be loud enough to wake you up. Set your alarm to a loud volume and make sure that it is set to a sound that you are unfamiliar with. Consider placing your alarm clock across the room so that you have to physically get up to turn it off. Additionally, you can set multiple alarms set at different times to increase your chances of waking up. If possible, you can also set an alarm on your phone that will vibrate and wake you up. Utilizing a combination of these techniques can help you to become a successful early riser.

How do I stop sleeping through my alarm?

There are a few strategies that can help you stop sleeping through your alarm. First, make sure you're getting enough sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep. If your alarm is annoying, you may want to find one with a pleasant sound. You could also set multiple alarms, or have someone else wake you up. Additionally, try to establish a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it. Make sure that your bedroom is dark, quiet, and comfortable. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol before bed. Lastly, try to get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. Don't hit the snooze button or you'll make it harder to wake up. If you still have trouble, talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist.

What alarm clock for people who won't get up?

The best alarm clock for people who won't get up is one that is interactive and engaging. A clock that gradually gets louder and more intense can be effective in helping someone wake up, as well as one with a built-in motivational message or song. A clock that connects to a smartphone can also be helpful, as it can be connected to a social media app to wake the person up with a message from a friend or family member. Additionally, an alarm clock with a snooze button can be very helpful for those who struggle to get up in the morning, as it will give them a few extra minutes of rest and allow them to slowly wake up. Finally, an alarm clock that doubles as a nightlight can be helpful, as it provides a soothing environment to wake up in and can help with sleep inertia.

Which alarm sound is the best for heavy sleepers?

For heavy sleepers, it’s best to choose an alarm sound that is loud and persistent. A sound that is persistent and difficult to ignore, such as a loud buzzer or siren, is ideal. It’s also important to choose an alarm sound that is distinct and not similar to sounds that occur in the home. Music, bells, or other complex sounds can be confusing when trying to wake up. Additionally, it’s important to choose an alarm sound that won’t be annoying or irritating over time. A digital alarm clock with a variety of sound options is a great way to find the perfect sound for a heavy sleeper. A gradual increase in volume can also be helpful, slowly increasing the intensity of the sound and making it harder to ignore. Finally, if the sound is too quiet for a heavy sleeper, it can be helpful to add a vibration alarm that will wake them up quickly.

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