April 12, 2015

I used to come home from work, put on UGGs, some pajama shorts and an unmatched shirt, and carry on with my day. Sometimes my husband would tease me about my outfit, often because it didn’t match or that the warm cozy UGGs, seemed to contradict the booty short shorts.

Yes – I had gotten comfortable with myself and stopped working out, started binge eating and it was all ok because I didn’t need to dress-up – I had my sweatpants.
Then I heard a marriage counselor on TV advise against this practice. I started to change out of my work clothes (which my husband thinks are hot) into a normal outfit that still looks good and I tried to do this so my husband knew that I still cared how I looked for him.

Fast-forward to last month when I was working out at the gym and gave up because nothing was working. Crunch after crunch I couldn’t get into shape – and I was so fed-up, until I found Ultrashape.

So what is Ultrashape? A completely non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that is FDA-cleared to blast stubborn fat cells with Ultrasound. Not only is it completely non-invasive, it’s also says it’s completely painless with no down-time which is perfect for this BUSY BUSY mom!

Since I started, I had already lost 10 lbs and was a svelte 127 from simply eating better and exercising more. Finishing up the UltraShape treatment, I vary from 116 – 118 lbs, which was last seen in my college days. Am I happy with the results?! ABSOLUTELY! It was just the boost I needed to get this last bit of stubborn belly fat away. Yes there is still some belly fat there, I’d probably like another round of treatment to blast it away but what it’s done so far is just amazing.

I just came back from my 10th Anniversary trip with my husband to the beautiful Riviera Maya. Every day I flaunted my beach body in a bikini and loved that I could tan everywhere without feeling self conscience. I looked and felt fantastic. I even shrugged myself into a bikini that I found from my pre-children days… and it FIT!
I know now it’s up to me to keep this body as fit and fab as it looks now but thanks to UltraShape I am in a better starting point.

3 painless treatments later, with no down time, I was still able to keep my busy busy schedule and reap the rewards.

It’s up to you now, to make the decision to choose YOU! I mean seriously… I am wearing a bikini again. Something I thought I’d never ever do again!