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Best 12 Volt Cooler For Truckers (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to finding the best 12 volt cooler for truckers, there are a few key points to consider. Here are the five most important things that any trucker should know when shopping for a 12 volt cooler:

1. Size: It’s important to find a cooler that fits your needs, as well as the space you have available in your truck. The size of the cooler you need depends on how much food and drinks you plan to store.

2. Insulation: Make sure that the cooler you pick has good insulation to keep your food and drinks cold.

3. Power: Many 12 volt coolers require an additional power source, such as a car battery, to keep them running. Make sure that you have access to the right power source before purchasing a cooler.

4. Durability: Make sure that the cooler you pick is made of materials that will last. Look for coolers that are double-walled or have extra insulation to ensure that your food and drinks stay cold.

5. Extras: Some coolers come with additional features, such as a 12-volt power outlet and a USB port, that can be useful for charging your devices or powering other small appliances.

These five points are essential for finding the best 12 volt cooler for truckers. With the right size, insulation, power source, durability, and extras, you can ensure that your food and drinks stay cold and your devices stay charged. With the right cooler, you’ll be able to drive in comfort and have the snacks and drinks you need to make your journey more enjoyable.

10 Best 12 Volt Cooler For Truckers

1. Igloo Thermoelectric Iceless 28-40 Qt Electric Plug-In 12v Coolers, 28qt Iceless Gray

This Igloo Thermoelectric Iceless 28-40 Qt Electric Plug-in 12V Cooler is a great choice for those on the go. It features a swing-up bale handle with a comfort grip for easy carrying, as well as molded-in side handles for two-handed carrying or lifting. With a capacity of up to 32 12-oz cans and 26 quarts (24 liters), it is perfect for all your food and beverage needs.

The plug-in 12V cooler uses your car's cigarette lighter to cool without ice, unlocking more room for food and drinks, as well as keeping all contents fresh and dry. The cooler is capable of taking the temperature down to 36F below the surrounding air, perfect for keeping items cool without the hassle of ice. The 8-foot long power cord plugs into any 12V DC receptacle, allowing for portable use with a universal fit in 12V outlets.

The ergonomic design of the Igloo Thermoelectric Iceless Cooler features a curved back that comfortably hugs your side while carrying. It also has a quiet brushless motor and convection cooling with a fan to circulate cold air. It measures 18 1/4 inches by 12 3/4 inches by 17 1/4 inches, making it the perfect size for any occasion.

Whether you're going on a picnic, a road trip, or just need a cooler for everyday use, the Igloo Thermoelectric Iceless 28-40 Qt Electric Plug-in 12V Cooler is a great choice. It is easy to carry and fits into any 12V outlet for convenient use. It is also quiet, efficient and has plenty of room for food and drinks. Choose this electric cooler and you'll never have to worry about melting ice again!

2. 40qt Portable Thermoelectric Cooler, Hot/cold For Vehicles/truckers

This Coleman Insulated Portable Thermoelectric Cooler is an essential item for any traveler or trucker, providing a convenient and easy way to keep food items at an optimal temperature. This 40-quart cooler is designed to keep contents up to 40 degrees colder or warmer than the temperature of the surroundings, offering great temperature control for any situation.

The cooler is equipped with an 8-foot power cord, allowing you to easily power the cooler with a car or boat outlet, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings. The door of the cooler can open from either the left or right side, offering great placement flexibility and allowing you to easily access the cooler’s contents. With a 40-quart capacity, the cooler can hold up to 44 cans, making it great for large groups or extended trips.

This thermoelectric cooler is the perfect addition to any vehicle; it ensures that food and drinks stay at the desired temperature, no matter the temperature of the surroundings. The power cord makes it easy to plug into existing outlets and the door can open either way, allowing you to adjust the cooler’s position with ease. With a large capacity, this cooler is a great choice for anyone looking to keep food and drinks at the desired temperature.

3. Roadpro Rp5653sf 12-Volt Snackmaster Cooler/warmer, Medium, Gray

This thermoelectric cooler is the ideal choice for travelling and off-grid adventures. The RoadPro RP5653SF 12-Volt Snackmaster Cooler/Warmer features a quick switch setting to quickly change between cooler and warmer modes. It has an 18-quart capacity, allowing it to store plenty of food and drinks, yet remain compact enough to fit in any cab or small appliance space. The included 6-foot fused power cord allows for easy maneuverability and placement, while the seat belt slot keeps the cooler securely in place while driving. In addition, the interior light allows for visibility in low-light environments, making it easy to access food or beverages.

The cooler is designed to cool to 30-35 degrees F BELOW AMBIENT temperature, making it perfect for keeping food and drinks chilled on the go. With this thermoelectric cooler, you can easily plug it into any 12-Volt power port and enjoy the convenience of having both a cooler and warmer in one device. This versatile cooler/warmer is sure to come in handy on any road trip or outdoor adventure.

4. Mini Electric Cooler/warmer For Car- 12v Dc 28 Quart Car Refrigerator W/automatic Locking Handle

The ZENY Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer is the perfect solution for your car's food and drink storage needs. This electric cooler and warmer combo is a great choice for both summer and winter use. It can cool your food down to 68°F below ambient temperature in just 30 minutes and keep it cool for two hours after unplugging. For warming, the temperature can be set between 122°F-149°F.

The 28 quart capacity of this cooler can hold up to 33 cans of soda or 6 two-liter bottles at once, giving you plenty of storage space for all your road trip necessities. It has an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, making it both energy-saving and low-noise. The electric cooler is equipped with two kinds of power supply wires, allowing it to work with both 110V AC house and 12V DC power with a car outlet plug.

The car refrigerator also comes with a locking handle for secure closure, plus a heavy-duty polyester exterior and a high density insulation interior for long-lasting durability. It's compact enough to fit almost anywhere within your vehicle, so you can easily access your items while on the road. With the ZENY Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer, your car trips can be a breeze, no matter the season.

5. 48 Quart Electric Cooler/warmer W/ Wheels, 12v Dc/110v Ac Cables.

This K-box Electric Cooler and Warmer with Wheels for Car and Home is the ultimate solution for keeping food and drinks at their desired temperatures while travelling. With a generous 48 quart (45 liter) capacity and two 6 foot extra-long cords, one for standard wall outlets and one for car power adapters, this cooler/warmer combo is perfect for road-trips, camping, and more.

This cooler/warmer boasts vast storage space, storing up to 60 cans of soda or 6 two liter bottles and 15 cans of soda or beer. A removable divider creates two compartments for easy organizing, making it easier to store items. Unlike traditional coolers, this one chills without ice, maintaining a cool 40°F temperature without any ice.

Double handles and wheels make carrying and pulling the cooler easy. One dual functioning handle allows you to carry the cooler in hand or pull it on the ground using the wheels. With this cooler/warmer combo, you'll never have to worry about warm food and drinks again.

Whether you're travelling on the road or camping in an RV, camper or minivan, this K-box Electric Cooler and Warmer with Wheels for Car and Home is the perfect storage container for keeping food and drinks at their desired temperatures. With its generous capacity, two 6 foot extra-long cords, and removable divider, this cooler/warmer combo is the perfect companion for any adventure.

6. Koolatron 12v 25l Iceless Cooler – Electric Portable Car Fridge W/ 12v Dc Power Cord, Gray/white – North America

The Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler 25 L (26 qt) is the perfect companion for road trips, camping, fishing, trucking, and more. This electric portable car fridge is made with advanced insulation and a tightly locking lid, which helps ensure food and drinks stay cold for up to 3.3 days even when the cooler is unpowered.

The 24 L (26 qt) capacity of this compact 12 volt car fridge is ideal for holding up to 31 standard soft drink cans, with enough room to fit 2L bottles standing upright. A 12V DC adapter is included for use on the go in your car, truck, or boat; and the cooler is also compatible with AC power (110V adapter sold separately) for indoors. With advanced thermoelectric technology, this cooler is capable of cooling to 36°F (22°C) below the surrounding temperature without needing ice.

Koolatron has been manufacturing industry-leading 12V coolers in North America for over 30 years and this one is no exception. The Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler 25 L (26 qt) is designed and built to provide superior cold retention and efficient iceless cooling, making it the perfect choice for any adventure.

7. Icevac Vl60 Portable Dual Zone Refrigerator, 60l, Dc/ac, 0-50°f.

Introducing the ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator with SECOP Compressor, a 60 liter platinum compact refrigerator with a range of 0℉ to 50℉ and DC 12/24V and AC 110-240V outputs. This refrigerator is designed to be used both at home and on-the-go, making it an incredibly versatile and reliable appliance ideal for a variety of applications.

The ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator features independent control of both the freezer and refrigerator, allowing you to customize your cooling needs. You can also select between MAX mode for fast cooling and ECO mode for more energy efficiency. The SECOP compressor allows the refrigerator to be used even at 40° tilt.

This refrigerator is also designed for maximum convenience. It has a height design that fits tonneau covers of pickup trucks and metal shell and thickened inner walls for good insulation. Additionally, it comes with two removable wired baskets and an interior light for easy access in the dark.

The ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator is a reliable and efficient appliance that is sure to meet all your freezing and refrigeration needs. It comes with a 5 year warranty on the compressor and a 1 year warranty on all other parts. Plus, customer service phone line is available and your Amazon messages will be answered within 24 hours including on weekends.

8. 12v 45l Rv Refrigerator, Freezer Fridge Cooler, 12/24v Dc & 110-240v Ac.

The Euhomy Car Refrigerator is an efficient and powerful storage solution for RV1/truck drivers, boat owners, and campers. Equipped with two zones for separate storage areas, this car refrigerator is capable of accommodating 46 cans of cola, 28 bottles of water, and 15 bottles of red wine.

The Euhomy 12 Volt Freezer uses advanced 3D refrigeration technology and comes with a powerful compressor for fast cooling. With UL energy-saving certification, it only consumes 45 Watts of energy, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a car navigator. You can choose between ECO and MAX modes for energy conservation or fast cooling.

The Euhomy car fridge also comes equipped with 110/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, making it suitable for both home and car use. It also features three battery protection functions to prevent overloading or short-circuiting. With a sound of only 40 decibels when running, the car refrigerator allows for a quiet and comfortable environment. The overall external smooth lines and multi-functional non-slip base also reduce lateral displacement even when the car is climbing at an inclination angle of 35 degrees.

The LCD panel of the 12V fridge allows you to directly see the operation and adjust the temperature between-4℉-68℉(-20℃-20℃). Additionally, the car cooler also comes with Bluetooth mode and a mobile app for remote control. Euhomy offers a 1-year quality assurance, so if you have any questions, please contact their customer service team.

The Euhomy Car Refrigerator is a great storage solution for those who need to keep food, snacks, and beverages fresh while traveling, boating, or camping. With its powerful capacity, efficient cooling, and battery protection functions, this 12V refrigerator is sure to keep you satisfied for many journeys to come.

9. Bodega 12v Car Fridge, 38 Quart (36l) Compressor Cooler, Dual Zone Wifi App Control, 4℉-68℉, Dc/ac For Outdoor/travel/camping.

The BODEGA 12 Volt Car Refrigerator is a portable and powerful freezer that is perfect for outdoor activities and travel. Equipped with two zones, both zones can be independently controlled for temperature. With a total capacity of 36L (38 Quart), the fridge can hold up to 41 cans of cola, 21 bottles of water or 13 bottles of red wine. It also features a wireless keep feature that keeps items cool even when the power is turned off.

The BODEGA refrigerator has an energy saving and powerful compressor that can maintain a temperature of 32℉ (0℃) in maximum mode. It also has an anti-shaking design that reduces lateral displacement, even when the car is climbing at an inclination angle of 30 degrees. Additionally, the fridge includes a USB charging port and a built-in LED light for easy use at night.

The package includes a portable car fridge, one cigarette lighter connector, one wall plug, one wall plug adapter, one user manual, and two baskets. To ensure customer satisfaction, the BODEGA car fridge 12v is equipped with 120/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, and comes with a 2-year warranty. It also includes a stretchable handle and off-road wheels for increased portability.

For added convenience, the fridge is equipped with a WIFI connection and app control, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The RV freezer line length is 2.6m, enough for all kinds of outdoor entertainment. The bottom drain hole is also convenient for cleaning the 12 volt refrigerator. With the BODEGA 12 Volt Car Refrigerator, you can enjoy cold drinks in a stable and quiet environment during your travels.

10. Power Fc15 Portable Refrigerator, -4℉-68℉ Fast Cooling, 15l/15.8qt, 12/24v Dc & 110/240v Ac, Ideal For Rv Truck Camping Outdoor Home.

The Setpower FC15 Portable 12v Refrigerator is a reliable and powerful choice for cooling on the go. Featuring a variable frequency compressor, it can cool from 68℉ to -4℉ within 15 minutes and reach its lowest temperature of -4℉ within an hour. With an average energy consumption of only 55W, this car fridge is the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and picnicking.

The portable refrigerator has a compact capacity of 15.8 quart (15 Liter), allowing it to fit 20 cans of 335ml Cola. It is also lightweight, weighing in at only 22lbs, and it won’t take up too much space wherever it’s placed. Additionally, the noise level is kept to a minimum of 42dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.

The Setpower car fridge also has a number of helpful features. It has three levels of battery protection to prevent the car power supply from being overloaded or short-circuited and to protect your vehicle battery. It also maintains excellent performance even when tilted up to 40°, making it suitable for bumpy roads or inclines. The removable lid makes it easier to access the contents of the refrigerator, while the built-in durable handles make it easier to carry. Moreover, there are four expansion holes on both sides which are compatible with removable battery packs, cup holders, bottle openers, and shoulder straps.

What’s more, Setpower offers a 3-year warranty on the compressor and 1-year for the other parts, as well as a professional technical support team located in LA, providing responses within 24 hours. With all these features, the Setpower FC15 Portable 12v Refrigerator is the perfect choice for keeping your food and drinks cool, no matter where your journey takes you.

Best 12 Volt Cooler For Truckers FAQs

Are Mobicool coolers any good?

Mobicool coolers are a great choice for keeping food and drinks cold while on the go. They are made with superior insulation, which helps to keep colder temperatures for longer. The coolers also have a lightweight design, making them easy to transport. They also come with a range of features, such as removable shelves, adjustable vents, and a lockable lid. The coolers come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. Overall, Mobicool coolers are a good choice for those looking for a reliable, lightweight cooler.

Are powered coolers any good?

Yes, powered coolers are a great way to keep food and beverages cold for longer periods of time. They typically use either a 12-volt DC power source or a 110-volt AC power source to power a compressor that is designed to cool food and beverages. They are great for keeping food and drinks cold while on the go and are especially useful when camping, tailgating, or boating. These coolers are usually much more energy-efficient than regular coolers, so they cost less to power. They are also equipped with features such as temperature control and an adjustable thermostat, which makes it easy to keep food and drinks at the desired temperature. Furthermore, powered coolers can be used to heat food and liquids, making them even more versatile.

How do truck drivers keep food cold?

Truck drivers typically keep food cold by using an insulated cooler or a mini-fridge. An insulated cooler can be packed with either ice packs or ice cubes. Ice packs are a more efficient way to keep food cold for longer periods of time. The ice packs can be placed on top and below the food items in the cooler, to ensure that all items remain cold. Alternatively, a mini-fridge can be used to keep food cold while on the road. This option is more expensive but offers more convenience as the driver can easily keep food cold and also store items that need to be cooked or heated. The mini-fridge can also be powered by a vehicle's battery or an inverter. Either way, truck drivers have several options to keep food cold while on the road.

How well do 12 volt coolers work?

Twelve volt coolers are a great way to keep drinks and snacks cold when away from a power source for extended periods of time. They are efficient, reliable, and come in a variety of sizes. The cooling power provided by a 12 volt cooler depends on the size and type of cooler. Larger coolers typically have a larger compressor, which can cool down the contents faster and for longer periods. Some 12 volt coolers also feature an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature of the contents. Overall, 12 volt coolers are an excellent way to keep drinks and food cool while on the go. They are affordable, durable, and can be used in a variety of situations.

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