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Best Accessories For Air Compressor (2024 Update)

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If you’re looking for accessories to upgrade your air compressor, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that you choose the best ones for your needs. Firstly, determine the size and type of your compressor, as some accessories may only be compatible with specific models. You should also consider your intended use, as different accessories cater to various functions such as painting, inflating, or sanding. Other factors to keep in mind include quality, durability, and price, ensuring that you get the most value out of your purchase.

Before buying air compressor accessories, it's essential to assess your individual needs and budget. While a high-quality accessory may seem like a sound investment, it may not be necessary if you only plan on using your compressor occasionally. On the other hand, if you're a professional who uses their compressor daily, investing in a durable accessory may save you money in the long run. Ultimately, the right accessory will depend on your specific requirements, and careful consideration will ensure you make the right decision.

Are you tired of struggling with less-than-ideal air compressor accessories? Do you want to take your compressor to the next level? Keep reading to find out the top accessories you need to take your compressor to the next level. Are you ready to have all your compressor needs met with just one or two perfect add-ons? Stay tuned to discover the best air compressor accessories available in the market today.

10 Best Accessories For Air Compressor

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price
The product is ideal for various air tool applications in a professional setting.
The product is ideal for inflating and deflating tires quickly and easily, especially for off-road vehicles.
The product is ideal for inflating tires and using air-powered tools in various applications.
The product is ideal for inflating tires, cleaning, and connecting with air tools.
The product is ideal for inflating tires using on-board systems or air compressors, and includes an 18-foot air hose and accessory kit.
The refrigerated air dryer is ideal for use with 7.5HP and 10HP compressors to remove moisture from compressed air.
The product is ideal for air lockers, locking differentials, tire inflators, air horns, air tools and pneumatic tools.
This product is ideal for inflating car tires, balls, and other inflatables.
The product is ideal for powering pneumatic tools and inflating tires with its 15-gallon vertical tank and added tool kit.
Ideal for powering pneumatic tools and inflating tires, with a 6-gallon tank and maximum air pressure of 150 PSI.
The product is ideal for various air tool applications in a professional setting.
The product is ideal for inflating and deflating tires quickly and easily, especially for off-road vehicles.
The product is ideal for inflating tires and using air-powered tools in various applications.
The product is ideal for inflating tires, cleaning, and connecting with air tools.
The product is ideal for inflating tires using on-board systems or air compressors, and includes an 18-foot air hose and accessory kit.
The refrigerated air dryer is ideal for use with 7.5HP and 10HP compressors to remove moisture from compressed air.
The product is ideal for air lockers, locking differentials, tire inflators, air horns, air tools and pneumatic tools.
This product is ideal for inflating car tires, balls, and other inflatables.
The product is ideal for powering pneumatic tools and inflating tires with its 15-gallon vertical tank and added tool kit.
Ideal for powering pneumatic tools and inflating tires, with a 6-gallon tank and maximum air pressure of 150 PSI.

1. Exelair Ex5005kit 50 Piece Professional Air Tool Kit

This comprehensive bundle includes a ½” impact wrench boasting a maximum torque of 500 ft. lbs. and adjustable forward/reverse power control settings. It also features an air hammer with a whopping 4,500 BPM, and comes with chisel/point bits for added convenience.

The ⅜” air ratchet is another useful tool in this kit, with a maximum torque of 60 ft. lbs. and 160 RPM. The inclusion of M-style plugs, with 5 male and 1 female option, provide easy compatibility with a variety of air compressors. Additionally, the dual air chuck ensures efficient inflation of tires and other inflatable objects.

This kit also includes a ¼” air die grinder with 25,000 RPM and a throttle lever for auto maintenance, as well as 5 grinding stones for added versatility. The tire gauge, with a maximum of 50 PSI, is perfect for keeping tires at the right pressure.

Included in the bundle is a blow gun with 8 CFM and a set of 3 nozzles (Safety, Tapered, Rubber). The impact sockets come with an extension and adapter, ensuring compatibility with a range of sockets.

As a bonus, the kit comes with 10 screwdriver bits, an adapter, a storage case, oil, tape, inflation needles, hand wrenches, and a spring retainer. This comprehensive kit is perfect for avid DIYers and professionals alike.

2. Arb 4×4 Accessories Ultimate Wheeler Pack Hd Air Compressor And Pump Up Kit And E-Z Tire Deflator

The Boost Projects Custom Kit is a must-have for any off-road enthusiast. The kit includes the ARB Ultimate Wheeler Pack Heavy-Duty 12 VOLT Air Compressor, Pump Up Kit, and E-Z Tire Deflator, all designed to make your off-road experience smoother and more enjoyable.

The ARB Air Compressor is an essential component of the air locker system and is designed to provide reliable performance in the most challenging environments. The compressor comes with a pressure-activated limit switch and includes all necessary mounting hardware, wiring harness, and instructions for easy installation.

The E-Z Tire Deflator is a patented design that allows for quick and easy removal of the valve core, resulting in rapid tire deflation. Additionally, the sliding valve provides accurate pressure readings, making it easy to monitor tire pressure and ensure optimal performance.

The Tire Pump Up Kit is a convenient accessory that allows you to fill up deflated tires on the trail using the ARB compressor. This kit is compact and easy to store, making it the perfect addition to any off-road adventure.

3. Heavy Duty Air Compressor Kit: 20 Pieces

This air compressor kit is the perfect choice for individuals looking to start their projects. It comes with all the necessary tools and accessories to get the job done. Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty to ensure the customer's peace of mind.

The tire inflator with gauge is an all-in-one unit that includes an air inflation gun, air chuck, and tire gauge. Its rugged die-cast aluminum construction, along with its chrome plate finish, makes it corrosion-resistant and durable. It can be used for inflating car tires and Presta valve bicycles.

The 1/4" x 25' polyurethane air hose is made of high-quality materials that make it durable and reliable. Its length provides flexibility and freedom of movement while tackling projects. The swivel solid brass and fittings reduce hose twist, while the bend restrictors reduce kinking and help increase the life of the hose. It has a maximum working pressure of 150PSI.

This kit also includes a 6-piece standard blow gun and nozzles for cleaning jobs and inflating pools and sport balls. The standard blow gun has three inflation nozzles and two inflation needles for pool toys, sports balls, and air mattresses.

The 11-piece heavy-duty 1/4" industrial steel air hose fittings are made of hardened steel plated to resist rust and long-term use. It is recommended to use thread seal tape (included) for optimal results.

4. Hromee Air Compressor Kit With Hybrid Hose!

The Hromee Multifunction Kit is a versatile set of air power tools that are perfect for both home and shop use. The kit consists of three main parts: clean-up tools, connectors/adaptors, and inflating tools.

One of the key features of the Hromee kit is the included 3/8” X 25 FT Hybrid Air Hose. This rubber and PVC blended hose is both kink resistant and lightweight, making it easy to use and store. It also features double brass 1/4" MNPT fittings and has a maximum pressure of 300 PSI.

The clean-up kit contains a variety of tools, including a blow gun, power wire brush with air clean-up, safety nozzle, precision nozzle, and rubber tip. The wire brush is ideal for cleaning inner bores of tubing and machined cylinders, while the blow gun delivers a powerful air flow that is perfect for clearing up messy spots or drying jobs. The rubber tip can also be used to protect delicate surfaces from damage. Additionally, the threaded end of the blow gun accepts various other nozzles for added versatility.

The connectors/adaptors section of the kit includes a range of male and female couplers, quick connect plugs, and couplers. These brass couplers are rust-resistant and stronger than aluminum or zinc-plated steel plugs, making them a reliable choice for long-term use.

Inflating tools are also included in the Hromee kit, such as the dual foot tire chuck which is used for inflating and deflating tire pressure. It is accurate and easy to operate, making it an essential tool for any car owner. The pencil tire gauge measures 10-50 PSI in 1 lb. increments and 70-350 kilopascal in 10-kPa increments to ensure proper tire inflation. Additionally, the tire inflation needles can be used to inflate pool toys, sports balls, and air mattresses.

5. On-The-Go Tire Kit With Quick Fitting

The ARB Tire Inflation Kit is a top-performing accessory that comes with everything you need to inflate deflated tires after a day on the trail. Designed by ARB engineers for maximum airflow, this kit includes a high heat pressure hose that measures 18 feet long, an ARB air chuck with quick press fitting, an ARB T-fitting for use with the ARB CKMA12 air compressor, and an assortment of additional fittings to suit various camping and sporting gear such as air mattresses and basketballs.

One of the special features of this tire inflation kit is that it is simple and easy to store. As an on-board system, you will always have it in your vehicle, ready to use whenever you need it. Additionally, the hose has line protectors on the end, which helps prevent kinking and makes the hose last a long time.

The composition of the kit is made with highly graded materials that can resist sun, water, and corrosion it may encounter on the road. The Tire Inflation Kit also includes a dust-free quick-release air chuck, which boasts an enclosed internal bearing system to prevent dirt ingestion.

The ARB Tire Inflation Kit is perfect for air up quickly, and its high airflow design makes it an industry standard for inflating tires. It has been compared against others, and it is truly a great product for the bucks. Customers can't complain about this one, as it was made to last.

Lastly, the CKMA12 / CKMTA12 / CKMTA24 compatible optional pump-up kit allows you to use your CKMA12 Compressor and the new CKMTA12 and CKMTA24 TWIN compressors to quickly plug in a heavy-duty airline and air up tires after a day on the trail or fill up after patching a flat tire.

6. Schulz Refrigerated Air Dryer For Air Compressor 35 Cfm, Good For 7.5hp & 10hp Compressors

Introducing a powerful and efficient device that is perfect for controlling air compressors – the 232 PSI Maximum Digital Temperature Display Control System. This advanced control system is designed to deliver top-notch performance, reliability, and versatility, making it an ideal option for various industrial and commercial applications.

With a maximum pressure of 232 PSI, this digital control system ensures optimal performance of your air compressor, providing consistent and reliable results every time. It also comes equipped with a digital temperature display that accurately shows the temperature of the compressor, making it easy to monitor and adjust as needed.

The control system also features a timer that allows you to easily control the drain valve, ensuring that your compressor operates at optimal efficiency. Additionally, the system controls the condenser fan through a probe, which helps to maintain the temperature and keep your compressor running smoothly.

This digital control system operates on a single phase, making it easy to install and use. Its user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing you to easily adjust the settings and get the best performance from your air compressor. Whether you're looking to improve the efficiency of your industrial equipment or simply want a reliable and efficient control system for your air compressor, this digital control system is the perfect solution for your needs.

7. Arb High Performance Air Compressor For Off-Road.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality products, this brand has gained international renown for their diverse range of award-winning products. Each product is meticulously designed with the user in mind, ensuring maximum functionality and convenience.

Their products have been proven and tested for durability and function in real-world conditions, giving customers peace of mind that they are investing in a reliable and long-lasting solution.

This brand takes pride in meeting or exceeding all required and standardized testing, ensuring that each product is safe and of the highest quality. Whether you're in need of a reliable tool for work or a convenient solution for everyday life, this brand has got you covered.

They offer a wide range of products, each with their own set of parameters and specifications tailored to fit the needs of their customers. From outdoor gear to home appliances, their products are designed to make life easier and more efficient.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, this brand is a trusted choice for those in search of reliable and high-performing products.

8. Portable Air Power – Vaclife Inflator Pump

The VacLife Portable Air Pump is a cordless and compact device designed for easy and wireless inflation of various items. It features a bendable 2-in-1 air hose that can be stored on the device and serve as a handle when not in use, eliminating the worry of misplacing the air hose.

This air compressor is designed for air refilling and has a high-performance chip that provides 28L/min of airflow, up to 150 Psi pressure, and can inflate tires quickly. In just 4 minutes, it can inflate a 196/65 R15 tire from 22 to 36 Psi. Equipped with multiple attachments, it is a must-have for drivers, cyclists, and trippers.

The device comes with rechargeable 2*2500mAh batteries, eliminating the need for an external power supply while working. Fully charging the appliance for 3-4 hours allows it to work continuously for 25 minutes. To maintain its good performance, it is recommended to rest for 3-5 minutes after each 10-minute use.

The VacLife Tire Air Pump for Car is user-friendly, as there are 4 pressure units for users to choose from, including PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM². It also features a large LED display that shows real-time pressure value and preset value, making it convenient to observe the tire pressure status. With the auto shutoff feature, users do not need to worry about over-inflating.

This 3-in-1 tire inflator is more than just a tire pump. It has a 3-mode LED light on the top, providing convenience for users to inflate, change tires in the dark, or warn cars at night. On the bottom, there is a Type-C charging port and a 5V/2A USB output port, making it an emergency power supply for electronic devices. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in a car, bicycle rack, or backpack.

9. Pulsar Air Compressor Kit – 15 Gallon Vertical Tank

The 15 Gallon Vertical Air Tank is a powerful tool that will make any job much easier. With a maximum pressure of 115 PSI and a 3.5 HP motor, this air tank can handle tough jobs with ease. The tank has a capacity of 15 gallons, so it is perfect for larger projects that require more air.

The tank is oil lubricated, which ensures that it will run smoothly and efficiently. It has a quick-connect coupler that makes it easy to attach and detach tools quickly and easily. Additionally, the tank has dual pressure gauges that are easy to read, so you can monitor the pressure of the tank at all times.

The upright portable design of the tank makes it easy to move around. It comes with a mobility kit that includes a handle and wheels, so you can easily transport it from one location to another. This design is perfect for those who need to take their air tank on the go.

The tank has a CFM of 5.2 at 40 PSI and 4.2 at 90 PSI, which means it can handle a wide range of tools and applications. This makes it perfect for a variety of tasks, from inflating tires to powering air tools.

The tank comes with accessories and a tool kit, which makes it easy to get started right away. This includes everything you need to start using the tank right out of the box. Additionally, the tank comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

10. Bostitch Air Compressor Kit, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 Psi (Btfp02012-Wpk)

The Bostitch BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor is an excellent addition to any workshop or DIY enthusiast's toolkit. This compressor is designed to be oil-free, which means it requires no daily maintenance and eliminates the risk of oil stains on work surfaces. This feature is particularly handy for those who enjoy a clean workspace.

The Bostitch BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor is also lightweight, weighing in at only 29 pounds, and its narrow tank diameter makes it easy to carry and store. This makes it perfect for those who need to move their compressor from place to place.

This compressor is equipped with a high flow regulator and dual couplers that maximize air tool performance. This feature ensures that your tools perform at their best, allowing you to complete your projects quickly and efficiently.

Another great feature of the Bostitch BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor is its low noise level. It operates at an 80dBA operational noise level, which ensures a quiet work environment. This is especially useful for those who work in shared spaces or for those who prefer a quieter working environment.

The kit includes the BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor, a 50' Rubber/PVC Blend Air Hose, and a 10 Piece Inflation and Blow Gun Accessory Kit. This kit has everything you need to get started on your projects right away.

The Bostitch BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor has an air consumption of 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI and 3.7 SCFM at 40 PSI. This information is useful for those who want to know the compressor's parameters and specifications.

Best Accessories For Air Compressor FAQs

Can you recommend the best air compressor accessory for painting?

As an experienced content writer, I can suggest that the best air compressor accessory for painting is a spray gun. A spray gun is a device that uses compressed air to atomize paint or other coatings and then spray them onto a surface. This accessory can be used with an air compressor to provide a consistent and even application of paint on surfaces.

When choosing a spray gun for painting, it's essential to consider factors such as the type of paint being used, the level of detail required, and the surface being painted. Gravity feed spray guns are ideal for painting small areas, while HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray guns are best for larger surfaces.

Additionally, it's essential to choose a spray gun with adjustable controls for better control of the amount and pattern of paint being sprayed. This will help achieve a professional-looking finish and ensure that the paint is applied evenly without any drips or runs.

Overall, a high-quality spray gun is the best air compressor accessory for painting. It will provide excellent results and make the process of painting more comfortable and efficient.

Can you suggest the best air compressor accessory for filling up air mattresses?

Yes, I can suggest the best air compressor accessory for filling up air mattresses. The best accessory for filling up air mattresses is a tire chuck or an inflator nozzle. These accessories are designed to be attached to the end of an air compressor hose and allow air to be directed into the mattress with precision and control. The tire chuck is a simple but effective accessory that can be used to inflate a variety of items, including air mattresses. The inflator nozzle is more specialized and is specifically designed for filling up air mattresses. It typically has a longer, thinner tip that can be inserted into the valve on the mattress, allowing for easy inflation. Both accessories are widely available and can be purchased at most hardware stores or online retailers. When selecting an accessory, be sure to choose one that is compatible with your air compressor and the type of valve on your air mattress.

What accessories are necessary for sandblasting with an air compressor?

Sandblasting with an air compressor requires a few essential accessories to ensure a successful and safe operation. Firstly, a sandblasting gun is necessary to direct the abrasive material onto the surface being cleaned. It is important to choose a gun that is compatible with your air compressor's capacity and pressure range. Secondly, a suitable abrasive material such as silica sand, aluminum oxide, or glass beads should be selected based on the type of surface being cleaned and the desired finish. A respirator or mask is also essential to protect the operator from inhaling hazardous dust and particles. Additionally, safety glasses or goggles are required to protect the operator's eyes from flying debris. A protective suit, gloves, and boots are recommended to protect the operator's skin from exposure to abrasive material. It is also recommended to have a moisture trap installed in the air compressor system to prevent moisture from entering the gun and causing blockages. Overall, the proper selection and use of sandblasting accessories are critical to achieving a successful and safe sandblasting operation.

What accessories are needed for running air tools with an air compressor?

When it comes to running air tools with an air compressor, there are certain accessories that you need to ensure proper functioning and safety. The most essential accessory is an air hose that connects the air compressor to the air tool. The size of the hose and its fittings should match the requirements of the air tool and the compressor.

Another important accessory is an air pressure regulator that helps regulate the air pressure to the air tool. This is crucial as each air tool has a specific pressure requirement for optimal performance. A filter and lubricator are also necessary to keep the air clean and lubricated, respectively.

In addition, a quick-connect coupling is useful to easily switch between different air tools without having to disconnect and reconnect the air hose. An air tool oil is also recommended to keep the tool running smoothly and prevent wear and tear.

It is important to ensure that all accessories are compatible with the air compressor and air tools being used, and that they are installed correctly to prevent accidents and damage to the equipment.

What are the best air compressor accessories for inflating tires?

When it comes to inflating tires, having the right air compressor accessories can make the job much easier and more efficient. One of the most essential accessories is a tire chuck, which attaches to the end of the air hose and allows you to securely connect the hose to the tire valve stem. Another important accessory is a tire pressure gauge, which lets you accurately measure the pressure in the tire and ensure that it's inflated to the correct level.

In addition to these basics, there are a few other accessories that can come in handy for tire inflation. An inflation gun, for example, can help you quickly inflate a tire to the desired pressure, while an air chuck with a built-in pressure gauge allows you to monitor the pressure as you inflate the tire. A tire repair kit can also be useful if you encounter a puncture or other damage while on the road. Ultimately, the best air compressor accessories for inflating tires will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but these items are a good starting point.

What are the must-have accessories when using an air compressor for automotive work?

When using an air compressor for automotive work, there are several must-have accessories that you should consider. One of the most important accessories is an air hose that is durable, flexible, and long enough to reach all areas of the vehicle. You will also need a set of air tools, including an impact wrench, ratchet, and air hammer, which can help you quickly and easily remove bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. Additionally, a tire inflator with a pressure gauge is essential for maintaining proper tire pressure. A blow gun is also useful for removing debris and dust from hard-to-reach areas, while a sandblasting kit can help you remove rust and paint from metal surfaces. Finally, a filter and regulator are recommended to ensure that the air coming from the compressor is clean, dry, and at the correct pressure. By having these accessories on hand, you can work efficiently and effectively on your vehicle, saving time and money in the process.

What are the top accessories for improving the performance of an air compressor?

Air compressors are essential tools used in various industries for powering pneumatic tools and equipment. To improve their performance, here are some top accessories to consider:

1. Air hoses: A good quality air hose with a proper diameter and length is crucial for maximizing the flow of air from the compressor to the tool.

2. Air regulator: A regulator helps in controlling the air pressure, thereby preventing damage to the tool and maximizing efficiency.

3. Air filters: Air filters help in removing moisture, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from the compressed air, ensuring clean and dry air for the tool.

4. Air dryer: An air dryer helps in removing moisture from the compressed air, preventing rust and damage to the tool.

5. Pressure gauges: Pressure gauges help in monitoring the air pressure, ensuring that the tool is operating at the recommended pressure range.

6. Quick-connect fittings: Quick-connect fittings help in quickly and easily connecting and disconnecting the tool from the air compressor.

7. Lubricators: Lubricators help in adding oil to the compressed air, ensuring that the tool operates smoothly and lasts longer.

By adding these accessories to your air compressor, you can not only improve its performance but also extend its lifespan and ensure the safety of the operators.

What is the best air compressor accessory for cleaning surfaces?

The best air compressor accessory for cleaning surfaces is the air blow gun. This accessory is designed specifically for blowing away debris and dust from surfaces, and it can be used for a variety of applications. Air blow guns come in different shapes and sizes, but they all work by using compressed air to blow away dirt, dust, and debris. They are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and crevices, and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including machinery, electronics, and vehicles.

When choosing an air blow gun, it is important to look for one that is durable, easy to use, and has a comfortable grip. It should also have a variable flow trigger, so you can control the amount of air pressure that is used. Additionally, it is recommended to choose an air blow gun that has a safety nozzle, which will prevent accidental discharge of compressed air. With the right air blow gun, you can quickly and efficiently clean surfaces, saving time and effort in the process.

What is the best air compressor accessory for regulating air pressure?

When it comes to regulating air pressure, a pressure regulator is the best air compressor accessory. A pressure regulator is a device that is designed to reduce and maintain the air pressure to a specific level. It is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to keep their air compressor running smoothly and efficiently.

A pressure regulator can be installed in-line between the air compressor and the air tool to control the pressure that is delivered to the tool. This is especially important if you are using air tools that require a specific pressure range. A pressure regulator can help prevent damage to the tools and ensure that they are operating at their optimal level.

When choosing a pressure regulator, it is important to consider the maximum pressure and flow rate of your air compressor. You want to make sure that the pressure regulator can handle the flow rate and pressure of your air compressor. Additionally, you should consider the accuracy of the pressure regulator and whether it has a gauge to display the pressure level.

In summary, a pressure regulator is the best air compressor accessory for regulating air pressure. It can help prevent damage to your tools and ensure that they are operating at their optimal level. When choosing a pressure regulator, consider the maximum pressure and flow rate of your air compressor, as well as the accuracy and gauge display of the regulator.

What is the best air compressor accessory for removing rust from metal?

When it comes to removing rust from metal, one of the best air compressor accessories is a sandblasting kit. Sandblasting uses high-pressure air and abrasive materials such as sand, glass beads, or aluminum oxide to remove rust and other surface contaminants from metal. The abrasive material is propelled through a gun or nozzle, and upon contact with the metal surface, it removes the rust and leaves a clean, smooth surface.

Sandblasting kits come in different sizes and shapes, and the choice of which one to use depends on the size and type of metal surface you want to clean. For small surfaces, a handheld sandblasting gun may be suitable, while for larger surfaces, a cabinet sandblaster may be more efficient.

It is important to note that sandblasting can be dangerous if not done properly, so it is recommended that you wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and a respirator mask. Additionally, you should choose the appropriate abrasive material for the metal surface you are cleaning to avoid damaging the metal or leaving behind residues that could cause further corrosion.

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