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January 21, 2012

I am really thrilled to be partnering with Wolf over the coming months to discuss their Reclaim the Kitchen initiative, because we’re reclaiming our kitchen in more ways than one!

As many of you know, our home has been undergoing some extensive renovations over the past couple of years, and so much of that attention has been on our kitchen and dining rooms. You’ve heard the cliché about the kitchen being the heart of your home, and the funny thing about clichés is that they are usually rooted in absolute, undeniable truth.

As a mother of two children and the CEO of my own company, I am definitely an on-the-go, digital mom. The hum of electronics soothe me and I am guilty of checking my phone at the dinner table. I know that our family is not alone in this, but I was shocked to learn that Americans spend less money at the grocery store now than in any other time in history, and we only spend on average 31 minutes a day preparing our meals.

I can do better than that. We can do better than that, and Wolf is helping inspire Americans to get back to the heart of matters—the heart of their homes. They’re launching a wonderful program called Reclaim the Kitchen that encourages Americans to bypass the drive-thru and get back to what matters most, and that’s spending time around the family dinner table.

As we continue to put the finishing touches on our new dining room, I’m also strengthening my resolve to reclaim my own kitchen, and honestly, to take back the simplicity that were the family mealtimes of my childhood. A time before cell phones and iPads and go, go, go.

I have to admit that I’m really excited to commit to planning our meals and cooking more at home. I plan to start a Pinterest board for our weekly meal plans and I’ll also be utilizing the tips and resources on the Reclaim the Kitchen websites.

Cooking is one of those passions that I put aside as life became busier and busier, and I know that taking that time to pursue something real and meaningful in my life will benefit me in more ways than one.

Have you ever felt like you need to make changes to reclaim your kitchen?

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