September 23, 2016

It’s never too late to try a new workout. Whether you’re an indoor girl or someone who loves fresh air, 2016 is still going strong with new ways to get or stay fit. Already bored with the latest crop of classes that the year has to offer? Don’t worry, 2017 is just around the corner, promising simplicity and a back to basics style that might be just what you and your body need.

Still fresh this year and making you sweat are these fun, functional workouts that will work your body alone or with a few friends. Hey, and that’s part of the trend, too: working out with friends.

  1. Just Dance: Get your groove on with a wide variety of dance classes that are hitting gyms and studios this year and into the next. It’s one of the most popular types of fitness, so let’s get crazy with aerobic/cardio style moves that you can actually take to the dance floor. Your inner Beyoncé is just one step away.
  2. Take it Outside: Hit your local park and get ready to burn some calories in the great outdoors. Group classes are popular, although not necessarily the boot camp style we have seen in the past few years. More low tech and low impact, these classes emphasize form and function using stationary bikes, pull up bars, and more.
  3. Tech It Up: Everyone has a few gym rat friends and they are probably raving about Orange Theory Fitness right now. It’s not a smoothie they are professing their love for, but a new style of gym that has patrons wearing heart rate monitors while they do their workouts. Your stats are displayed on a big screen to fuel your competitive spirit. Many new spin classes are also promoting this tech trend, using bikes that show your stats and allow you to compete with fellow classmates.
  4. Body Weight Training: Workouts like Crossfit and HIIT still pack rooms and gyms. These programs work by providing fast fitness that shows results. Strength training is part of this trend (take a couple’s class!) along with functional classes that use minimal to no equipment. They focus on using the weight of your body to help you tone and build muscle mass.
  5. Yoga: The age old methods are still going strong and are always popular. Throw in some new styles like Fat Yoga, Yogalates, and Salt Yoga to improve flexibility, reduce inflammation, and instill a sense of calm to your days. Perfect for all ages and body types, these styles of yoga are available online, in gyms, and at private studios, and make you sweat, stretch, and help you go about your day in a better state of mind.