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Best Air Fryer For Two People (2024 Updated)

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Are you looking for an air fryer for two people? Air fryers are a great way to make delicious, healthier food quickly and easily. But there are a few key points to consider before investing in one. Here’s a short guide to help you make the right decision.

1. Capacity: Air fryers come in different sizes, so you need to make sure that the one you choose is big enough for two people. Look for an air fryer with a capacity of at least 2.5 quarts.

2. Temperature Control: Temperature control is important for getting the perfect results. Look for an air fryer with adjustable temperature settings to get the most out of your food.

3. Safety Features: Make sure the air fryer you choose has safety features such as overheat protection and auto shut-off. This will help to prevent any accidents.

4. Easy to Clean: Cleaning is an important part of using an air fryer. Look for an air fryer with non-stick coating and removable parts that are easy to clean.

5. Budget: Finally, consider your budget. Air fryers can range from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive. Make sure you find one that fits your budget and still has all the features you need.

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to find the perfect air fryer for two people. With the right air fryer, you’ll be able to make delicious, healthy food quickly and easily.

10 Best Air Fryer For Two People

1. Fabuletta 4 Qt Air Fryer, 9 Cook Functions, 1550w, Tempered Glass, Dishwasher-Safe.

The Fabuletta 9 Cooking Functions Smart Air Fryer is an ideal kitchen appliance for families of 2-4 people, with a large 4 Qt capacity that fits up to 10 chicken wings or 1.5 Pounds of French Fries. It boasts a powerful 1550W motor and 360° Rapid Air Circulation Technology, as well as a 450°F industry-leading temperature to cook food 30% faster than other air fryers. Furthermore, the Thermo IQ Technology ensures that temperature fluctuations stay below 5°F for evenly cooked meals.

The air fryer is equipped with a large advanced digital screen, displaying 9 preset modes (Fries, Chicken, Steak, Dessert, Seafood, Bacon, Veggies, Dehyd, Preheat). The user can adjust the time (1-60 mins) and temperature (150℉-450℉) as desired. Additionally, the Shake Reminder lets you know when to shake your food for more even and crispy textures.

The removable nonstick basket is made of food-graded material, PFOA-free and BPA-free, and is also dishwasher-safe. The non-slip feet design helps to ensure safety and stability during cooking while the square design basket provides more cooking footprint and flexibility. The memory function allows you to take out the basket anytime and continue the original process when you put it back.

The air fryer is equipped with a tempered glass display for easy monitoring and also has a quiet operation. With 85% less oil, this air fryer helps you prepare a quick meal with maximum tender and crispy results. Plus, the 24-months warranty and lifetime customer service guarantee that your issues and concerns will be addressed accordingly.

2. Air Fryer 4.5 Qt Digital, 8 Presets, Auto Shut-Off, Temp Control, 1400w.

The VILIWIN Air Fryer 4.5 QT Digital Air Fryer Cooker is the perfect tool for those who love to cook healthy and delicious meals without a lot of fuss. With its 8 preset menus, including French Fries, Baking, Fried Chicken Wings, Shrimp, Fish, Steak and Potato, you can customize the temperature and time according to your needs.

This 1400W powerful fan and 360°Rapid Air Heating Circulation Technology helps save cooking time by 30% while using 90% less oil than classic ovens. It features an auto power-off function for added convenience when the tray is pulled out. The 4.5QT capacity is suitable for family of 2 to 5, and its removable nonstick tray and heat-resistant handle make it easy to clean.

The materials used in the air fryer are dishwasher safe, PFOA free, and BPA free. It’s a great gift for friends and family as it’s simple to use and offers delicious meals without the added fat and calories. With its adjustable temperature control, 30 minute timer, and 8 preset menus, the VILIWIN Air Fryer is the perfect tool for those who want to cook healthy and tasty meals without the hassle and mess.

3. Ultrean 4.2qt Air Fryer, 1500w Electric Oilless Cooker W/ Lcd Digital Screen.

The Ultrean Air Fryer is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Enjoy your favorite fried and crispy foods with less fat and grease. This multifunctional cooker takes care of all your cooking needs – air fry, grill, roast, and bake – with its innovative heating system, Rapid Air Technology. This technology cooks evenly without the hassles of using hot oil or thermometer.

The Ultrean Air Fryer has convenient and accessible buttons, an easy cooking setup, an auto switch off timer (0-30 minutes), and adjustable temperature setting (180°F-400°F). The nonstick pan, heat-resistant handle, and detachable dishwasher safe basket make it easy to cook and clean the unit after cooking. The LCD display and bonus recipe book help you make your fried food, snacks, grilled, and baked foods.

The Ultrean Air Fryer is an essential kitchen appliance for those who want to fry their food without the fat and grease. With this air fryer, you can make delicious fried foods, snacks, grilled, and baked foods with the same delicious taste and crunch. It's easy to use, clean, and store. UL certified and covered by a one-year warranty, the Ultrean Air Fryer is the perfect cooking companion.

4. Air Fryer 4.5 Qt – 2-4 People, 8 Cooking Presets, Auto Shutoff.

The ALLCOOL Air Fryer 4.5 QT is a great choice for those looking to make healthier and delicious meals for 2-4 people. With up to 85% less oil than traditional deep frying, this air fryer helps reduce calories while maintaining the same great flavor. It features a classic design with easy-to-use time and temperature controls, ranging from 175 to 400°F with a 30-minute timer, making it perfect for beginners.

The air fryer is safe and easy to clean with a nonstick coating air fryer tray and is PFOA free and BPA free with 100% safe coating materials. This air fryer also comes with an overheat protection and an automatic shutoff, making it a great gift for family members and friends. The compact size makes it countertop friendly and comes with a 1-year warranty and forever support from the customer care team.

With the ALLCOOL Air Fryer 4.5 QT, you can enjoy healthier meals with less oil and fewer calories. It's perfect for those who are looking to focus on a healthy lifestyle and keeps them slim. It includes delicious and healthy recipes, helping everyone become a professional chef. The compact size and safety features make it great for households of all sizes.

5. Chefman Turbofry 2qt Air Fryer – Healthy, Fast Cooking W/ Timer & Temp Control.

The Chefman TurboFry 2-Quart Air Fryer offers an efficient and healthy solution to cooking. With its sleek, narrow design, this air fryer is a space saver, freeing up countertop space and eliminating the need for additional pans and appliances. Enjoy restaurant favorites on a budget by buying in bulk and frying from frozen with little to no oil.

Safety is the top priority with the TurboFry Air Fryer. The rubber handle allows for easy gliding of the fry basket in and out of position, avoiding contact with heated elements. Power and heat indicator lights ensure safety for cooking with children and peace of mind for everyone. Time and temperature limits are also in place to prevent overheating hazards.

Cleaning and storage is simple with this air fryer. The cooking tray and basket are both dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. The slim design is a beautiful addition to any countertop, but it can also be stored easily for later use.

The Chefman TurboFry 2-Quart Air Fryer is cETL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability. With a 1-year assurance provided by Chefman, you can purchase worry-free. A PDF User Guide is available for information on how to use this product. This air fryer operates on 1000 Watts/120 Volts – RJ38-2LM-V3.

Enjoy healthy, delicious meals quickly and easily with the Chefman TurboFry 2-Quart Air Fryer.

6. 2.9qt Air Fryer, No Pre-Heat Needed, No-Oil Frying, Easy Clean-Up, Matte White

Introducing the BELLA 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer. This revolutionary appliance is the perfect kitchen companion for those looking to make fast, healthy, and evenly cooked meals with no pre-heat necessary.

The BELLA Manual Air Fryer is incredibly easy to use with its simple knob controls so you can feed 2-4 people (up to 2.5 pounds of food) in minutes. With its 5-in-1 multi-cooker, you can air fry, broil, bake, roast or reheat meals for your friends and family. Get creative and make tasty meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts with the included Recipe Book.

The BELLA Air Fryer’s Circular Heat Technology and 1400 watt heating element make sure your food is cooked quickly and evenly for a crisp finish. Plus, you won’t have to worry about fat or calories with its air fried french fries that have 88% less fat and 65% fewer calories than typical fast food restaurants.

Cleaning up is a breeze with its PFOA-free Non-Stick cooking pan and crisping tray that are both removeable and dishwasher safe. The BELLA Air Fryer’s specially designed compact size fits easily on any kitchen countertop so you can keep your kitchen clutter-free.

The BELLA 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer is the perfect solution to fast and healthy meals without the hassle. So ditch the greasy food and unpleasant odors and get creative with your cooking.

7. Gowise Usa 1.7-Qt Digital Air Fryer, Mint/silver

GoWISE USA’s mini air fryer is designed to be compact and modern, perfect for smaller kitchens, college dorms, campers, or first apartments. The single basket gives you a maximum cooking capacity of up to two quarts, ideal for one to two people. With just a touch of a button, you can enjoy your favorite snacks without all the extra work.

This air fryer makes an excellent gift for college students, busy moms, dads who love to cook, grandparents, or picky eaters who want to be healthier. With little to no oil required, you can enjoy your favorite fried foods without the mess of deep frying or other cooking methods.

The GoWISE Mini digital air fryer includes five pre-set functions: Air Fry, Frozen Food, Toast, Reheat, and Keep Warm. The control panel is a full touchscreen menu, making it easy to select the function, set the time and temperature, and start cooking. The extended cooking timer goes up to 60 minutes, and the temperature range is from 180°f to 400°f, with temperature increments of five.

The removable pan and crisper tray are coated with PFOA-free non-stick material, and the non-stick basket cooking space is 4” x 6.5”. The mini air fryer can cook up to two quarts of food.

A recipe book is included with 50 recipes tested in the GoWISE kitchen. There are also plenty of ideas from the US and other users, with video recipes, blogs, seasonal recipe books, and a whole community of influencers and everyday users sharing recipes on social media.

GoWISE USA is customer obsessed and committed to 100% satisfaction. All products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, one-year warranty, and forever support from GoWISE customer care. Registered products receive an additional 60 days of warranty coverage. The product specifications are: 11”H x 9” D x 8” W (16.5" with handle), 1000W 120V Ac. Cooking Capacity 1.7-Quarts to 2-Quarts.

8. Black+decker Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, Black/stainless Steel, Hf110sbd

The BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer is the perfect kitchen essential for healthy cooking and guilt-free snacking. This air fryer is designed with a 2-liter (8-cup) capacity basket that can hold up to four servings of your favorite snacks and main dishes. The nonstick cooking surface releases food without the need of cooking spray, and the air fryer basket and basket separator are both dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.

The temperature control of the air fryer ranges from 175-400°F and is equipped with two indicator lights. One light shows when the unit is powered on, and the other turns off when the preheat temperature is reached. This allows you to easily monitor your food as it cooks.

The air fryer circulates hot air to give your favorite fried foods a crispy touch without drenching them in oil. The included instruction manual also provides tips on cooking times, temperatures, and quantities to help you get the best results.

Measuring 12.625 x 12.625 x 14.500 inches, this air fryer can easily fit on a kitchen countertop or in a cabinet for storage. With the BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, you can enjoy healthier cooking and guilt-free snacking with ease. The package includes one deep fryer and one dishwasher-safe basket.

9. Magic Bullet Mba50100 Air Fryer, Black, 2.5 Quarts

The Magic Bullet MBA50100 Air Fryer is the perfect way to make delicious fried foods without all the fat and calories. This air fryer is designed to make crispy and tasty results with minimal oil or fat, making it a healthier alternative to deep-frying. It features a wide temperature range of 180 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can make a variety of foods like chicken wings, vegetables, and more.

The Magic Bullet MBA50100 Air Fryer has an intuitive dial timer that ensures you won’t overcook your food. You can set the timer up to 60 minutes and it will automatically shut off as soon as the time is up. It also has icons with times and temps for popular foods, so you can get the perfect results every time.

The Magic Bullet MBA50100 Air Fryer is perfect for those with limited counter space. It has a 2.5 quart capacity, making it the ideal size for up to 3 servings of your favorite air-fried snacks. It’s perfect for apartment living and dorm life, so you can enjoy delicious fried foods without the hassle of deep frying.

With the Magic Bullet MBA50100 Air Fryer, you can enjoy crispy fried foods with little to no oil. Its wide temperature range and intuitive timer ensure you get the perfect results every time, while its compact size makes it perfect for smaller kitchens. Get the Magic Bullet MBA50100 Air Fryer and enjoy perfectly crisp fried foods without the extra fat and calories.

10. Dual Air Fryer 8qt 1800w, 2 Nonstick Baskets.

The joyami Dual Air Fryer Oilless Cooker with 2 Independent Nonstick Frying Baskets XXL 8 Quart 1800W Black is the perfect kitchen appliance for the whole family. This dual-basket air fryer allows you to cook two different foods, two different ways, at the same time. With two independent 4 qt baskets and a total of 8 qt, you can easily feed up to 8 people simultaneously.

The joyami air fryer offers 6 versatile preset cooking programs that allow you to customize the temperature and cooking time. It can be used to cook a wide range of foods such as chips, chicken wings, dried fruit, cakes, fish, and vegetables. The 1800W high heating power and 360° rapid heat circulation technology make heating efficient and reduce fat, so you can enjoy meals in minutes.

The air fryer is equipped with an auto-off safety feature that activates once you take out either one or both of the baskets. This ensures your safety and prevents food from being overcooked.

With the joyami Dual Air Fryer Oilless Cooker, you can easily prepare a delicious and healthy meal for your family in no time. Its dual-basket design and 6 preset cooking programs make it easy to cook a variety of foods at once. Its high heating power and auto-off safety feature also adds to its convenience. If you’re looking for an air fryer that’s both efficient and safe, the joyami Dual Air Fryer is an excellent choice.

Best Air Fryer For Two People FAQs

Is a 4 quart air fryer good for two people?

Yes, a 4 quart air fryer is a great option for two people. It is large enough to accommodate larger items such as a whole chicken, and can also accommodate smaller items such as french fries and vegetables. An air fryer is a great way to quickly and healthily cook a variety of foods. It uses a fraction of the oil needed for traditional deep frying and cooks food faster than traditional methods. Plus, it's much easier to clean than a regular deep fryer. An air fryer is also great for those looking to cut down on their fat and calorie intake as it requires much less oil. All in all, a 4 quart air fryer is a great option for two people looking to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals.

What air fryers are best for 2 people?

When it comes to air fryers for two people, there are several models to consider. For a smaller family, the Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Airfryer is a great choice. It has a capacity of 2.65lbs, so it can easily accommodate two people. It also comes with a digital touchscreen display and a range of preset programs for easy cooking. Another great option is the Della 1450W Digital Airfryer. This model has a 3.5L capacity and has several adjustable temperature and time settings. Both of these models have a range of features that make them ideal for two people. Additionally, they have removable parts for easy cleaning and a variety of accessories to help you customize your cooking experience. No matter which air fryer you choose, you'll be able to enjoy delicious and healthy meals for two with ease.

What size air fryer do I need for a family of 2?

The size of air fryer you need will depend on the type of food as well as the size of your family. For a family of two, a small or medium-sized air fryer should suffice. If you plan to cook large items, such as whole chickens, you may want to look at a larger size. If you plan to cook smaller items, such as french fries, then a medium-sized air fryer should be ideal. In terms of capacity, a small air fryer will typically cook 2-3 servings, while medium and large air fryers can cook up to 6-7 servings. Additionally, consider the type of food you will be cooking and the size of the basket. Larger baskets are ideal for large families and larger items, while smaller baskets are better suited for smaller items and smaller families.

What size air fryer do you need for 2 adults?

The size of air fryer you need for two adults will depend on a few factors, such as the type of food you plan to cook, the size of the meals you plan to make, and the type of air fryer you choose. Generally speaking, a standard air fryer with a capacity of 3-4 quarts is suitable for two people. If you plan to make larger meals or cook a greater variety of foods, a larger air fryer with a capacity of 5-6 quarts may be more suitable. Additionally, some air fryers come with additional features such as a timer, temperature control and a digital display, which can be useful for larger meals. Ultimately, the best size air fryer for two adults depends on their needs and preferences.

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