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Best .22 Rifle For Beginners (2023 Update)

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If you’re looking for a rifle to get started with, a .22 caliber is a great place to start. It's one of the most popular calibers among beginners and experienced shooters alike. But with so many options available, choosing the best .22 rifle for beginners can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider before making a purchase.

Firstly, it's important to consider what you'll be using the rifle for. Are you planning to use it for target shooting, small game hunting, or general plinking? Different rifles will have different features that cater to these various needs. Second, it's important to consider the rifle's weight, length, and overall ergonomics. Ensuring a comfortable fit will make shooting more pleasant and help build good habits from the start. Finally, consider the cost. While it's important to invest in a quality rifle, beginners may not want to spend too much until they’re sure they will continue with the hobby.

Are you interested in learning a new skill and joining the world of shooting sports? A .22 rifle is a great way to start. Consider asking yourself some questions such as: What is your budget? What do you hope to achieve with this rifle? Do you have any preference on the style or brand? Answering these questions can help guide you towards the best .22 rifle for beginners. With so many options available on the market, it can feel overwhelming, but with a little research and consideration, anyone can find the perfect .22 rifle to suit their needs.

10 Best .22 Rifle For Beginners

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price

This product is ideal for cleaning various types and sizes of handguns with its complete cleaning kit and parts tray.


It is an ideal cleaning kit for handguns of different calibers like .22, .357, 9MM, .38, .40, .44, and .45.


Ideal for hunters and shooters needing a comprehensive cleaning kit with various tools, accessories, and a heavy duty case.


The product is ideal for target shooting and small game hunting.


This product is ideal for maintenance-free shooting with rifles, handguns and airguns using durable steel resetting targets with high visibility target spots.


Ideal for recreational shooting and small game hunting with both pellets and BBs.


Ideal for shooting pellets and BBs, with multiple pump options and a camouflage design.


Ideal for outdoor shooting and hunting with .177 and .22 caliber air guns and pellet guns.


Ideal for honing shooting skills, improving accuracy, and providing instant feedback on hits.


Ideal for youth looking to learn air rifle shooting with multi-pump system, .177 caliber pellets or BBs, and added scope.

This product is ideal for cleaning various types and sizes of handguns with its complete cleaning kit and parts tray.

It is an ideal cleaning kit for handguns of different calibers like .22, .357, 9MM, .38, .40, .44, and .45.

Ideal for hunters and shooters needing a comprehensive cleaning kit with various tools, accessories, and a heavy duty case.

The product is ideal for target shooting and small game hunting.

This product is ideal for maintenance-free shooting with rifles, handguns and airguns using durable steel resetting targets with high visibility target spots.

Ideal for recreational shooting and small game hunting with both pellets and BBs.

Ideal for shooting pellets and BBs, with multiple pump options and a camouflage design.

Ideal for outdoor shooting and hunting with .177 and .22 caliber air guns and pellet guns.

Ideal for honing shooting skills, improving accuracy, and providing instant feedback on hits.

Ideal for youth looking to learn air rifle shooting with multi-pump system, .177 caliber pellets or BBs, and added scope.

1. Handgun Cleaning Kit With Parts Tray & Mat

Real Avid offers a complete gun cleaning kit with their Handgun Smart Mat, Gun Boss Handgun, and 500 cleaning patches. This bundle is an incredible value as it includes three of their most popular gun cleaning products.

The Handgun Smart Mat is a 19" x 16" gun cleaning mat that is both oil and solvent resistant. This ingenious mat is designed to keep cleaning organized and work surfaces protected. It is a must-have for gun enthusiasts who want to take care of their firearms properly.

The Handgun Smart Mat also includes a small parts tray that is attached to the mat. This lightly padded pistol mat has a magnetic section for storing small parts. This feature makes it easy to keep track of all the small pieces during the cleaning process.

The Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit is a pistol cleaning kit that is completely contained in a weatherproof, zippered, ballistic nylon case. This kit is designed to be portable and easy to use. It is perfect for those who want to clean their handguns on the go.

Real Avid has included all the important gun cleaning supplies in this kit. The kit includes a 9" handgun cleaning rod, .22, .357/.38/9MM. .40, and .45 phosphor bronze brushes and nylon jags, 2 nylon slotted tips, 250 large cleaning patches, and 250 small cleaning patches. This complete kit has everything needed to keep a handgun in top condition.

2. Pro Handgun Cleaning Kit: Effortless Pistol Maintenance

The MULTI-CALIBER Pistol Cleaning Kit is a versatile and essential tool for any gun enthusiast. It is compatible with a wide range of pistols and handguns, including .22, 9mm, 357 magnum, .38 special, 40 caliber, 41 caliber, 44 magnum, and 45 caliber firearms.

The GUN BOSS PRO Handgun Cleaning Kit includes a 2-section brass gun cleaning rod with a multi-function handle, bore brush set, bore patch jag set, small and large slotted bore patch tips, and gun cleaning patches. This kit is perfect for anyone who owns a Glock, SIG Sauer, S&W M&P Shield, M&P 2.0, SD9VE, SD40VE, Beretta, 1911, or any other modern handguns, revolvers, and 1911 pistols.

The kit comes in a convenient, crush-proof, spill-proof, stand-up case that is easy to store and fits perfectly in your range bag. It is an all-in-one pistol maintenance kit that offers fast gun cleaning at home or while on the range.

The product is designed with quality and durability in mind. It has an ergonomic design, professional-grade phosphor bronze brushes, nylon bore jags, and highly absorbent gun cleaning patches. All components are long-lasting and well-organized, so you won't have to spend too much time cleaning and more time shooting.

Real Avid backs the product, and customer satisfaction is their top priority. As a US-based company, customer support is easily accessible should you need any assistance.

3. Pro Clean Gun Kit: Precision For Hunters

Introducing the High Quality Deluxe Gun Cleaning Set, the ultimate cleaning solution for all guns – rifles, shotguns, and handguns. This set comes with a portable hard plastic storage case that has the caliber size labeled on each slot for easy organization and access. With its easy carry handle and compact size of 15.75” x 10.25” x 2”, you can take it with you wherever you go!

Unlike other gun cleaning sets, this deluxe set features strong brass CNC precision machined jags that are stamped with the caliber size, so you won't have to worry about breaking plastic in your gun barrel. The set also includes a super bright magnetic LED bore light with a 5" flex head, aluminum barrel, rare earth magnet, and an 8 hour run time, making it easy to find and attack deposits left behind.

The 100% cotton lint-free patch roll is 6 ft long x 4 in wide, and can be easily cut to the size you want, eliminating the need to cut up old t-shirts. Additionally, the set includes a 12 in. x 12 in. lint-free optical cloth for scopes, range finders, binoculars, and shooting glasses.

This deluxe set comes in full retail packaging, making it the perfect gift for the shooting/hunting enthusiast in your life. Whether you're a professional or weekend shooter, this high quality gun cleaning kit will satisfy your needs on the range, in the woods, or on the bench.

The set includes solid brass rods with a total combined length of 28 in. for .177 to .280 caliber rifles and handguns (3 rods with handle), as well as .30 caliber and up rifles, 12 20 410 gauge shotguns, and handguns (3 rods with handle). Also included are 14 high quality threaded bronze bore brushes, 9 threaded cotton mops, 3 muzzle guards, 3 brushes with ergonomic handle (brass, steel, nylon), 3 solid brass CNC precision machined adapters for all guns, and 4 solid brass CNC precision machined slotted tips for worry-free performance.

The set features 13 pieces of solid brass CNC machined jags for all calibers, including 17 / 4.39mm / 5mm / .20 / .204, .22 / .221 /.223 / .224 / 5.7mm /.225, .240 / .243 / 6mm / 6.17mm, .25 / 6.35mm / 6.5mm / .26, .270 / 6.8mm / .280 / 7mm, .30 / .300 / 30-30 / 7.62mm / 7.63mm / .307 / 7.82mm / 30-03 / 30-06/ .308, 8mm / .32 / .325 / .338, .35 / .356 / .357 / .38 / .380 ACP / 9mm, 9.5mm / .375, 10mm / .40 / .416, .44 / .440 / .444, .45 / .455, and a .50 caliber jag for use with black powder muzzle loader.

This deluxe gun cleaning set comes with a guaranteed 5-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Upgrade your gun cleaning game with the High Quality Deluxe Gun Cleaning Set.

4. Defender Air Rifle 22 Caliber All Black 470-570 Fps With 200 Pellets Pack

Introducing the 5.5mm Caliber Pellets for Air Rifles – a must-have for any enthusiast looking for high-quality ammunition. Each pack contains 200 pellets, ensuring that you'll have plenty of ammo for your next shooting session.

Crafted with safety in mind, these pellets feature a 22 caliber safety lock design in a sleek all-black finish. This design ensures that the pellets are securely locked in place while in use, preventing any unwanted accidents.

With an impressive velocity range of 470-570 FPS, these pellets are perfect for shooters looking for reliable and consistent performance. The 5.5 22 caliber FPS range of 470-570 ensures that each shot packs a punch and delivers the power you need to hit your targets with precision.

The pellets are made with top-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out, these pellets are a great addition to your kit. With their superior accuracy and impressive performance, they are sure to enhance your shooting experience and help you take your skills to the next level.

5. Steel Resetting Targets With High Visibility Spots

The Expert Resetting Gallery Target is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient shooting target. This innovative target features a twist design with no welds to break, making it a durable and dependable choice for any shooting enthusiast. Additionally, the easy resetting top paddle eliminates the need for walking down range or pulling cords to reset, providing hours of uninterrupted shooting fun.

This gallery target is specifically designed for use with .22 rimfire rifles and .22 handguns, and boasts 1.75" diameter 3/8" thick target paddles with instant feedback, making it a more challenging target to shoot than the original. You'll love the ultimate performance of this target, as it provides both action and sound feedback for an unforgettable shooting experience.

Setting up this target is a breeze, thanks to the foot rest that makes it simple to push targets into even the hardest ground. Plus, the high visibility target spots included with all Birchwood Casey shooting targets from the World of Targets family deliver an easily discernible aiming point, providing comfortable long-range shooting.

6. Winchester 1977xs Dual Ammo Pellet Bb 1000 Fps Air Rifle (991977-402)

The dual ammo air rifle is a versatile and reliable option for shooting enthusiasts. With the ability to shoot both .177 caliber BBs and pellets, users have the flexibility to choose their preferred ammunition type. This rifle boasts a powerful velocity of up to 1,000 FPS with alloy pellets, making it a formidable option for target shooting, pest control, and small game hunting.

The multi-pump design allows users to adjust the power and velocity of each shot, offering a personalized shooting experience. The rifle comes equipped with a 4×32 scope and open sights, providing shooters with multiple aiming options. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced marksman, this air rifle has the features needed to help improve your accuracy and precision.

The stock and forearm of this air rifle are crafted from rugged and durable composite material, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable product. The composite material also provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip, allowing for extended shooting sessions without discomfort.

7. Daisy Powerline Model 35 Camo Multi-Pump Pneumatic .177 Pellet/bb Rifle

The .177 Caliber BB or Pellet air rifle is a versatile and powerful weapon designed to meet the needs of both beginner and experienced shooters. With an overall length of 34-1/2" and an ammo capacity of 50-shot BB and single-shot pellet, this air rifle is perfect for small game hunting, target shooting, and plinking.

The air rifle is designed with multi-pump pneumatic action that allows the user to adjust the power of the shot and achieve a maximum velocity of 625 fps. The steel smooth bore barrel ensures accuracy and precision, while the authentic Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo finish with checkering on the stock and forearm provides a comfortable grip and easy handling.

The air rifle is easy to load, with a 50-shot BB or single-shot pellet capacity, and adjustable rear sights for improved accuracy. The blade and ramp front sight allows for quick target acquisition, making this air rifle ideal for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Whether you're looking for a reliable air rifle for target shooting or small game hunting, the .177 Caliber BB or Pellet air rifle is a great choice. With its powerful multi-pump pneumatic action, authentic Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo finish, and adjustable sights, this air rifle is sure to exceed your expectations.

8. Metal Prairie Dog Target For Outdoor Shooting

The Reset target is a durable and convenient accessory for air rifle enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities. Made of heavy-duty steel, it is rated for pellet .177 .22 air rifle and can withstand frequent use. The round target has a thickness of 3 mm and measures 19.8'' x 4.5'' (50×11.6cm), while the entire unit weighs 2.2lb (1kg).

Using the Reset target is easy and hassle-free – simply fix the target on the ground, shoot the yellow round target above, then the 2" target below to reset the unit and start over. There is no need to walk or pull the rope to reset the target unless you need to step away to grab another bottle of beer.

One of the benefits of the Reset target is its convenient design. It can be folded, making it easy to transport and carry during outdoor activities. It will not take up too much space in your travel gear, ensuring that you can pack it along with other essentials.

9. Birchwood Casey Ground Strike, Long Lasting Reactive Targets

The Jack Target is the perfect choice for beginners and experienced marksmen alike. This reactive shooting target spins, flies, and dances on impact, providing immediate feedback and enhancing the overall shooting experience.

The Jack Target is rated for all calibers and firearms, making it a versatile option for any shooting enthusiast. Its long-lasting technology makes it capable of handling hundreds of rounds, ensuring that it will remain a valuable addition to any range.

Designed to be highly visible, the Jack Target is easy to spot even from a distance. It can take hundreds of impacts from rifles .22 caliber and up from more than 30 yards away, making it an excellent choice for outdoor ranges.

The Jack Target's unique rolling mechanism ensures that every time it is shot, it rolls to a new position. This adds an extra level of challenge and excitement to the shooting experience, and encourages shooters to improve their accuracy and precision.

10. Youth Multi-Pump Air Rifle With Scope (Umarex)

Introducing the airgun designed for younger and small-framed shooters that redefines the standard for modern-day airguns. Equipped with a plethora of features, this airgun is perfect for beginners and seasoned shooters alike.

With the ability to shoot either .177 caliber pellets or steel BBs, this airgun offers versatility and convenience like no other. Its progressive stock design is ergonomic, modern and impact resistant, ensuring comfort and durability. The grip is thoughtfully designed with a narrow curve that allows for better control, making it a safer shooting environment for shooters with smaller hands.

Using a multi-pump action system, this airgun is incredibly easy to use for both right and left-handed shooters. The easy-load pellet ramp adds to the convenience of this airgun, making it quick and simple to reload.

When it comes to aiming and accuracy, this airgun has got you covered. It features an adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic front sight, making it easier to aim in any lighting condition. Furthermore, it has an integrated tactical-style scope mounting system that provides a positive lock down to keep a scope on zero, making scope mounting a breeze.

Safety is always a top priority, and this airgun comes equipped with an automatic safety feature. This feature ensures that the airgun remains in a safe state until the shooter is ready to fire.

Best .22 Rifle For Beginners FAQs

Are there any additional accessories or gear that beginners should consider when purchasing a .22 rifle?

When it comes to purchasing a .22 rifle, there are a few additional accessories or gear that beginners should consider. Firstly, a good quality scope is essential for accurate shooting. A 3-9x magnification scope is a good starting point for a beginner as it allows for a wide range of distances to be covered. Additionally, a bipod or shooting rest can help stabilize the rifle and improve accuracy. A gun cleaning kit is also necessary to maintain the rifle and ensure it functions properly. A gun case or bag to transport the rifle is also recommended. Finally, ear and eye protection should always be worn when shooting to prevent injury. Overall, investing in these additional accessories and gear can enhance the shooting experience and help beginners improve their skills.

Are there any specific brands or models that are highly recommended for beginners?

Yes, there are specific brands and models that are highly recommended for beginners in various fields. For example, in photography, the Canon Rebel T7i and Nikon D3500 are popular entry-level DSLR cameras that offer great features and ease of use. For musicians, the Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar is highly recommended for its affordability, playability, and sound quality.

In the world of technology, the Raspberry Pi is a popular choice for beginners who want to learn programming and build their own projects at a low cost. For those interested in fitness, the Fitbit Inspire HR is a great choice for tracking daily activity and monitoring heart rate.

It's important to note that the recommended brands and models for beginners can vary based on personal preferences and needs. It's always best to do research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure the product is a good fit for your specific needs and skill level.

How accurate are .22 rifles for beginners, and what is a good range for shooting?

.22 rifles are a great choice for beginners due to their low recoil and relatively low noise level. They are also very accurate and easy to handle. In terms of accuracy, a .22 rifle can be quite precise, with the potential to hit targets at 50-100 yards or even further with the right skills and equipment. However, it's important to keep in mind that accuracy also depends on the quality of the rifle, ammunition, and the shooter's technique.

When it comes to shooting range, it really depends on the type of shooting you want to do. For target shooting, a range with distances of 25-50 yards is ideal. For small game hunting, a range of 50-75 yards is suitable. It's important to always follow safety guidelines and ensure that you have a safe backstop for your shots.

Overall, .22 rifles are a great choice for beginners due to their accuracy, low recoil, and ease of handling. With practice and proper technique, they can be a highly effective and rewarding firearm to shoot.

What are some of the best .22 rifles for beginners?

If you are a beginner in the world of rifles, then a .22 rifle is a good place to start. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and have minimal recoil. Here are some of the best .22 rifles for beginners:

1. Ruger 10/22: This is a semi-automatic rifle that is known for its accuracy and reliability. It has a detachable magazine, adjustable sights, and a variety of customization options.

2. Marlin Model 60: This is another semi-automatic rifle that is popular among beginners. It has a tube-fed magazine, adjustable sights, and a smooth trigger pull.

3. Savage Mark II: This bolt-action rifle is known for its accuracy and affordability. It has a detachable magazine, adjustable sights, and a crisp trigger.

4. CZ 455: This is a bolt-action rifle that is known for its accuracy and quality. It has adjustable sights, a detachable magazine, and a smooth trigger pull.

5. Henry Golden Boy: This lever-action rifle is known for its beautiful craftsmanship and accuracy. It has a smooth action, adjustable sights, and a tube-fed magazine.

Overall, these rifles are all great options for beginners. They are easy to handle, accurate, and reliable.

What are some tips for beginners to properly maintain and care for their .22 rifle?

Proper maintenance and care of a .22 rifle is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips for beginners:

1. Clean the rifle regularly: After each use, make sure to clean the rifle thoroughly. Use a cleaning rod, patches, and solvent to remove all dirt, debris, and residue. This will prevent corrosion and increase accuracy.

2. Check the gun before shooting: Before shooting, inspect the rifle for any damage, cracks, or loose screws. Ensure that the barrel is clear and free of obstructions.

3. Lubricate the rifle: Use a high-quality gun oil or grease to lubricate the moving parts of the rifle. This will reduce friction and wear and tear.

4. Store the rifle properly: When not in use, store the rifle in a safe and dry place. Use a gun case to protect it from dust, moisture, and accidental damage.

5. Use high-quality ammunition: Always use high-quality ammunition that is appropriate for your rifle. Avoid using cheap or reloaded ammunition, as it can cause damage to your rifle.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your .22 rifle remains in excellent condition and performs flawlessly for years to come.

What is the best budget-friendly .22 rifle for beginners?

When it comes to budget-friendly .22 rifles for beginners, there are a few options on the market that are worth considering. One popular choice is the Ruger 10/22, which is a reliable and accurate rifle that can be found for under $300. Another option is the Marlin Model 60, which is known for its smooth action and can often be found for under $200. The Savage Arms Mark II is another affordable option that is highly accurate and has a comfortable grip. Ultimately, the best rifle for a beginner will depend on their personal preferences and needs. It’s important to consider factors such as weight, length, and ease of use when selecting a rifle. Additionally, it’s important to invest in quality ammunition and proper safety gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

What is the difference between a bolt-action and semi-automatic .22 rifle, and which is better for beginners?

A bolt-action .22 rifle is manually operated, meaning the shooter must manually cycle the bolt to load and eject rounds. This type of rifle is generally simpler and more reliable than a semi-automatic rifle, and is often preferred by hunters and target shooters for its accuracy and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, a semi-automatic .22 rifle uses gas or recoil to automatically cycle rounds, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and a higher rate of fire. This type of rifle is often preferred by tactical shooters and those who enjoy plinking or shooting competitions.

For beginners, a bolt-action .22 rifle is generally the better choice, as it allows for a slower pace of shooting and forces the shooter to focus on accuracy and technique. Additionally, bolt-action rifles tend to be less expensive and easier to maintain than semi-automatic rifles. However, if the shooter is interested in more dynamic shooting scenarios or wants to transition to larger calibers in the future, a semi-automatic .22 rifle may be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the shooter's interests and goals.

What safety features should beginners look for when choosing a .22 rifle?

When choosing a .22 rifle, beginners should prioritize safety features to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience. One important safety feature to look for is a manual safety, which allows the shooter to engage and disengage the trigger mechanism. This prevents accidental firing and provides an added layer of safety when handling the rifle. Additionally, beginners should look for a rifle with a secure and comfortable grip, as well as a well-designed trigger that requires a deliberate pull to fire. A good trigger design can help prevent accidental firing and provide better accuracy when shooting. Another important safety feature is a reliable bolt action or semi-automatic mechanism, which ensures that the rifle operates safely and consistently. It's also important to choose a rifle with a durable construction and quality materials to minimize the risk of malfunctions or accidents. Overall, beginners should prioritize safety features when choosing a .22 rifle to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

What should beginners look for when choosing a .22 rifle?

When choosing a .22 rifle as a beginner, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, it’s important to choose a rifle that is easy to handle and operate, with minimal recoil. A bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle is a good place to start, as they are generally easier to shoot accurately than a single-shot rifle.

Secondly, consider the purpose of the rifle. Is it for target shooting, small game hunting, or plinking? This will determine the type of rifle you need, as well as the appropriate ammunition.

Thirdly, look for a rifle with a good trigger. A smooth, light trigger will help with accuracy and make shooting more enjoyable.

Finally, consider the cost of the rifle and ammunition. .22 rifles are generally affordable, but the cost of ammunition can vary greatly. It’s important to find a balance between quality and cost when choosing a rifle and ammunition.

Overall, beginners should look for a .22 rifle that is easy to handle, appropriate for their intended use, has a good trigger, and fits within their budget. With the right rifle and practice, beginners can develop their shooting skills and enjoy the sport for years to come.

What type of ammo should beginners use for their .22 rifle?

For beginners using .22 rifles, it is recommended to use standard velocity ammunition. This type of ammo is reliable, affordable, and has low recoil, making it ideal for those who are just starting to learn how to shoot. Standard velocity ammo has a bullet speed of around 1,000 feet per second, which is perfect for target practice and plinking.

It is important to note that while other types of ammo such as high velocity or hyper-velocity may offer more power and speed, they also have more recoil and can be more expensive. Additionally, some .22 rifles may not be able to handle the higher pressure of these types of ammo, leading to potential damage to the firearm.

Ultimately, the type of ammo that a beginner should use for their .22 rifle depends on their specific needs and preferences. It is always a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable firearms instructor or experienced shooter for advice on what type of ammo is best for your particular situation.

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