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Best Acoustic Guitar Brands For Beginners (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to finding the perfect acoustic guitar for beginners, there are a few key points to consider. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned strummer, you want to make sure you’re investing in a quality instrument. Here are five key points to consider when searching for acoustic guitar brands for beginners:

1. Sound Quality: One of the most important aspects of any guitar is its sound quality. You want an instrument that produces a warm, rich sound with plenty of clarity and depth. Look for guitars made from quality woods such as mahogany, rosewood, and spruce, as these are known for producing a great sound.

2. Playability: It’s important to choose an instrument you can play comfortably. Look for guitars with a comfortable neck profile and action that is low enough to make playing easy.

3. Price: Acoustic guitars can range in price from very affordable beginner models to high-end models with custom features. Make sure to set a budget and stick to it.

4. Brand: There are many great acoustic guitar brands on the market. Do your research to find one that produces quality instruments that fit your budget and needs.

5. Reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews from other guitarists to get an idea of how the guitar sounds and plays.

When shopping for acoustic guitar brands for beginners, it’s important to keep these five key points in mind. With a bit of research, you can find the perfect guitar for your needs and budget. Good luck and happy strumming!

10 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands For Beginners

1. 3/4 Junior Size Acoustic Classical Guitar Kit For Beginner Kids, Adults

The Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar Kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start playing the guitar. Whether you're a beginner or a child learning to play, this guitar kit has everything you need to get started. The guitar is constructed with handcrafted linden wood, a birch headstock, a dyed maple wood fretboard, and a high gloss polished body back with protective binding. It also has a traditional classic body style and a rosette linden laminate finish.

This 3/4 junior size instrument is ideal for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, onstage performances, or when practicing at home. The total length of the guitar is 36 inches, with a scale length of 22.8 inches, a total body length of 17.3 inches, and a total neck length of 18.5 inches. It has 18 frets, a string material of nylon, and total dimensions of 35.8" L x 13.4" W x 3.35" H.

This beginner-ready guitar kit comes with a gig bag case, pitch pipe tuner, spare strings, pearloid picks, cleaning cloth, and a gift card. Everything you need to start playing right out of the box is included. With its handcrafted construction and classic design, the Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar Kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get started playing the guitar.

2. 41" Beginner Acoustic Guitar Set W/case, Strap, Capo, Strings, Picks, Tuner – Natural

The Best Choice Products 41in Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit is the perfect starter set for any aspiring musician. This full-size, all-wood guitar has a dreadnought shape that produces a pleasant, warm tone. It's a great choice for both beginner and experienced players. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a carrying case, extra strings, a strap with a pick holder, a tuner, pick guard, cleaning cloth, capo, and pick set.

The guitar is designed with a 41in body for a comfortable fit and an elegant inlay for a classic acoustic look. The cutaway shape allows you to reach higher on the fret to reach high notes. The pickguard underneath the guitar sound hole helps protect from pick scratches while playing. The carrying case is stylish and protective, designed with foam pads, a shock-proof rubber bottom, and even a front storage for your capo and extra picks.

The Best Choice Products 41in Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit is the perfect all-in-one package for any beginner musician. It features a classic design, comfortable body size, and all the necessary pieces to get started playing. With the included protective carrying case, you can take your guitar with you to school or on trips. Start playing your favorite tunes with this complete set today!

3. 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit (Blue)

This Ashthorpe 38-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package is the perfect choice for students and teens who are just starting out. With 18 smooth frets, 6 steel strings, and an easy to hold neck, this right-handed acoustic guitar has all the bells and whistles to get the aspiring musician off to a great start.

The entry-level guitar bundle includes a 38-inch acoustic guitar, nylon bag, 3 picks (of assorted colors), shoulder strap, digital tuner, pitch pipe, an extra set of 6 strings, and an instructional sheet. The top, back, and sides are crafted from laminated basswood for versatility and warmth, with a high-gloss finish. This guitar is designed to withstand any level of playing, whether strumming softly or playing loud chords. It is also lightweight, measuring 38" Long x 14" Wide x 3.25" Deep, making it perfect for learners.

The Ashthorpe 38-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package produces a beautiful tone and bright sound with standout projection. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced musician, this guitar will provide you with the sound you are looking for. The complete starter kit has everything you need to get started, so you can begin playing and learning quickly.

4. Vangoa Acoustic Guitar, Dreadnought Full Size 41", W/ Gig Bag, Sapele.

The Vangoa Cutaway Acoustic Guitar is a great choice for beginners, adults, teens, and professionals alike. This full-size, 41-inch dreadnought guitar is made with selected Sapele wood, which has been naturally dried for up to 5 years for improved stability and sound transmission. The improved X bracing enhances the guitar’s sound, providing a brighter, clearer tone with outstanding midrange and smooth high-range frequencies. This guitar is also crafted with an exquisite lacquer finish to protect the wood and keep it looking new for years.

The dual-way truss rod provides better balance with the strings, while the cutaway design allows you to play lead lines and chords with ease. The 1:18 ratio tuning pegs offer precise adjustments and the chrome-plated sealed pegs prevent erosion from dust and liquids. The strings are made of phosphor bronze with high carbon steel hex core, and the bridge saddle and bone nut efficiently transfer the vibration.

This beginner acoustic guitar kit includes the guitar, a 8mm zipped padded bag, extra strings, a clip-on tuner, a guitar strap, a pick guard, a capo, a polish cloth, a truss rod Allen key, and 3 guitar picks in different thicknesses. Almost everything you need to get started is included. With Vangoa’s 1-year warranty and fast response service, you can buy with confidence. Simply unbox and play this beautiful cutaway acoustic guitar and make sweet music.

5. Classical Acoustic Guitar 36" Junior Starter Kit W/gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Picks

This Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch Junior Size Beginner Starter Kit is the perfect set to start learning how to play guitar. It features a ¾ size scale, with a traditional classic body style. It is handcrafted with a linden wood body, birch headstock, and dyed maple wood fretboard. The body is finished with a high gloss polished back and protective binding. It is excellent for beginners and children, as the sunburst pattern design and the chrome 3-in-line machine head make it easy to learn.

This guitar set comes with everything you need to start playing right away, including a storage gig bag, digital tuner, spare strings, picks, cleaning cloth, and a detachable shoulder strap. The total length of the guitar is 36”, with a scale length of 22.8” and a total body length of 17.3”. It also has 18 frets, and the strings are made of nylon. The total dimensions of the guitar are 35.8” L x 13.4” W x 3.35” H.

The Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch Junior Size Beginner Starter Kit is perfect for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances or when practicing at home. It is an all-in-one guitar set that is great for beginners and kids learning to play guitar. It is easy to use and learn, with everything you need to start playing right away.

6. Happy Tune 6-String Acoustic Guitar For Kids – Amber Sunburst

Introducing the Liberty Imports Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Kids Toy! This vibrant, realistic sounding guitar is perfect for little learners looking to get their start in the world of music. With stainless steel guitar strings, this toy guitar provides a crystal-clear sound and is sure to keep your child entertained.

This toy guitar is made from all plastic, and it measures 23” tall, 8” wide, and 2” deep. This size is perfect for children to pretend to play the guitar. The guitar strings can be tightened from the back, making it great for learning the basics of guitar playing.

The package includes the guitar, a pick, and strings all packaged in a display gift box. This is great for gifting to aspiring guitarists. The Liberty Imports Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Kids Toy is a great way to get your children interested in music and to help them learn the basics of guitar playing.

With its vibrant sounds and realistic strings, the Liberty Imports Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Kids Toy is sure to be a hit with your little ones. Perfect for beginners, this guitar will provide hours of entertainment and is sure to ignite a passion for music. Get your child started on their musical journey with this awesome toy guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands For Beginners FAQs

How do I choose an acoustic guitar for beginners?

When choosing an acoustic guitar for beginners, there are several key factors to consider. First, the size of the guitar should be appropriate for your body type and playing style. Smaller guitars are generally easier to play and handle than larger models, but larger guitars can produce a fuller sound. Secondly, the type of wood used to construct the guitar can have a major effect on the sound quality. Generally, a guitar made of solid wood will produce a richer tone than one made of laminate. Thirdly, the type of strings the guitar has can also influence the sound. Nylon strings tend to be softer and easier to play, while steel strings produce a brighter sound. Finally, the action of the guitar strings should be comfortable for the player. A guitar with low action will require less effort to press down on the strings, while a guitar with high action will require more effort. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when selecting an acoustic guitar for beginners.

What is a good inexpensive beginner acoustic guitar?

A good inexpensive beginner acoustic guitar is the Yamaha FS800. It is an all-laminate construction guitar, which makes it quite durable and very affordable. It has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, giving it a full, balanced sound. It also has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which adds a nice touch of warmth and resonance to the tone. The FS800 is a great option for a beginner guitarist, as it is comfortable to play and has a great sound. Plus, it is very affordable, making it a great instrument for those who are just starting out.

What is the easiest acoustic guitar to play?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the individual, as different guitars can feel differently to different people. Generally speaking, an acoustic guitar with a lower action (the distance between the strings and the fretboard) would be considered easier to play. A dreadnought-style acoustic guitar is also considered to be easier to play due to its larger body and wider neck. Additionally, certain makes and models of guitars may be easier to play than others, so it's important to do some research and try out a few different guitars to find the one that best suits your needs. Finally, it's important to make sure that the strings are in good condition and that the guitar is properly set up for easy playing.

Which brand of guitar is best for beginners?

The best brand of guitar for beginners depends on the individual's needs and budget. For a beginner on a budget, brands like Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez, and Yamaha offer great quality entry-level guitars. Fender's Squire series is a great low-cost option, while their higher-end models offer great tonal quality. Epiphone has a line of guitars designed specifically for beginners, offering good sound quality and a variety of styles. Ibanez has a wide selection of guitars at all price points, with models designed for beginners as well as more advanced players. Yamaha has a long-standing reputation as one of the top manufacturers of guitars and offers a variety of options at different price points.

No matter which brand you choose, it's important to start with a quality instrument that is easy to play and will help you learn the basics. The most important factors are how the guitar feels in your hands, how it sounds, and how it looks. When selecting a guitar, make sure to do your research and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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